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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    My three Sylvania 6sn7 GT's have arrived! I'm going to pick up the 9.99 one tonight, and I'll get impressions and pictures to you guys shortly!
  2. gug42
    Did you know if Raytheon Blackplate wit the ladder style plates, are sonically the same betwee the variant 6SN7GTA and 6SN7GTB ?

    And is there some people who prefer psvane CV-181-TII or Shuguang Treasure CV-181-Z against good old NOS (TS, Sylvania, and so ) ?
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    I've not heard the Raytheon Variants, but the 6SN7 GTA GE and Sylvania's are audibly better than the B variants

    Also I forgot to mention! I Compared a number of the Sylvania 6sn7s

    Going in the tube direction, I got my self 3 Sylvania 6sn7s, a 6sn7 GTA Chrome Dome, a run of the mill 6sn7 GT and a Jan-Chs 6sn7w.

    Of the three, the GTA had a very fun sound, little emphasis on the mids and fun bass, resolved deatiails really well, but lacked the 3D placement on the basic 6sn7 GT
    The Basic 6sn7 GT, black base, green label, had a good sound stage, but was noisy. Cost me less than my NOS Electro Harmonnix 6sn7s and was on par with them, sound stage was a tad better, but with the noise it's hard to say

    Out of the three, the 6sn7W Jan-Chs, really impressed me, it was a short bottle Chrom Dome like the 6sn7 GTA, but a lot less fun. Bass had more focus, almost "bass light" mids have the same sweetness, but not as forward as the 6sn7 GTA, imaging was on par with the basic 6sn7 GT but with MUCH less noise overall and there for better detail overall!


    Pics of the two 6sn7 Chrome Domes, on the right the GTA, on the left the JAN-CHS


    The basic 6sn7 GT, what isn't pictured is my little Tin Foil contraption, I found it helped cut down SOME of the noise,

    So I got my next batch of Testers in, I've only listened to the Black Label VT 231 Sylvania 6SN7 GT so far, I accidentally bought two of them one JAN CHS and one Not, what I thought was a green label JAN CHS was in fact a white, oh well.

    But thus far, the Black Label Tall Bottle Front facing Bottom Getter Flash'd VT 231 has a very simmilar tone and sound stage as my 6sn7W jan-chs, but it lacks the mirco detail of the 6sn7W. For $40 it wasn't a bad buy, not as fun as the 6sn7 GTA Chrome Dome [$38], but it had a more balanced tone than the Chrome Dome did,

    Here's the 6sn7 GT Black Label Tall Bottle, Bottom Gett Flash'd Sylvania


    I still prefer my 6sn7W jan-Chs green label Chrome dome short bottle, Though I do have a White Label 6sn7 GT Jan-CHS vt231 1944 dated [even had an ORIGINAL box... half falling apart but still very cool] and a Green Label Variant of the Same tube in bound to me. I'll let you guys know what I think of them soon!

    Also I've been using the Elear to test and compare these tubes,
  4. gug42
    Thank you for thoses informations. Get it for Sylvania.
    But I'm not sure than something in a brand can be applied to an another brand ... so GTA and GTB from Raytheon can be equal or not ...
    By the way the sylvania GTA chrome dome are on my wish list.

    And well I have quickly edit my previous post : "And is there some people who prefer psvane CV-181-TII or Shuguang Treasure CV-181-Z against good old NOS (TS, Sylvania, and so ) ?"

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  5. Mshenay Contributor
    your right, the GTA and GTB differ from brand to brand, I found similarities in the Sylvania and GE GTA/GTBs, it may be that in general GTBs are brighter and for a thicker warmer tube a Brighter variant may be ideal! You'll really have to experiment, or wait for some one whose collecting Raytheons like I am Sylvania's
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Fun story, turns out the seller didn't actually have it and sent me the wrong tube all together... so that problem solved it self

    better news

    Doing my first listen finally with my White Label Sylvania 6sn7GT Jan-Chs VT 231, I can kinda see where people complain about these lacking bass, it also lacks some... hurrah in percussion like I'm used to with my 6sn7W

    The tactility though is impressive the micro dynamics are cleaner and faster. Pulls detail out a little bit better,

    Well the gain is higher on my 6sn7W, not by much... and it is a little bassier for sure. But it's a shame to say the 6sn7GT Vt231 Jan-Chs does have better overall detail, less bass but also faster transients >.> which sucks cuz it was CHEAPER than my 6sn7W AND had it's original box!!!!! Oh well, I'm still very curious how the Green Label VT-231 Jan-CHS 6sn7 GT sounds vs the White Label.

    The moral of the story here is the price'r options is not always the subjectively better sounding one. Still though, if you want a funner tube the 6sn7W is great, it's like a SUPER DUPER 6sn7GTA still I'm liking this white label variant more my self
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  7. gibosi
  8. attmci
  9. whirlwind
  10. gibosi
    I wish! lol :)
  11. attmci
    The tube has very unique structure.
    The price is similar to those sold a couple years ago.
    Obtained some much cheaper Fivre and a eccxx recently and love the sound.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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  12. Mshenay Contributor
    I Noticed that too, I wonder what lead them to that structure?
  13. gibosi
    I believe that 33S30B is simply the Swedish military number for a 5692. And like all 5692s, it was designed to withstand considerable shock and vibration.
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  14. chef8489
    Using a 1958 FOTON 6N8S [600mA] XII-58 with a 6SN7/6DJ8 adapter. It counts right?
  15. gug42
    Clearly, the plate stuff, the tripple mica and addded support => military stuff, 10 000hours, vibration and shock. The tube look like the Red Base 5691.
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