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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    How's it sound? Price on those is pretty low $25 for a pair shipped
  2. chef8489
    Sounds pretty good. I am really enjoying it with my hd650 right now. Compared to the 1957 Sylvania gtb 6s27, it has deeper more impact-full bass and more forward mids where the 57 gtb has better more detailed highs and bit more separation.
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  3. rnros
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
  4. gibosi
    I have read that some of the later 33S30Bs were in fact, relabeled American 5692s, so closely examining and comparing construction details might be a very good idea....
  5. attmci
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    What a joke, they aren't even matched that strongly imo

    Tube1 8.5mA 2600/9.1mA 2800
    Tube2 8.6mA 2600/8.3mA 2500

    I've got a 1944 Sylvania 6sn7 GT that's a solid 2800/2800 at least according to the buyer I got it from, it's sounded better than everything else I've tried... an I even splurged on a green label variant of the same tube... with poor'er matching and it wasn't as impressive sadly
  7. Johnnysound
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  8. pctazhp
    I started my OTL adventure with LDIV-SE, running C3S drivers. Moved up to Elise and now have had Euforia for several months. I absolutely love it. Hope you will feel the same :smile_phones:
  9. gibosi
    Hello Johnnysound. It's good to see you too. :)

    And yes, I have run a 6N6P-type tube, a 6N30P-DR to be exact, in a 6SN7 socket, and it works fine and sounds great. However, the heaters in these Russian tubes draw around 0.8A, which is a bit more than the 6SN7's 0.6A. Since it seems that many, if not most, 6SN7-based amps can provide about 1.0A, in order to accommodate the ECC32, this is likely not a problem. But still, it would be best to double-check with the manufacturer before trying.

    Also, the vast majority of 7N7 were manufactured by Sylvania. But once in a while, you might come across one manufactured by National Union. The NU 7N7 have tall bottles, the gray glass extends considerably higher than the Sylvanias, and through the gap between the gray glass and the base, round plates, similar to the NU 6F8G, can be seen. A very nice tube, IMO.


    Below, Sylvania on the left and NU on the right

    2014-01-14 16.03.05.jpg
  10. attmci
    These are "rare" 7N7. The most popular Syl are OK tubes and worth just about $5-7. Just my 2c.
  11. chef8489
    Today listening to a 57 Sylvania 6SN7GTB. I need more 6sn7 type tubes as I only have 2.
  12. Mshenay Contributor
    My favorites are the Sylvania 6sn7GTW Green Label Short Bottle Chrome Dome'd ones, which are a lot of fun! The ones with the most clarity are the Sylvania 6sn7 GT 1944 White Label, tall bottle with a Bottom Getter flash
  13. attmci
  14. Oskari
    I think 33S30B is the manufacturer's type code. The Swedish military type code would be M2463-252 (possibly with some additional digits).
  15. rosgr63

    6SN7's are not that bad, so many different makes/types to try.
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