1. BRSxIgnition
    Thing is, from the pictures, you can tell from the shape and good amount of padding that at the very least, it shouldn't be uncomfortable.
  2. miow
    I would love to read a review of the AKG Tiestos. I'm very very curious about this phone.
  3. Craigster75
    Just to pass the time until my M-100 preorder arrives, I have an updated top 5 anticipation list with rationale.
    V-Moda M-100- because I have been anxiously awaiting for 6 months; some validation of the high expectation and hype for these based on Steve Guttenberg's initial review.  The bass prominence does not scare me away.  If anything, it makes me want them more.
    AKG K267 Tiesto- If I would go for the Tiesto line, why not the top of the line?  The only info out is press releases, no not exactly unbiased, but they look great, high quality materials and apparently this Tiesto character I never heard of has some credibility (not a knock at Tiesto, just a comment on my unfamiliarity with the club scene).  Last, but not least, I love the idea of mechanical/analog user-adjustable bass/sub bass on the headset which, if it actually works as it should, could make these the ultimate multi-genre headphone, so lots of potential here.
    Sennheiser Momentum-  gorgeous headphone- best looking of the bunch.  I like the bass emphasis with clean mids and extended, but smooth highs.  There is some really good stuff in Jude's review.  My concern with the bass is lack of depth and punch.  Reading between the lines, I think it would be duplication from a purely sonic perspective to purchase Momentum and M-100 since my gut tells me the M-100 will do what Momentum does, but better, especially the low end.
    Yamaha Pro 500- again, if I go for Yamaha, going for top of the line.  I like the aluminum cups and Yamaha is a respected name.  This is the biggest wildcard of the new breed of headphones coming out.  From an aesthetic perspective, they are TRULY a Beats copycat.  If they put the same lack of creativity and effort into the sound, they could be as bad as the Denon D400.  However, it is also possible they put EVERYTHING into the sound,so I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I hear otherwise.
    PSB M4U1- I really like the sound of the M4U2.  I am curious how these will be tuned since there is no built-in amp- same as M4U2 in passive or added bass to compensate?  I prefer the latter.  Also they MUST resolve the cracking headband issue particularly when competing against several seemingly durable headphones (except Yamaha).
  4. Doc-holliday
    Can u add the jvc ha-s500 to the Vote if u ever reset it again? Or does it not count as not released cuz a gazillion people on here have already ordered it from japan? I think its worth mentioning at least cuz it sounds prolly better than several in the poll.
  5. BRSxIgnition
    All of these are $200 - $600 closed mid-fi headphones, none of these go below those prices. Unless the JVC sounds earth-shattering for a $65~ can, I can't add it. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Doc-holliday
    Ok i get it. Earth shattering is for sure how i wld describe the s500. But i see what ur trying to do on this thread. Tks for the reply.
  7. RPGWiZaRD
    "Some credibility" lol, he's probably been ranked within top-5 DJs worldwide for like a matter of 10 years probably, the biggest trance DJ of alltime. Guess trance hasn't been so big in US like europe though. He's far away from "best" though IMO but he's the most popular one for sure, Armin Van Buuren comes a quite close 2nd place as a trance DJ and might even be more popular these days.
  8. BRSxIgnition
    Since many are not fully released yet, I'll also chime in with my expectations & thoughts. Out of the list, my top 4 in terms of expectations would most likely be as follows...

    BRSxIgnition Pre-Release TOP 4:

    (Best to Worst)​
    • V-MODA M-100/VTF-100 - I have already pre-ordered my pre-release version, with the white body, white pads, matte black shields, and a self-made design. I became interested in these after I heard great things about V-MODA's "Modiophile" line, and seeing as this new model is going to be over-ear, I figured I would give it a shot. As I learned after becoming interested, the sound signature seems designed to match my tastes - with detailed highs and deep bass, as well as a non-recessed mid range. I also enjoy the fact they're so customizable, as well as the fact that V-MODA service is known to be amazing. All in all - I am hoping I don't return these, but if for some reason (most likely leakage/isolation issues), I don't like them, it's good to know V-MODA has their test drive guarantee. I will be comparing these against the AKG K267 Tiesto once I receive both.
    • AKG K267 TIESTO - I became interested in these after the initial press-release, and they immediately intrigued me. The style hit me as particularly classy - black with silver/white accents and an understated logo really added to the impact of these headphones. Seeing as the construction sounds rock solid - anodized aluminum - all I have to worry about now is the sound, and I'm not that worried about it. Seeing as AKG is known for having bright, detailed headphones - I'd love to see what happens with them building a headphone like the Tiestos, which is designed for DJ/Consumer use. Imagining AKG detail with some good hard-hitting bass really sends shivers down my spine. Adding that to the fact that the bass is user-adjustable, and I am so stupid excited for these, I find myself googling for new information almost daily. Release is expected October/November, and I will be receiving a pair from a friend, so I can compare them to the M-100's.
    • SONY MDR-1R & 1R-NC - Sleek, Sexy, Comfortable, those are the first three words that come to mind when I look at the MDR-1R's and 1R-NC's. Knowing that Sony is a hit-&-miss company when it comes to headphones, I'm going to wait on impressions for these, before I even think of buying them. Another reason for this is because the build is apparently mostly plastic. This is not a problem for most uses, and there are many plastic headphones that are tanks, but at this price range, more expensive materials are expected, and warranted. I have high hopes for these - and I hope they don't end up being style-over-substance.
    • SENNHEISER MOMENTUM - As stated above by Craigster75, the MOMENTUM is indeed a nice looking headphone. Straddling a line between retro and stylish, the initial reports from Jude n' Co. have mentioned that they are addressed more towards the normal consumer market, in terms of sound. It has a good amount of bass emphasis, but apparently keeps a good amount of clarity in the mids and treble. Not a reference can, but the many of the headphones on this list are not designed to be reference cans in the first place. I have a good amount of interest in these, but I am not planning to purchase them.
  9. UCLA 15
    ^I highly doubt leakage/isolation will be a problem with the M-100s. With my M-80s, people around me can only hear my music if it is completely silent and I'm listening at a decent volume. They also isolate pretty well, as my KRK KNS 8400s isolate only a little bit better. Given the M-100s are circumaural, I would be amazed if they don't isolate better than the M-80s.
  10. BRSxIgnition
    I'm used to the isolation of Audio Technica ATH-M50's personally, so if it's not the same or better, I may not keep them. I need that kind of isolation/leakage. I hate hearing other people's music through their headphones, so I don't want to bother people with mine.
  11. roma101
    Agreed ^^
  12. Craigster75
    Based on early reviews, Momentum seems to be living up to its name and may need to move up to the #2 spot on my list. 
  13. roma101
    #2 on my list also.
  14. AstralStorm
    Sennheiser Amperior is not part of the new wave of headphones at all. It's a somewhat refined version of Sennheiser HD-25-II with lower impedance and better casing materials.
    If you like such, toss in Denon AH-D1001 remake - Creative Aurvana Live. (actually something Fostex) I bet none of the above can beat it on pure value alone. (sounds like $300 headphone, costs $100)
  15. BRSxIgnition
    They have come out within the last 3 months, and match all other requirements of the thread. The Denon AH-D1001 remake does not. However, thank you for your suggestion.

    Can people please stop trying to add/remove headphones from the poll? I've restarted it 4 or 5 times now. The only time I am going to reset it in the future is once all of the headphones on the list are available. I thank you all for your suggestions, and I'll look into them, but please check the requirements on the first post. :xf_eek:

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