1. HeyWaj10
  2. navii
    I'm gonna get the yamaha pro 500 and compare them to my denon d600s. Hope they end up being good because I really want the Yamaha to beat the denons.
  3. BRSxIgnition
    Thanks so much for that. If all goes well, I plan on reviewing/comparing the AKG K267 Tiesto and the V-MODA M-100, too.

    I'll also compare them to my Audio Technica ATH-M50's so beginners will know how the new headphones are by way of comparison.
  4. BRSxIgnition
    Just an update - it seems more sites are putting up the AKG K267 Tiesto's. The price is set at $350.
  5. grokit
    I think I actually meant the MOMENTUM, it's got 22 votes and is not exactly widely available.
  6. BRSxIgnition
    It's not available yet, as far as I know.
    I will have the poll up for a while as a "guesstimate" type deal, and when every headphone on the list has been released, I will re-start the poll, so that people can vote for the headphones they have tried, or believe to be best from reviews.
    Again, for now it's just a little thing to see how the reception is for each headphone is before release.
  7. BRSxIgnition
  8. Craigster75
  9. olegausany
    After reading Jude's review looks like they are not for me because of mid-bass emphasis instead of tight punchy well controlled sub-bass
  10. eron
    I'm inexperienced with headphones, but it seems the contenders here have varying weight... I'm guessing that with a good lightweight design, there's less fatigue wearing the headphones? Also make for a lighter travelling companion.
  11. BRSxIgnition
    It all depends. I've seen some heavier headphones distribute their weight well, and feel very comfortable - as well as some lightweight headphones that press to hard on certain areas of the head.
    It all depends on design and materials. I personally believe there's a sweet spot between build quality and weight, and I think either the M-100, AKG K267 Tiesto, or the Sennheiser MOMENTUM will hit it. 
  12. erod
    The Momentum is screaming for a comparison with the D2000s.
    You know, it's funny how when the now old Denon line came out, they weren't exactly beloved either for their signature not being flat. Now it's a reference headphone, in that people use their signature to see of they will like it or not.
  13. RPGWiZaRD
    Well it's quite clear that Momentum will feature a very different sound signature though compared to D2000, based on Jude's description it would seem versus D2000 the Momentum will feature more midbass (subbass is hard to say, could be less/about the same, Denons do have lots of subbass and excellent extension so I doubt it would exceed it), and fullier midrange and less bright which is all positive for my personal taste versus D2000. Soundstage wise the D2000 will probably beat Momentum though due to D2000 sitting so loosely on the head and probably in detail but I'd expect Momentum to have a more engaging & involving sound which is a problem I had with D2000 from a quick demo, it's detailed&clear while being quite bassy (but relatively soft in the impact) but it's not involving due to a bit too distant sounding midrange which leaves me a little bored.
  14. Craigster75

    Tiesto looks heavy
  15. RPGWiZaRD
    It's 290 g

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