1. Craigster75

    NP, also if you have a generous budget for a closed headphone- Ultrasone Signature Pros.
  2. Craigster75
    Regarding Momentum, several on the Momentum thread pointed out what I was thinking- Jude said he would have impressions on these last week, but not a peep.  Sennheiser is an advertiser and no news isn't bad news, but it isn't good news either.  Never mind, Jude just posted he likes them, but has been too busy to finish a review.  He promised to have it posted by tomorrow.  I really need to read reviews on these and others- not even to say bad or good, just to describe their signature so I can narrow down my list to the best audiophile-basshead can out there.
    It is disappointing that there is nothing on the market today that I want to own in a closed portable.  However, there are 4 or 5 solid potential contenders that will be out by October to decide between.  Here is my revised top 5 potentials in order:
    K267 Tiesto
    Yamaha Pro 500
  3. BRSxIgnition
    Seems like the AKG's gained a little traction for a few people with that press release. I'm really interested in the modular sound - aka: Club/Stage/Studio settings.  The style also looks great - I'm hoping the silver is magnesium or some other metal, it would add a solid feel to a classy looking product. Turns out it IS anodized aluminum, so it's trading weight for durability/style. I like.
    AgiproDJ also had a video out for them, but it's been deleted it seems.. No impressions from the show they're at?
    For those who have played it - doesn't the AKG K267 Tiesto remind you of the Yasoinaba High School uniforms from Persona4? The color/style rings a bell for me.
    Persona4maincharacter.jpg k267_tiest504783616c31a.jpg
  4. UCLA 15
    Dang...I really like the look of those AKGs. The style and build quality look awesome. And Jude said he'd post his impressions of the Momentum tomorrow...looks like the Senns and AKGs are on top of my watch list, and the MDR-1Rs are still a wildcard, PSBs are ruled out for me at the moment, and M-100s are still the leaders. I'm really hoping the MDR-1R NC deliver.
  5. robm321
    Those AKGs look nice!
  6. RPGWiZaRD
    Arrghhh, the more I read about the headphones in this thread the more my wallet it starting to cry. :D
    My top5 of interest:
    1. V-Moda M100 - My faith is in Val's way of tweaking the drivers to sound like what the average result of lots of lots of people's aditioning results as and to me a slightly bassier M80 with better highs extension is exactly what I search
    2. AKG K267 - This headphone captures my interest due to design & features, it just ticks them all in those aspects, very comfy looking pads and suitable size and 3-setting bass level adjustment
    3. Sony MDR-1R - I love the design personally, the closeup shots looks better than the normal ones IMO and the FR graph I already saw of it looks very interesting, maybe slightly too little subbass out of box but nothing which my digiZoid ZO shouldn't be able to take care of, otherwise the mids & highs very exactly balanced the way I'm looking for and has suitable midbass presence in the FR graph
    4. Sony XB900 - I'm really a sucker for previous Sony XB series for the price, they are arguably some of the best price/performance serious basshead offerings out there. I like what I see in the design, ditched poor cup materials for a much better one that should result in less resonant bass and the FR of XB900 looks quite promissing with a 10dB or so bass boost which is more reasonable than 15dB previously but for me the midrange might be slightly too recessed for my liking.
    5. Sennheiser Momentum - I've never been a huge fan of Sennheiser but I still have faith in their engineers and the design does look great and very durable
  7. M-13
    Really a golden age in sealed circumaural approaching. About time too.
  8. eron
    Looking at either the M-100 or Momentum. Both have removable cables. Any easy way of making them balanced?
  9. miceblue
    Speaking of Tiësto...I was going through some of the pre-loaded songs that were on my Sansa Clip Zip, and this came up:
    Tiësto - Bombage (uploaded in 2010)

    Note the album cover:

    Same headphone:

    Fast forward to 2012 and this "photo" from AKG pops up:

    Oh hai there Photoshop!
  10. putente
    LOL [​IMG]
    I see what you did there, AKG! [​IMG]
  11. RPGWiZaRD
    Oh yea, now that I look closer, you can tell the headphone is chopped in there, wouldn't have noticed it if not for miceblue's post haha.
  12. Craigster75

    So I guess Tiesto is too busy to pose for photos with his new namesake headphones.  He must have a great deal of belief and confidence in them :wink:
  13. putente
    And a large paycheck from AKG too! [​IMG]
  14. BRSxIgnition
    There is still that picture of him (actually) holding an earlier version of the headphone.
  15. miow

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