1. miceblue
    After seeing the initial reviews of the Momentum, I actually rank it farther back on my list. :/

    My top 3 would be:
    V-MODA M-100
    SONY MDR-1R Series
    DENON AH-D600 (though I'm not too fond of its portability nor its gigantic price tag)
  2. roma101
    I would agree. From the impressions I've read, the sound sig of the Momentum seems comparable to the M-80 except the M-80 is $150 less.

    This has me anticipating the M-100 a quite a bit more. My guess is it would be the better value as well.
  3. eron

    As I soon understood, discussions of headphones on many threads such as this also includes perceptions induced from other people's impressions, which is then further influenced by people's perceptions of people's perceptions. As many experienced buyers soon realise, what people perceive can be very different from what oneself prefers. Not only will the headphones differ audibly for different individuals, they will also differ on comfort level. Do understand that all reviews are subjective. For example, most 'official' reviews are commercially driven. You almost never find an official negative review.
    For example, I was excited to purchase my first closed headphones- ATH-M50, which was highly rated, aka FOTM/Y. Unfortunately it was too bass heavy for my liking and wasn't comfortable for me. I highly suggest that if you want to only purchase one set of headphones, and do not want to go through the trouble of selling, and making a loss, do go to your local headphone store to audition them. Highly advised to bring your own source, and music you normally listen to. Of all the components involved in an audiophile's journey, the most important component is the final speakers. In this case, the headphones. Other components are just complementary. You can have a superb headphone, and it will work fine direct to a simple source. You can have superb DACs and amps, but if it's linked to a lousy speaker, the sound will be bad. 
    Take your time, and enjoy the journey.
  4. RPGWiZaRD
    You sound like auditioning is an option available for every1, certainly not an option where I live! I never find any headphones in local stores that I have the slightest interest in, just mainstream crap such as lowend Philips & Sony and Skullcandy (Hesh, Hesh and more Hesh in 100 different colors) and Koss Porta Pro. When I'm HAPPY to see XB300 and XB500, you know it's bad.
  5. miceblue

    I actually got a 1st generation Hesh for $20. For $20 they don't sound too bad, but their artificial soundstage (AKA "enhanced parabolic sound") just added a ton of resonance and it makes the Hesh sound like a bunch of echoes. The build quality is terrible on the other hand.
  6. Craigster75
    I don't know what all the fuss is over Philips as I am completely unimpressed with, IMO, their blah sound across the line with the city references.  However, I was in Best Buy today and one bright spot was the Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviators.  Light on bass for my taste, but perhaps the most pleasant sound signature of any headphone currently on display in Best Buy/Magnolia.
  7. Craigster75
    Some on the Momentum forum are claiming Amperior is superior to Momentum overall.  If that is the case, I am again not as excited about Momentum.  I am now officially losing sleep waiting for the M-100 to see if they are good enough to take my mind off comparing headphones for at least a little while.  Also, even though it is not in the price range of the the others in the poll, I am equally as anxious to find out more regarding the Ultrasone Signature DJ which is also a closed portable with a bass emphasis that will be on sale the end of September for $699 at RMC ($999 everywhere else, but no returns accepted). 
  8. ss2625
    wow talk about hype for the m100 :p
  9. eron
    I know it's not an option for some. However, I believe we can decrease the talk about impressions on impressions, and stick to reviews and REAL comparisons. 
  10. Craigster75

    For me, being involved with Head-fi is about the journey, not the destination.  Conjecture and speculation helps stimulate some of the dialogue that makes participation here not just informative but also fun.
  11. eron
    I see.
    Let me try this.
    My speculation is that Vmoda V-100 will suck (for me) based on my previous impressions from people's impression of M-80, as well as the impressions of M-100, and impressions of impressions of it. Even if M-100 improves by leaps and bounds, it is still limited by its company's signature, and target market. Perhaps people should consider the Mad Dog by Mr Speakers. I havn't tried it yet, but I read that people say it's comparable to the LCD-2, which cost about 1k. For about $300, the Mad dog seems like an extremely good deal. I don't know why it's not included in this thread. It starts with M, and cost about the same as most headphones on the poll list. It might be slightly larger, but it's closed, and could be portable.
    So, I'm putting Vmoda M-100 on the bottom of my list.
    How's that?
  12. roma101
    I really wonder why people think they should try and moderate these forums/discussions. If you don't like what's being posted, don't read it and move on. Let others discuss what they want to.
  13. blotto5
    Hey man everyones entitled to thier opinion. I respect your opinion, but can you elaborate on your M-100/M-80 vs the rest of the headphone market? I'm pretty excited about the M-100, but if people think other headphones are better and give me good reasons as to why, well then I'll be looking into different headphones.
  14. eron
    My honest opinion: In terms of how they sound, I can't comment because I have not heard them yet. Portability wise, Momentum is smaller. Aesthetically, it's up to personal choice. 
  15. Craigster75

    "I sense much anger in him ."

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