$350CAD HERUS: Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, 24bit 352.8Ks/S, DXD and DSD64/128, 2.4VRMS Headphone DAC
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An FAQ page on Resonessence's site states this. But now I'm wondering, am I "double amping"?
Not that It's a big deal, I'd just like to know.
And can anyone here make sense of why Resonessence would suggest using a 1/4" TRS to RCA cable, instead of say an adapter and a mini to mini IC?

For the "double amping" aspect: when set to the appropriate output levels (typically 2V) a sufficiently clean headphone output shouldn't have major differences from a line-out. There's usually a penalty to be paid in crosstalk just due to the nature of a stereo 1/4" jack, but aside from that it's not massively different. This isn't the same as using a cheap Fiio amp from the headphone jack of a cheap portable DAP, where each stage adds compromise to the signal chain. 
As for your last line, Resonessence is probably assuming you want to end up with an RCA connection that can feed a dedicated amp. 
Btw for anyone interested, my review of the Resonessence Invicta Mirus is posted HERE. Complete opposite end of the price spectrum compared to the little Herus, so it's cool to see them aggressively hitting both sides. 
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Thanks for the info.

When searching for an amp to pair with the Herus to minimize the noise floor I thought I'd have to stick to amps with RCA inputs. What a newb :D

It's nice to know that I can try different amps with the Herus.

Nice review of the Mirus, very thorough. I think I'm going to revisit Resonessence's lineup when I start shopping around for a desktop DAC.
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I inquired recently about the possibility of the Herus ever adding the ability to use the filters that are currently employed in the bigger products resonessence makes. I was told to wait until the end of the month. I don't know if that means a new product like a Herus HD or maybe a firmware update allowing the popular filters to be used with the Herus.
Either way I am intrigued and can't wait to see what's up toward the end of the month.
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Hopefully the Herus Plus doesn't bend...

I'm going to assume that the Herus+ doesn't have an FPGA on board, which is how the Concero line and Invicta/Mirus were instituting custom Resonessence-designed filters, so my guess is that the Herus+ is using the on-board ESS-programmed minimum phase FIR filter that the new batch revision V ES901X-2M chips have access to.
Hopefully, @project86 can clear that up for us? I'd contact Resonessence myself, but I'm a little busy these days...

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I will certainly let you guys know whenever I know.... Don't want to bug the Resonessence guys just yet as I assume they are settling from RMAF travels (or maybe aren't even back yet). I just got back from a camping trip myself - no wifi or cell signal for 6 days really clears the mind, though it also makes for a large backlog of stuff to handle.
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No more info yet? Did some searching in the usual places still pretty little info about the plus version and if they are still targeting a release date of the end of this month.
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Herus+ should be shipping next week or so. HERE is some info. Looks like the "R" logo is actually a button now, which I think is quite clever. Press it to cycle through the filtering options. 
I'm still waiting to hear back from the team - are these the same two algorithms available on the Concero HP? Because that page doesn't actually list them. They also mentioned working on reduced hiss for sensitive IEMs, and I'll try to confirm that as well.
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Isn't the amp still weak, when compared to a Geek Out for example?

320mW isn't exactly weak, it just depends on exactly which headphones you wish to drive, and even the volume levels you require.
Many folks who would call that output weak are unfairly comparing it to the output levels of desktop units. 
Yes the Geek Out is more powerful, excepting their IEM intended GO100 model, but you also then pay a usability price as far as mobile is concerned as the GO450/720/1000  all require a separate 5V battery to be used with a tablet or smartphone. The Herus does not.
I'm not a fan boy of either one, I own both.
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  Thanks for the info.
As a DAC only, which one do you think is better?

They are both very good as a DAC, the answer would depend on what you plan to pair it with, and your own subjective taste.
I would say the Herus tends toward the slightly more forgiving of the two, the Geek Out just a little more incisive/dynamic and detailed, but the Herus maybe more ultimately musical and natural sounding over a longer haul. 
The above is of course only relevant to my particular partnering equipment/combinations, and not a total say on how these units sound. If I had to directly compare I'd say they sound surprisingly more alike than not, though they aren't identical either.
I also have to take care in matching the levels, and I do that by ear so it's a rough approximation, but the GO1000 unit puts out 4 volts RMS, the Herus about half that. 
In the end I choose to use the GO1000 as a line level DAC in my home desktop system, and the Herus as a DAC/headphone amp in my office and mobile set-ups. Even then, there are differences which make direct comparison difficult, the office system is a Windows machine running JRMC19, while the home set-up is a Mac mini running either Audirvana+ or BitPerfect+DSD Master.

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