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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. gibosi
    A pic showing relative size:

    2018-06-13 19.24.18.jpg

    And as usual, I likely win the prize for quick and crude:

    2018-06-13 19.27.53.jpg

    I happened to have some 14/2 American indoor copper building wire and noticed that the bare wire fit perfectly into the hollow octal base pins. So I simply soldered the sub-minature leads to sections of building wire and jammed them into the hollow pins. I didn't have any heat shrink tubing when I did the first one, so wrapped each wire in white electrical tape. For the others, I used 3/64 inch heat shrink tubing to insulate the wires. Again, crude and quick. lol :)

    And I agree with Mordy that those of us who tried these sub-miniatures preferred the Sylvania 7963. However, it has been a very long time since I tried it in the OTL, so I can't really say how it sounds.....
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  2. mordy
    Time to try the 7963 with a pair of 6336!
    At least it will be a photo op!
  3. leftside
    Here's some neater looking flying leads adapted for regular use :)

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  4. gibosi
    Those look great! So if all of us send you our sub-miniatures, will you put octal bases on them and make them look really neat like yours? :)
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  5. mordy
    Looks great! Is this what you used?
  6. leftside
    That’s right. But I admit, someone else did the actual work. I just supplied the parts.
  7. UntilThen
    Finally spending some time with 4 x Svetlana 6N13S with ECC35.

    Simply sensational that the OTL amp can sound so good with these cheap Russian power tubes.

    4 of these power tubes opens up the soundstage and project a holographic portrait. What's incredible is how quiet this setup is. With no music playing and volume to the max, there is not even a murmur.
  8. 2359glenn
    I use the Svetlana tubes exclusively due to them being quiet most important to me.
    I had GEs and RCAs that are to noisy to use and two 5998s that arced over and blue my headphones.
    I will not use 5998s at all not worth the risk. JUNK!!!!
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  9. lukeap69
    Fortunately, my 5998's have been very good to me. They have been with Darna since I got them. I don't remember how many months now. I am really pleased with them. They are 2nd to my GEC 6AS7's for versatility. I still like the 6BX7's the most for my HD800 but not for my HD650.
  10. UntilThen
    Ah yes this is not a case of Svetlana 6N13S vs 5998 because there is no comparison. :)

    My pair of 5998 and the single from Langrex are excellent and these are super sounding tubes. I just wish there are more NOS ones and at cheaper price but that's like wishing GEC 6as7g is plentiful and cheap too. :)

    Quad Svetlana 6n13s on its own is quite amazing in the GOTL but quad 5998 is a whole lot better. Different degrees of goodness.
  11. UntilThen
    The only cheap power tubes that are on par or better than 5998 are the sextxt 6bx7... and that's saying a lot for those cheaper tubes.
  12. 2359glenn
    4X 5998
    That's great 4X the likelihood of blowing up your headphones and maybe ears.
    These tubes are JUNK I don't care how good they supposedly sound.
  13. Xcalibur255
    It's hard to convince anybody until it happens to them. So far Glenn you and I are the only two people who have had their headphones blown up by 5998 tubes. Although you're the only one of us who was also unlucky enough to be wearing them at the time too. This is why I always start the OTL with nothing plugged into the jack now. After it's been on 5 minutes I plug in the phones.
  14. mordy
    Do you think that your bad experiences are limited to a certain batch? If so, maybe you could provide date codes or similar identifying information.
  15. leftside
    I do the same these days.

    Glenn, don't hate me when I plug in 4 5998's into the OTL :)

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