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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. gibosi
    6.6 amps for the EL3N? Wow!

    If I remember correctly, an OTL with the original transformer has a rectifier winding rated at 5.0 amps. And even this is likely enough for any rectifier. At the least, none of my rectifiers, 3.3V, 4V and 5V, totaling about 50 in all, draw more than 4.0 amps.
  2. ru4music
    Interesting! Could you re-post the rectifiers used in your GEL3N and your order of preference? I plan on keeping the UE 596 in place at least until I get 100+ hours burn-in on the amp (60 hours so far.) It's still taking 31/2 to 4 hours before the EL3Ns sound their best on a listening session, although it seems that warmup time is getting quicker with more use.
  3. ru4music
    Yes, the mighty 3DG4 (3.3V) takes 3.8 amps and it's a monster.
  4. 2359glenn
    Then there is the Russian 5U8C 5 volt at 5 amps.
  5. ru4music
    The GEL3N is sounding very good, just started critical listening @ 4 hours in (warmup) and non critical listening at 2 hours in. More to come...
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  6. UntilThen
    Where's the pic huh? We need pictures with Carl Zeiss lens ok?
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  7. gibosi
    While I don't have the Russian 5U8C, I do have a fairly early Philips 1817, which draws 4 amps. And compared, side by side, to the 3DG4, I would say it looks pretty mighty. :)

    2017-08-16 11.18.36.jpg
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  8. jekjek
    That's a mighty tube indeed

    I hope to get one as well
  9. UntilThen
    That is HUGE. It's much bigger than my HEXFRED. :)
  10. whirlwind
    Well, the UE 596 is wonderful...keep burning it in .
    Four volt U18/20 ...this is probably my favorite so far
    Lowe Radio AZ12 & Telefunken AZ12 are nice
    3DG4 & 5CU4
    These are my favorites so far...but I have many more that i would like to try..but I could honestly live with just these and be quite happy.
    Amp sounds great no matter what tubes.

    I agree the amp sounds best 2 - 3 hours in ....it does seem to get a tad quicker with more use.
    I have really been diggin the first hour of listening in one tube mode, then switching over to two tube mode.

    I only have about 10 rectifiers and most of my listening has come with the same headphone, so I have not even dipped in the waters of what I like with the HD800.

    You sent me one of these with my amp, i have only used it a small amount.

    Looks like it came out of a nuclear reactor or something :dt880smile:

    That Philips 1817 that Ken posted has to get the "big bully" award!
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  11. 2359glenn
    Were did you get this tube I would like one.
    If nothing else it looks cool.
  12. whirlwind
    Yes, I do the same as my wife is in the living room watching tv and I can be less than 10 feet from hear and i can have my music as loud as I want.
  13. 2359glenn
    The beauty of closed back even though I don't think they sound as good as open HD-800s
  14. 2359glenn
    The 5U8C actually has a higher voltage drop then the 3DG4 and 5CU4 even though it has a massive cathode.
    Don't know why. It is rated at 1700 volts but that doesn't matter in these amps.
  15. whirlwind
    That is interesting.

    The price of the 3DG4 & 5CU4 make them such a no brainer, getting nice NOS tubes for very little money, and they sound great too.

    I really love the low price tube options your amps offer, at least until you reach the 300B
    Also love the over kill in your amps, you never feel cheated of big effortless sound, if that makes sense.

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