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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. UntilThen
    Mordy, at least 100 to 150 hours. When I first had my HD650 I hated the fit on my head. It was really tight. I could not wear them for long. I left them hanging on the box it came in when I'm not listening to them. After a few months, the tightness went away. It's now the most comfortable headphone in my stable. Even more comfortable than HD800. Who would have known that.

    T1 Gen 1 and HD650 are on opposite side of the spectrum. T1 is very revealing in the high frequencies. The mid range is more recessed compared to a HE560 but I love the tight impactful bass. With the HD650, you will notice the mids. It will have your attention. Lovely mids. Treble definitely seems loped off if you're coming from a T1. Bass, especially mid bass is full and blossomed compare to T1's bass. As much as I have a preference for details, I still like the HD650. On some genres like the blues, it's a headphone to strap on and just let the blues get to you. :)

    But.... if you ever get a ZMF Atticus, you will find the HD650 sitting on the headphone stand.

    That said, I need to get the LCD-2f back from my son. He's borrowed it too long. I want all my headphones with me when Ulysses comes home. :)
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  2. ru4music
    Depends somewhat on the amp but 100 hours should put you in the +90% range.
  3. ru4music
    Yes, not the tube type I would recommend for an inexperienced 1st time tube amp user, as you need to see past it's cantankerous tendencies.
  4. mordy
    Thanks for the answers about burning in. Is there anything wrong leaving the headphones plugged in to my PC and playing varied music continuously for a couple of days? Or better to give the headphones some rest here and there?
    - Never found the answer to this re headphones or speakers. However, it seems that for tubes the consensus is to run the tubes for some eight hours and them let them rest.
    Fact or fiction?
  5. mordy
    Hi UT,
    Thanks for your analysis of the difference between the HD650 and the T1 - I am sure that I will agree with you once the headphones are burned in.
    I did feel the clamping effect, but I am getting used to it. Anybody has a problem with the earcups feeling too warm after a while?
  6. jekjek
    Hi Mordy,

    I had the Senn 650 and it does get warm after about an hour.

  7. UntilThen
    Mordy it should be fine leaving the music playing with your headphones or speakers but I personally don't like leaving my amps on for extended length of time unattended.

    Regarding the hd650 pads being warm I think you need to get adjusted to headphone listening. Especially if you have been used to speakers, listening to headphones will take a while to get adjusted with the fit.

    Some pads are more comfortable than others. I find the Eikon pads the best for comfort.
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  8. UntilThen
  9. mordy
    Hi UT,

    Got a laugh out this picture:


    Under the binding posts it says: Designed in Australia
    Proudly made in China

    Why is this funny to me? Because I saw a sticker (can't remember the product) that said:
    Designed in China
    Proudly made in the US

    Anyhow, if the Voicebox is too expensive at $2500 you could always take off one digit and buy a pair of Elac Debut B6 for $200 and have spare change. They really are very good sounding speakers.
  10. ru4music
    Your fine with extended burning-in with your PC. The eight hour limit is based on tubes running contentiously from an amp.
  11. ru4music
    Scarlett has been on (lit) for several hours now and is sounding very good; more 300B mid voice and 45 tube space! :smile_phones: Eat-your-heart-out @UntilThen :ksc75smile: May I be, "gone in the wind", blowing Ulysses your way!!!!!!
  12. UntilThen
    Mordy, this afternoon I heard the heavens open and a host of angels singing. The Axis VoiceBox S is a high fidelity monitor that sends goosebumps up my spine because I hear the singer and the musicians right here in my living room.

    I want this now. It's my yardstick for measuring what's a good tone. What's great is that I can get a pair at a special price from John Reilly.

    These speakers fills my lounge with a theatre ambience and belies their diminitive size.

    Here's a pic. They are available in white or black piano grade paint finish that will outclass a BMW paint job. :)

  13. UntilThen
    Don't burn in too fast! Let me get Ulysses and catch up with your burning. I will guarantee you a bonfire. :gs1000smile:

    Wait till you hear Ulysses sing. When I get Ulysses, I will be reading the novel Ulysses by James Joyce while burning in the amp. Ulysses is heralded as the best novel in the English language and the hardest to read. When James Joyce finish writing Ulysses, he was so exhausted he didn't write another line of prose for one whole year.
  14. UntilThen
    Another pic of the VoiceBox. The sound is so dynamic, tight and punchy. There's bite, bite and more bite. It's tighter than a fitting pair of Calvin Klein jean. Notes start and stop faster than a formula one car.

  15. gibosi
    As my college professor used to say, you don't "read" Joyce, you "re-read" Joyce. And Joyce purportedly said something like, "It took me 7 years to write this book so it ought to take the reader 7 years to read it!" :)
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