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  1. Lil' Fish
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  2. Andreeww
    Does it have the same socket as the new UE cable?
  3. Lil' Fish
    It will be the T2 connector. Available in BaX and Super BaX
  4. driftingbunnies
    Any idea when the next promotion will be?
  5. Lil' Fish
    Soon! :)
  6. jaker782
    Will there be a balanced cable option?
  7. Lil' Fish
    We dont currently have a balanced cord on order. But hoping to have that option at some point.
  8. jaker782
    That would be great if it were in your plans since there is definitely a demand for it! I know many folks have switched to using balanced cables exclusively so it would be great to offer this, especially since it will be difficult to find reasonably priced aftermarket cables with T2 connectors terminated to 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced jacks. This is why I have mixed feelings about this announcement. I personally will be looking to upgrade my Zen 4 to possibly a Euphoria CIEM in the future and would definitely want to use it out of my balanced DAP with 4.4mm jack. Just some food for thought!
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  9. Jobbing
    Thank you for this announcement Kaysen. Good call on the Linum cables!

    Been using the Linum 2-pin, mmcx and interconnect cables (prototype) for years now. We're all aware of Estron's minimum manufacturing numbers, on the waiting list for specific terminated Linum SuperBax since last year. I can have that scratched now knowing T2 is InEarz new standard. Being in the market for a set of CIEM, like @jaker782 , I too would like to see the Linum T2 4.4mm mini XLR terminated being available on request soon.

    Many companies trying to get the extra exposure with boutique cables nowadays, good to see InEarz is not going that route and chose the Linum series instead for ultimate, lightweight portability and adding ‘nothing’ to the sonic capabilities of the InEarz line up.
  10. Lil' Fish
    I definitely want to see us with the balanced option as well :) I'll have the guys in R&D get on it.
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  11. Jobbing
    @Lil' Fish:

    Having had the opportunity to audition both Euphoria and Nirvana demo CIEMs for several days I have found them easy to drive. Due to the relatively low impedance one might think that the InEarz line up would not benefit much from a balanced connection.

    On the other hand, I have found both demo sets were very susceptible to any tweaks - in a positive way - by changing ADEL modules, cables and adapters I had to my disposal, so that would make me believe the impact of going balanced with these could be considerable and I firmly believe these CIEM deserve to be offered with balanced cables.

    Wondering if you - or any other team members - have had the opportunity to audition the InEarz lineup with balanced Linum SuperBax and making comparisons yourself with a proper balanced setup? What was your experience?

    When achieving better performance by balanced connection I believe InEar ought to make a statement by delivering the Euphoria and Nirvana with the inclusion of balanced SuperBax by default. Same goes for offering MAM modules with the TOTL models.
  12. Lil' Fish
  13. jaker782
    Nice! I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but do you have any words to go with these pictures???
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  14. Jobbing
    ES100 High Res BT receiver DAC/Amp
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  15. jaker782
    So it is! Nice! Any further updates to report? When will the website be updated with info on new cables, etc.?

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