2018 Tokyo Fujiya Avic Spring Headphone Festival

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  1. AnakChan Moderator
    See you there!!
  2. oneguy
    I'll be there as well!
  3. ahmedie
    oh I should try to go too ^^
  4. Pokemonn
    me too :D my disability got little bit better lately....:)
  5. HeadAmpTeam
    Be sure not to miss @mrspeakers' Voce with our Blue Hawaii amp! Enjoy the show!
  6. oneguy
    Great! We have quite a few e-stat lovers in the area.
  7. oneguy
    Who’s going Saturday and who’s going on Sunday?
  8. oneguy
    Anyone up for meeting on Saturday?
  9. Currawong Contributor
  10. Bina
    Stop by at our booth on 14th floor. I will be there with few pieces of M0 to try :wink:


    Good to know, will stop by right after my morning Ramen!
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  11. oneguy
    I get off the train at 10:42. I’ll meet you up at Starbucks before you head out
  12. harris4crna
    Just returned from the show. First time there at the Fujiya Avic. Not bad, really enjoyed it. I am a fan and follow the forums. I thought I knew or at least heard of much of the gear. I can honestly say there were many of the brands I have not heard of. Really enjoyed meeting Rob Watts and Rob Wong. Heard the Voce with BHSE for the first time, but the Shure Kse 1200 stole the show in my book. Good stuff. Wish I viewed this forum prior to going, would have been great to meet others from the forum.
  13. EagleWings
    @Currawong , did you get a chance to try the Lotoo Touch?

  14. Currawong Contributor
    I was actually talking to the guy who used to run Lotoo who now has his own company making battery-powered amps and a Soekris-based ladder DAC. This was at the end of yesterday, so I'll get to the Lotoo Touch today.
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