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  1. U-3C
    When Apple removes the touch screen and all physical inputs, and launches alongside the iBrain streaming service.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    the closest thing I know of is https://www.hearinglink.org/your-hearing/implants/auditory-brainstem-implants/ not exactly hires delivery just yet, but it would only need small changes to send in your playlist instead of the signal picked by a microphone over the ear.
    TBH it would be pretty easy to make a system with multiple crossovers and send the signal directly to the auditory cortex with the right range of frequencies to the right areas. the only reason not to do it would be if you really care about the areas of your brain that would need to be cut open for the procedure. a true audiophile wouldn't let such tiny details bother him.

    how can 93% fail this test? didn't they see John Woo's documentary called "Face Off"?
  3. Muinarc
    God you're right, if Apple is the one that creates it and calls it iBrain I'm not sure if I'd be on board. I was hoping for something less corporate for the brain streaming.

    Why spend $300,000 on speakers when you can get brain surgery at twice the price?

    I'm am also appalled that 93% fail that quiz. It's like they don't live in the same reality that you and I do.
  4. deadlylover
    Kaguya-sama is out of this world, what a hoot.

    Second Cisco AP arrived, but the power injector hasn't come in yet...
  5. U-3C
    Woops, fixed some typos with that post you quoted. For some reason, auto correct on GBoard doesn't work when I type on Head-Fi. Any of you have similar experiences?

    Just imagine one small software bug that ends up crawling into your brain with the new brainOS update, which Apple will patch up in 3 days for those who aren't too paralyzed/dead yet to keep updating. :p


    Finally updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 12 a week back, and just replaced the old battery with a new one. Everything seems to be working well.

    IMG_20190131_004738.jpg IMG_20190131_005158.jpg IMG_20190131_010354.jpg

    IMG_20190131_010621.jpg IMG_20190131_011831.jpg IMG_20190131_012352.jpg IMG_20190131_015330.jpg IMG_20190131_015832.jpg
    Still works!


    Audio round trip latency is still below 10 ms so it's main purpose for playing rhythm games is not compromised!


    Aside from iOS 12's UI for the video player, the OS is alright. I prefer the old animations because the current fading ones don't hide the slowness of the phone as much. Even programs that technically open faster feels slower and appear to have stutters, because the animations end before the app isis rea for me to give any inputs.

    The Control Center is so much better though!

    Time to override muscle memories again after 4 years. :p


    Been watching this dance with various random songs on FB. Too addicting.

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  6. Muinarc
    The iPhone is quite shiny inside.
  7. U-3C
    Glad my poor lighting paid off. XD
  8. pbui44
    My post in the “Rate The Last Movie You Watched” thread:


    Alita : Battle Angel (9/10 in Sci-Fi Anime Horror/Thriller)

    From the Q&A after the movie with producers and actors of main characters : “If you were to describe Alita in one word, what would it be?” My word is “life-like”. :floatsmile:

    When I first saw the commercial, I thought “Wow, it has been a while since I heard about this series.” Apparently, it has been since 1990, when the Manga comic came to the U.S. So when an old friend asked if I wanted to go see it, I jumped at the chance. We talked about a lot of stuff on the way, from Movies to Anime in general, and saw a waiting line for it, so we took our place and caught up on how things were going. Going into the theater with passes, I had to wipe down my 3D glasses and realize that this was a private screening, so I took the picture above for you folks to see, as per screen instructions. :dark_sunglasses:

    Throughout the movie, there was the comic book feel with an “Avatar” CGI adaptation to everything and could see a whole lot of everything going on. I want “Eh damnit, James Cameron wants to build upon the next Lucas Films.” It held true, but mainly because there really wasn’t even an animated adaptation of Alita...for at least from what I can remember. It did borrow from Akira, which created Alita as a cybernetic heroine response, but also from Fist of the North Star, as gory anime themes were shared with the original gory comic. No, there were no female villains that had their knockers explode, but the action scenes were still gory, but blood was not flying everywhere.

    Surprisingly, there was a lot of story line that took over the gory scenes...but it still left a lot to desire for everyone. Still, all of the anime intricacies and great, but not Avatar-outstanding, CGI and effort from the supporting cast carried the movie to a solid 9/10, leaving nothing more and nothing less to sub-score. So, “do you want to s**k my c**k, Berseirkerrrrrre?!?!?!?” Well, you will just have to wait and see.:blush:
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  9. miceblue
    The eyes of Alita creep me out. >.>
  10. castleofargh Contributor
  11. U-3C
  12. kn19h7
    I guess its never too late to share Santa Gifts poi (well I just received part2 last week :p)


    Thanks @Muinarc !
    High Score Girl FTW, looking forward to the 3 episodes in Mar :D

    @ Hug-tto Precure

    Just finished this. Easily the best Precure series I have watched, though I haven't watched some of the popular ones like Heartcatch. Glad I didn't give up on it as the intro episodes were kinda mediocore, it just got interesting around ep10 and there weren't a single boring episode after that.

    The theme this time was relatable even for adults and plotting was so masterfully done. Also there were some subtle but nicely executed romance elements, like the one between a Precure and a villain, and that gay-ish poi one etc.

    Damn I love kid shows.

    @ Circlet Princess

    Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (or LOGH) Reinhard's CV (the old one) is voicing for a bracelet this time, and is called Siegfried XD
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  13. U-3C
    Love that acrylic keychain! <3
  14. kn19h7
    Thats Lacia from Beatless :)
    U-3C likes this.
  15. Muinarc
    Glad everything got to you ok. I hope you're a coffee or tea drinker xD

    Hugtto Precure was my first Precure series, I'm a big Junichi Sato (director) fan so I felt I should watch it, and I was not disappointed.

    I'm really enjoying Circlet Princess, too bad it didn't get picked up by any major streaming service so all I have are very slow fan subs for that one. The cast has great chemistry for being a game adaptation.

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