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  1. U-3C
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  2. Tom Yum Goong

    Couldn't really decided on anything so I contacted this very well stocked looking weeb store aaaaand it looks like you found soemthing you want :3
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  3. Muinarc
    Thanks @U-3C !! I love your little sketches.
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  4. U-3C
    And thank you in return for introducing me to Girls' Last Tour. :3

    Hope you got the small congratulations note on the back of the sketch too, great Overlord. :D

    I got that poster from CyberConnect2 while visiting my friend who works there the day I was going to ship the package, and decided to throw it in last minute. As a result I didn't know how to carry it to the post office aside from rolling it up, or how to package everything as the poster wouldn't fit in the original box I was going to ship it with. It was also raining that day so the poster got wet. :frowning2:


    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  5. deadlylover
    I wanted to try some enterprise wifi gear so I picked up a Cisco 2702i for pretty cheap on eBay (ok not thaaat cheap but comparable to ubiquiti pricing). It's an "AC1300" jobbie, don't get me started about wifi router advertising... XD

    Its quite difficult to set up, I am using it in an unusual way to bring the internet into the garage (universal workgroup bridge), it's not really practical to run ethernet from one side of the house to the garage and my previous setup was using a client bridge with an ancient 802.11n dd-wrt router(some consumer Cisco/Linksys). The GUI is sooooooo slooooow and I'd have to buy a console cable if want to configure it over the CLI.

    Getting around 200mbits on 5GHz, which is pretty decent considering its around 25 metres away going through two interior walls, a granite kitchen and a brick outer wall. For reference an iPhone 7 plus gets maybe 25mbits.

    There's still some gremlins to sort out though, I get 300ms spikes regularly, but it's still better than the 2000ms spikes before. I don't get spikes if there's consistent traffic like iperf or a file transfer going on, I think it has something to do with a power saving mode or such.

    A wireless ping to the router (Netgear R8000) takes around 3ms whereas if I hook up the Cisco as an AP it's only 1ms or less, that's interesting. I'm going to get a second unit to act as an AP to see if I can eliminate those spikes and reduce the load on the R8000. In terms of range/coverage the R8000 definitely outclasses the internal antenna model Cisco AP I have but I haven't done comprehensive throughput testing yet as I need a few more ethernet cables of all things.

    AFAIK enterprise gear only shines on aggregate throughput with say 10+ active devices. Power over Ethernet is pretty cool, no need to run power if I need to hang it from a ceiling.
  6. vantt1
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  7. miceblue
    But the industry mastering DR4 J-pop music doesn't help either. XD
  8. vantt1
  9. deadlylover
    I just won an auction on a Cisco 3560G 48 port gigabit switch for $30 delivered. It does chomp the power (60W idle) but since it'll only be running one or two days a week it's okaaay, I really wanted the 2960S model instead (33W idle) but those go for $140 or so, I might still pick one up. For thirty bucks though I think the educational value pays for itself. XD

    After playing around with the Cisco AP positioning in the garage I'm able to get 250mbits of throughput, that's pretty good! The Netgear R8000 is light on options, I think if I use the other 5GHz radio it'll improve throughput but as-is I'm satisfied until another Cisco AP comes in. The range won't be as good so I do wonder if I'll actually lose throughput by switching away from the Netgear, we'll see.
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  10. U-3C
    A friend of mine got a silicone marble stuck in her phone's headphone jack. Free New Year's hardware upgrade, no Apple tax required! :p

    Any ideas on how to get it out before bringing it to some shop with a precision drill?

    Have a few ideas to try tomorrow but maybe one of you have experienced something similar?
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  11. castleofargh Contributor
    1/ a needle with a tiny drop of superglue at the top, try to stab the marble and hope that somehow it sticks a little(not sure silicone does).
    2/ other wasted idea, a syringe, again stab the marble and hope that creating a strong vacuum will be enough to pull it out.
    3/ get a new plug and solder it instead, then set up a ritual sacrifice where you'll hit and then burn the plug with the marble in it, just to feel a little bit better about all the time wasted.
    4/ a little BT box and screw that plug anyway.
    5/ think about one of those funny videos where people drop their phones stupidly, film it and hope that it will make enough money to get a new one.
    6/ scream at the plug and hope that it will do something.
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  12. U-3C

    Planning the superglue method with a toothpick, or to try to drill it out with whatever I have. Based on how tight and deep it is in it, I doubt that will work. Already tried making a straw with paper to wrap around it and bring it out, but it's really tight. Maybe I can find a syringe somewhere and give that a try too.

    It's more of a hard plastic bead than a soft rubber one.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  13. Ra97oR
  14. U-3C
    Turns out the beads were hollow.

    After a few hard pokes with a pointy tweezer, they crumbled apart.

    What a downgrade, back to the archaic headphone jack.
  15. Muinarc
    Headphones are archaic. When will we achieve the line that's been in my Head Fi signature for like 10 years?

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