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「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

  1. AmagamiSShay
    Sadly, in-ears dont fit me, sorry should have specified.
  2. EveTan
    I dropped my FitEars on the streets of NYC once... now they're forever locked at home >.<
  3. Ra97oR
    CIEM at home, when you have 009? Have you tried the SR version of the 335 and 334 yet?

    Will need a budget if you need serious answers.
  4. AmagamiSShay
    Thanks for the offer, I have just purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD 569's, does anyone have any thoughts on them?
  5. Ra97oR
    Never tried them... Can't say anything.
  6. EveTan
    My 009s are back in CA, waiting for when I can get a job in the Silicon Valley. Sadly, my ear canals are too small for the SR versions of the 335/334.

    I also have the Senn 6XXs, and they're pretty decent as a general all arounder. They're supposed to need more power, but I just plug them in directly anyways.
  7. U-3C
    My previous pair of 1More "special edition" pistons feel on the ground, I stepped on them and accidentally grinded them on asphalt with my full body weight. Somehow they survived a few more years.

    Got a new pair near the end of last year because I somehow lost my original pair. Now 1More brands headphones under their own name and I still don't like the design for sleeping in bed, so old apple earpods for me at night. :p
  8. U-3C
    Darn, one of my instructors finally is ready to teach a VR course at my school. He's been talking about it for some time and I really want to enroll in it, but I don't have a VR capable laptop, and I definitely can't bring my desktop to school every week. :frowning2:

    My XPS 9560 sadly can't detect my headset. I haven't tried using a USB C to HDMI adapter yet but I can't see why it would ever work. Only real options are buy an eGPU setup or buy a new laptop. Even said instructor is telling me it's not worth it.

    It's such a niche requirement, but the school was only able to get the headsets to loan to students. They couldn't get capable computers for a full class to loan out even though that was the original plan. Super excited for this class though, and I don't think availability will be great after this first go, knowing how busy this instructor is.

  9. miceblue
    My motherboard is VR ready. :D
  10. AmagamiSShay
    I really hope you aren't serious.
  11. miceblue
  12. U-3C
    But is the power supply cable VR ready? :wink:
  13. U-3C
    Hmmm...the Vive works with the required programs.

    Granted the controllers are weird using the Oculus exclusive apps, and I want to throw up after an hour with the lag and low frame rates...
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
  14. AmagamiSShay
    Why is that a thing
  15. vantt1
    VR is the future

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