1. rincewind

    New buds recommendations needed

    Hi All, Long, longtime user who just hadn't logged in for several years, since I was happy with my setup for a long time. My Yuin PK3 finally broke so I'm looking for new buds. They will mostly be used at my workplace (office job), where it is mostly quiet. I use earbuds instead of IEMs because...


    Specification Driver Size - 14.8mm, Shell – Yuin, Frequency - 6-25KHz, Impedance - 32Ω Sensitivity -115dB, Plug Type - 3.5mm/2.5mm. Cable Length: 1.2m.
  3. theoutsider


    Let's talk about the latest PKS2 from AK Audio!
  4. Mike D

    Older Yuins VS Newer Yuins

    Hi,   I recently purchased a used pair of older Yuin PK2's. As they were in need of repair, I replaced the plug with a new one. I immediately noticed that these were different from the newer models I had purchased in the recent past, as they had the double wires leading to the plug, whereas...
  5. Turk182

    Best earbuds for ipod nano 6th gen , yuins/senns/cm700/A8

    Hi guys/gals , Awesome forum here filled with good info , been reading up on earbuds and would like some advice from all the good people here. Upgraded my stock sony basic £17 headphones to a pair of audio-technica ec7's at the start of the year and was blown away by the sound clarity they...
  6. FourForty

    Very New, Need Help.

    Hello Forum,   I need help.   I've been looking for new headphones, but i don't know what's around.     So, I like earbud style headphones.   I've never had any really good headphones before, But i do have some preferences/limitations.   I can't use the type that you jam in...
  7. sirnice

    Help: need to re-cable Yuin PK2

    First of all, I really enjoy these earphones but unfortunately the left ear piece has an exposed wire and no longer any audio coming out of it.  Does anyone how to open up the PK2 to do the recabling? (Very similar to all other Yuin earphones)   Please let me know if you know or have the...
  8. jerg

    Last three weeks: Yuin G2A & me (review/story)

    Being quite new to here, my first purchases influenced by HFi was, of course, them Koss Ksc75 clips. Before them, I thought the no-name Sony earbuds sounded superb, but the past is the past heheh. Ears are easily spoiled.   However, with bad luck concerning bass distortions inherent in the...
  9. SoulSyde

    YUIN, try them again or something else?

    I had a pair of PK3s that I really liked a lot, but after 6 months the right channel just stopped working. I might pull the trigger on a pair of PK2s but I'm a little worried about them blowing out like my last pair. Has YUIN gotten better over the past year? Or, is there an alternative...
  10. Twinster

    Headband for Yuin G1a or Koss Ksc's

    Hello.   Would anyone know if the headband from the Sennheiser PX100 would fix on the Yuin Gx's or Koss KSC's drivers? I've currently have the cheap headband from the part express phone but would like something more comfy and foldable.   Also can someone confirm that the headband from...
  11. kiteki

    YUIN killers in 2010 -- ZePhone NB01, Illusion MkII?, Senn MX980, Blox TM5, etc. ~ spookey.

          From http://www.headfonia.com/yuin-pk1-killer-in-2010/   "then there are some new high-end earbuds from Chinese companies; the NB01 from ZePhone, and an unknown brand that rumor said is from one of the biggest OEM earphones in the China (which means the world, too!), this OEM...
  12. dbxdx5

    Audiophile earphones with the Apple iPod round-shaped buds?

    So I'm trying to buy a good set of earphones as a gift for a good friend. Here's the challenge: She's an audiologist, and had custom ear-molds made for her regular iPod earphones, which means that whatever I buy her would need to have approximately the same shape and diameter buds as the iPod...
  13. dweaver

    Here's a crazy question!

    I am now using a pair of Monster Turbine Professional Copper IEM's and a pair of Earsonics SM3, both are wonderfull IEM but here's the rub, they are just TO ISOLATING! So I am now looking for something affordable, portable, and open so I can hear workers and family aside from when I am...
  14. YOD

    Some help and advice with finding some new earphones (not a straightforward story)

    Today was a very sad day for me.. The relisation had set in that I had finally lost my beloved Yuin PK7 earbuds, a pair of earphones that had served me so well and that had delivered (what I believed all beit n uneducated belief) a good quality of sound.   Having been out of the loop for...
  15. beck13

    Yuin G2A Leakage?

    hi guys,   i wanted to get a closed alternative for my koss ksc75, would yuin g2a be suitable? i don't mind sound coming in, but i don't want to disturb others e.g. bus/library/office/partner etc.   cheers
  16. REDH0RN

    Yuin's ?

    I have an iPod and PA2V2 amp and have been trying to get some iMetal 590's set up for the past couple weeks. Having a difficult time getting a good lasting seal. As another member suggested I got some Sony tips yesterday and find them to be a little above the quality (sturdier) than stock tips...
  17. mvw2

    Earphone Tuning - Yuin OK1 Earbud

    I've been toying around with my OK1 bud finding ways to tweak the sound without relying heavily on EQing.  I started applying some passive techniques to attempt better or different results from stock.   The OK1 is an interesting earbud.  It is Yuin's top model and an excellent sounding...
  18. chnsawBrutality

    PX100-II or Yuin PK3?

    I'm looking for another portable headphone, but I can't decide between these too.    Disregarding the size, which would you all recommend?   My music is pretty diverse, but it's mostly alternative rock, hip-hop, and metal.   I currently have the RE0s and M50s.  I like the way both of...
  19. Pipponzi

    Best Earphones with 100€....150€ max

    I would use them with my notebook/mp3 player. I'm totally noob in this field so please advice me some good earphones.   I usually listen to pop music, but sometimes I listen to dance/trance music so I want a good bass sound.   Currently I have the Alessandro MS-1. I'm satisfied with...
  20. mrbrad

    Senn MX880 vs Yuin PK2

    I have seen a couple of reviews on the MX880 and results seem mixed. One said they are so good, they are better the the PK1s. Another says they are about the same as the PK3 or PK2.   If you are using the MX880s and have also heard the PK2s, could you please give me some feedback? I am...
  21. mralexosborn

    What headphones have you had?

    I am curious to see what some of you guys bought as your first real headphones and what you bought after those and what you have now. I just want to see how you guys go so into this hobby that you are willing to spend so much!
  22. yourstruly

    Yuin Pk3 vs Sennheiser mx760

    Same price range, rave reviews on both sides. Can someone give me the pros and cons of both of these? I believe they're neck to neck contenders at this categories.
  23. Akella

    Can there be fakes of Yuin?

    I want to order from this seller yuin pk3 http://cgi.ebay.com/YUIN-PK3-Hi-Fi-Earphone-Headphone-New-box-earbud-/200465436348?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories   but really don't want to buy fakes with crappy sound. How i can found out are he selling genuine or fake one?
  24. KSC35Matt

    Need advice on full Setup (Headphones, Amp and MP3 player) for running/exercise?

    What I'd like : To listen to fantastic sound quality for running/exercise, with some exciting bass (mainly dance music).  My unamped Koss KSC35 has done a fantastic job with this but after 8 years has started to fall apart, and I can hear room for improvement.  I've just lost my MP3 player and...
  25. JBethell80

    New to head-fi, need advice on first pair of good headphones.

    So I've always used earbuds, and am coming to the realization that I don't care for them.  I've been using a pair of skullcandy titans (don't worry, I brought my flamesuit) and I do like the sound of them, but I find them to be a bit uncomfortable, and at the gym they constantly fall out.  ...