Need advice on full Setup (Headphones, Amp and MP3 player) for running/exercise?
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Mar 17, 2010
What I'd like : To listen to fantastic sound quality for running/exercise, with some exciting bass (mainly dance music).  My unamped Koss KSC35 has done a fantastic job with this but after 8 years has started to fall apart, and I can hear room for improvement.  I've just lost my MP3 player and I'm open to ideas on a portable amp so these are also on the shopping list.  The KSC35 is fairly cheap and I'm willing to spend more if needed.
If I tell you the sound signature I've enjoyed then perhaps you could understand the sound I'm looking for - I LOVE the sound from the KSC35 (cannot overemphasize LOVE enough) and very very much like the Grado SR60 (borderline love - I appreciate they're better SQ than the KSC35 but I can't run with them and they're not quite as 'fun').  My brother has a Graham Slee Solo Amped Sennheiser HD650 which I believe is quite popular, but I can hear the 'veil' and I just don't like their sound (I'm not an headphone expert and don't know how to explain this in further detail, I just feel 'uninvolved' with the music).  I prefer the KSC35 to the KSC75.
I'm assuming 'soundstage' is where it sounds like you're right there with the band and if you were to close your eyes it sounds like you're there?  Well whatever it's called, the KSC35 was good for me in this regard.  I'd like to run and really enjoy fantastic sound quality, with the tremendous 'soundstage' (?) and ample bass.
I've been recommended the Yuin G2A, but I've been told this has a 'somewhat different sound signature', do you think I'd like them if I really like the phones mentioned earlier?  I'm also happy to get a portable headphone amp if it means improving sound quality, and I've read an amped Yuin G1A is superior to the G2A, but again do you think I'd like the sound?  What would be a good amp to go with the KSC35? Is the FiiO E5 good? (the clip and small size appeals)
- I don't like in-ear phones.
- Would be nice if there isn't a plastic bar running behind the back of the head as I'd like to wear them in bed.
- Price : I'd consider any price, depending on the performance.
- MP3 player & Amp : would be nice to have clips to attach to clothing rather than bounce around in pocket.
I'm hoping there's someone out there who might be able to decode this nonsense from an audio noob and take me to the next level of music & exercise!

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