1. soundstige

    IC: Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro custom Triple-Driver BA in-ear monitor

    Hello all. Selling a pair of Ultimate Ears UE10, they are customs and will need to be reshelled. Perfect working condition and sound great. Please PM me with offers. I can ship anywhere but international shipping will cost ~$40. Make a fair offer, thanks!
  2. soundstige

    IC: Ultimate Ears UE10 custom in-ear monitor

    Hello all. Selling a pair of Ultimate Ears UE10, they are customs and will need to be reshelled. Perfect working condition and sound great. Please PM me with offers. I can ship anywhere but international shipping will cost ~$40. Make a fair offer, thanks!
  3. S

    FS: Ultimate ears UE11pro & UE10pro (UPDATE)--PRICE DROPPED

    UPDATE Up for sale is a pair of UE11 AND a pair of UE10, both I've remoulded them once. Reason for selling is because i wanna switch my whole series to JH. UE11: comes with a pouch and a black es3 cable, as you can see from the photo there's a bit of sticky tape, its just on the cable, and...
  4. jjacq

    Ultimate Ears UE10 Pro RUSH. Make an offer!

    Wrong forum.
  5. agrosash

    UE 10 Pro (still in production) arrived!

    Just wanted to let you guys know that my UE 10 Pro IEMs arrived at the beginning of the week and they are awesome! I've asked for them specifically at my local reseller (Köttgen Hörakustik — Cologne, Germany); they were telling me that these are still produced because many people inquire about...
  6. Squeek

    FS - Broken UE-10 Pro *NOT Triple Fi* Updated Pic

    The moulded plastic earpiece got fractured in my gym bag.  I know, I'm an idiot for letting them just float around in my gym bag, but they were fine for years.     Not sure what, if anything, they are worth or what uses people may have for the drivers and cable, but I figured there is no...
  7. jjacq

    Ultimate Ears UE10 Pro RUSH

    Was planning to have these reshelled but money is needed so I have to let go of them. Both drivers work, no problems at all. I can ship international but buyer has to pay $15 more(I'll cover the rest) for Priority Mail + Insurance. This will include the metal tin and the earphones. These are...
  8. S

    FS Ultimate Ears UE10

    Up for sale is a pair of UE10, have been using for 3 years, works perfectly and it's got exceptional sound. I've remoulded that once, com     es with a stock ue18 cable.  Price:$280+shipping cost. Thanks and feel free to shoot me messages.
  9. JMcMasterJ

    SOLD: Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro Custom IEM

    UE 10 pro custom IEM for reshelling. I'm selling these because I have the UERM and don't need a second IEM. Honestly, I think the sq between the UERM and UE10 pro is very close and I prefer the UE10 over the UE11 and UE18. This is a great deal for a very neutral and accurate IEM. $300 shipped
  10. Konig

    Westone replacement cable for UE10-pro?

    Can anyone tell me if these cables from Westone can be used for my UE 10pro?   http://www.amazon.com/Westone-Replacement-cables-Clear-Removable/dp/B005GQ7OFW/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1345350788&sr=1-5&keywords=ultimate+ears+replacement+cable
  11. Audiofiler

    FS Ultimate Ears Professional UE10-Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

    Selling my Ultimate Ears UE10-Pro Customs. Excellent condition with little use.   $299 shipped to the CONUS. Sold
  12. haydeno

    UE 10 PRO and UE 11 Pro Customs

    UE 10 PRO and UE 11 Pro Customs   Couldn't get used to customs.   Asking $400 and $500 OBO respectively
  13. tyeck

    Replacement for lost Ultimate Ears 10 Pro and Ray Samuels Emmeline SR-71 Amp

    I recently left my portable system on an airplane so I am looking for a replacement combo but I find almost no comparison information between my older equipment and the current models.   I had Ultimate Ears 10 Pro connected to a Ray Samuels SR-71 with a Cardas Audio mini-to-mini interconnect...
  14. pjvs

    Reshell UE10-Pro - Europe/USA

    Dear Head-Fi'ers,    I am looking for a company who can reshell a UE10-Pro (second hand), preferably in Europe, or otherwise in the USA? -- Does anyone have any experience with this, will I loose any quality?    Thank you for your help and support.    All the best,    PJVS
  15. jjacq

    Best place for reshelling? USA?

    Hello, I recently bought myself a pair of UE-10(Ultimate Ears) and I need to get them reshelled. The seller has indicated that Unique Melody reshells them but I didn't realized that they are in Australia. Is there a good/reputable company here in the states that you guys may recommend? I'm...
  16. lindrone

    UE-10 Pro material separation/crack?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else is noticing what I just found on my UE-10 Pro. For the past few weeks I literally haven't touched them much at all, they've been doing nothing but sitting in their box stored away. The other day me and my friend were talking about it, I took them out of the box...
  17. PedigreeE

    Pedigreee’s Ultimate Ears UE-10PRO Review

    Pedigreee’s Ultimate Ears UE-10PRO Review Review Outline -Impressions (ear molds) ~~~~~~~~~~ -Audio Setup ~~~~~~~~~~ -Music Tested ~~~~~~~~~~ -Company Quality ~~~~~~~~~~ -Build Quality ~~~~~~~~~~ -Ergonomics ~~~~~~~~~~ -Isolation ~~~~~~~~~~ -Sonic Impressions ~~~~~~~~~~...
  18. philler99

    Shure SE425 vs Ultimate Ears triplefi 10

    Hi all, I need your input on these 2 earphones. This is my first time buying high def earphones and my budget is $300. I've heard that the SE425s lack bass, but are very detailed and analytical. For the UE10s, I read that sound is fun and colorful with bass boosted a little, which may take some...
  19. Bones13

    My new jewels

      Just in today (nice turn around too, I ordered before the recent sale, I guess they were trying to get the line cleaned up).   Very nice sound out of the box.  Comes with the new black aluminum case, which has a screw on top, and is very solid.  Fit is great, and they look to be very well...
  20. lindrone

    REVIEW: Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro & Sensaphonics ProPhonic 2X-Soft

    REVIEW: Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro & Sensaphonics ProPhonic 2X-Soft The Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro and Sensaphonics ProPhonic 2X-S are the two top offering from two top-tier custom IEM (In-Ear Monitor) companies. Meanwhile Ultimate Ears claim technical superiority with their triple driver...
  21. LFF

    Shure E500 v. Ultimate Ears UE-10

    Ok, I just got back from a supersecret meet with a few headfiers and sugarfried. I was told I would be allowed to listen to the E500's. I jumped at the opportunity and went with my UE-10's, RSA Hornet and 5G Video iPod with certain key lossless files for A/B'ing purposes. I used my trusty...
  22. Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro

    Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro

    Manufacturer Ultimate Ears Model UE-10 PRO Headphone Type Canal Headband Type None Weight (g) 0 Driver Type Dynamic Enclosure Material Other Isolation (dB) 20 Impedance (ohms) 13 Cable Length (cm) 117 Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 16000 Connector 3.5mm Street Price US$900