1. Tronsmart Apollo Air Review

    Tronsmart Apollo Air Review

    Tronsmart Apollo Air TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC Earbuds 35dB full frequency hybrid active noise cancelling. Industry-leading Qualcomm QCC3046 chip. High-quality Qualcomm® aptX™ audio decoding. Customized graphene driver for better sound quality. Three modes switching designed for...
  2. Tronsmart Mega Pro

    Tronsmart Mega Pro

    Mega pro is a portable Bluetooth speaker with an RMS output of 60W. Equipped with SoundPulse, true wireless stereo, IPX5 waterproof technologies together with 2 tweeters and 1 woofer design, it provides you with powerful bass and stereo sound.
  3. Tronsmart Force 2

    Tronsmart Force 2

    Force 2 is a compact speaker with an RMS output of 30W. Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3021 chip together with SoundPulse® and IPX7 waterproof technologies, it delivers a terrific sound. Also, it can sync sound across 100+ speakers thanks to the broadcast mode.
  4. Tronsmart Apollo Q10

    Tronsmart Apollo Q10

    Equipped with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology reducing up to 35dB, 40mm dynamic Neodymium speaker, 5 microphones together with 100 hours playtime, Apollo Q10 provide you with unstoppable audio with and studio quality.
  5. Tronsmart Official

    Sponsor Review Program--Win the Tronsmart Force 2 BT Speaker to review

    Hi Dear Friends A few days ago, we just made a poll to see if there is anybody who wants to try Bluetooth speaker. It seems that many people are interested in it. Now it comes. Tronsmart NEWEST Bluetooth speaker Force 2 is ready for you to try! If you are a reviewer on any platform, or you...
  6. Tronsmart Official

    New Release--Apollo Q10, Tronsmart’s First Over-Ear Hybrid ANC Headphones

    In July of this year, we had released the first hybrid ANC earbuds – Apollo Bold, which opened our exploration of the door to Active Noise Cancelling area. We are very happy that our initial attempts have been recognized by professionals in the industry, especially the Forbes report "If...
  7. Tronsmart Official

    Four Tronsmart Products You Need to Buy on Black Friday!

    Dear All Fans: Black Friday is COMING!!! Tronsmart here too!!! Best deals for the year. Spunky Beat APP Edition TWS Earbuds: 27.16 USD, 69% OFF T6 Plus Bluetooth Speaker: 50.99 USD, 49% OFF T2 Plus Bluetooth Speaker: 25.89 USD, 44% OFF Apollo Bold ANC TWS Earbuds: 79.99GBP, 20% OFF Check it...
  8. Tronsmart Official

    Need your help! Tronsmart Apollo Bold APP is coming, what functions would you expect?

    Dear all Tronsmart fans, Our Apollo Bold APP has released finally! Both Apple Store and Google Play Store could support the download. If you have already used our Tronsmart APP on your mobile phone, please check the upgrade guide here. Due to time constraints, we are not available to implement...
  9. Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology, up to 35dB, Qualcomm aptX, Qualcomm 5124 flagship chip.
  10. Tronsmart Onyx Free

    Tronsmart Onyx Free

    General Information < Vendor Link Tronsmart Onyx Free True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 【UV Sterilization &IPX7 Waterproof 】With built-in ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Simply put your Bluetooth earbuds...
  11. Tronsmart Official

    【Call for WINNERS】【Award Review】Tronsmart Apollo Bold review program WINNER LIST!

    Hello all guys, Tronsmart is looking for new reviewers or audiophiles to review our latest hybrid active noise cancelling earbuds Apollo Bold. If you are a reviewer in any platform, or you are an audiophile, and you love TWS earbuds, welcome to join us! Please follow the steps to join: 1...
  12. Tronsmart Official

    Tronsmart Apollo Bold Promotion on Amazon

    Hi Tronsmart Fans, We have great news for you! Tronsmart Apollo Bold hybrid active noise cancelling earbuds are available on Amazon UK, DE, IT, ES. And we offer you an AMAZING price with discount. Amazon US will be ready very soon. Will update here later. For Amazon UK £79.99, ̶£̶9̶9̶.̶9̶9̶...
  13. Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Equipped with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology reducing up to 35dB, Qualcomm flagship QCC5124, Qualcomm aptX, 6 microphones together with Truewireless Stereo Plus technology, Apollo Bold immerses you with complete quiet and studio quality audio.
  14. phaeton70

    Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless Stereo Plus Hybrid ANC

    Anyone using these cheap earbuds? I find them very comfortable and well made, and the noise cancellation is very effective.
  15. Tronsmart Official

    Why it's named Apollo Bold?

    Recently we have received some emails which ask why our first hybrid active noise cancelling earbuds is named Apollo Bold because it seems that there is some connection to Apollo program which we know with that famous saying,"One small step for a man one giant leap for mankind." Yes, we did get...
  16. Tronsmart Official

    Recommendation from Forbes! Tronsmart Onyx Free TWS earbuds!

    From Forbes. Mark SparrowSenior Contributor Consumer Tech Technology journalist specializing in audio, computing and photography These New Earphones Sanitize Themselves With UV Light And They’re Waterproof ... I can't imagine that many people share their earphones with others, but if they do...
  17. Tronsmart Official

    Launching Tronsmart Apollo Bold Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds

    Your flight journey would be wonderful if you won't be bothered by the big noise; your way to work would be easy if you enjoy the best music; your walking time would be more fun if you get enough peace. Thus, a good active noise cancelling earphones will meet all your needs. There are a lot...
  18. Tronsmart Official

    Tronsmart fans gathering thread!

    Hi, all Tronsmart fans, This is the first Tronsmart thread on Head-Fi. Welcome all people discuss Tronsmart products or share reviews or using experience or unboxing here! BTW, Tronsmart is going to launch a new product very soon! Guess what it will be!
  19. Tronsmart Onyx Ace

    Tronsmart Onyx Ace

  20. Tronsmart Element T6 Max

    Tronsmart Element T6 Max

    Features a max output of 60W and engineered with four tweeters, one woofer and eight passive radiators, the Element T6 Max delivers stunning 360-degree surround audio. Crafted in premium aluminium alloy and fabric finish for a truly elegant look and feel. It is an iconic decoration in the house.
  21. joe

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  22. Tronsmart Onyx Neo

    Tronsmart Onyx Neo

  23. Tronsmart Element T6 Mini

    Tronsmart Element T6 Mini

  24. Tronsmart Spunky Beat

    Tronsmart Spunky Beat

    Qualcomm® Chip- The advanced Qualcomm® chip guarantees exceptional performance by delivering consistent and lossless audio streaming, providing the most stable connectivity. Three Decoding Mode: aptX, AAC, and SBC- Custom graphene-coated drivers produce detailed sound and deep bass while aptX™...
  25. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus

    Tronsmart Element T6 Plus