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100+ Head-Fier
Tronsmart's Party Boombox fills a gap in the market with great sound and a killer price-tag
Pros: Good sound, app support, LED lights, multitude of inputs, built-in power bank, portability, build quality
Cons: Buttons difficult to see, relatively short battery life
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Instagram: regancipher
YouTube: regancipher
Reddit: u/regancipher
Socials: Biolink

Model: Tronsmart Bang
Price: MSRP Approx £85 / $109.99
Website: Tronsmart, Geekbuying
Review Reference: RC069

Manufacturer Specification:
  • Brand: Tronsmart
  • Model: Bang
  • Power: 60w
  • Frequency response: 20hz-20KHZ
  • Drivers: Dual Tweeter, Dual Woofer, Dual Passive Radiators
  • Chipset: Actions Technic ATS2835
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Codec Support: SBC
  • Mic: Yes
  • Input: NFC, Bluetooth, AUX, TF, USB-A
  • Features: Built-in Power Bank, Beat-Driven Light Show, SoundPulse ®, TuneConn™
  • App Support: Yes
  • Dimensions: 36cm x 19cm x 15cm
  • Weight: 3.14kg
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours (LED on), 15 hours (LED off)
  • Battery Capacity: 10,800mAh
  • Charge Time: 4.5 hours
  • Input: 5v 2A
  • Charge Type: USB-C
  • Water Resistance: IPX6

1 x Speaker
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x USB-C charge cable
1 x AUX jack cable

Real Life Experience



Welcome to the Regancipher review of the Tronsmart Bang 60w Bluetooth Speaker. This is my second speaker review from Tronsmart and a second break in tradition of the day after I even published an IEM review this morning - usually I only publish earbud reviews, but I was in the audio industry for a long time before Bluetooth was even a mainstream thing, and have taken enough brands of speaker to festivals and hotels for weekends on the sesh to know a good (and a bad) one!

Tronsmart are now fully established as a mid range technology vendor at a very competitive price point, with their focus almost solely on audio products - mostly speakers and headphones. Founder Eric Cheng, a self-confessed geek, founded the company with his first paycheck (where was he working?!), building a lab to disassemble audio products with the aim to recreate them in his own vision at a cost-efficient price point. After bringing in ear-chewing trophy-winning footballer Luis Suarez as an ambassador, the company have gone from strength to strength, building a close relationship with Qualcomm, and bringing two of their chips to market first with the Apollo Bold and Apollo Air. For speakers, the range is now almost as extensive as their earbuds, ranging from 7, 10 and 15w mini speakers through to the 60w Force Pro and Mega Pro.

The Bang is the latest in Tronsmart's very successful range of audio products. Like the Force Pro, it offers a 2.2 channel, quad speaker audio system, but compromises a little on the IP rating to bring a beat-driven LED light display and adds a couple of Tronsmart's patented features, whilst also looking a damn sight prettier!

You can see the full range of Tronsmart speakers here

The Unboxing

It was a real struggle actually photographing the unboxing, so a YouTube video is on the way! The box is massive, and it needs to be, with the speaker coming in at almost 40cm wide. The speaker is held in with large foam inlays, and you get the usual excellent manual from Tronsmart, which gives you text in most European languages as well as Chinese. The manual gives superb visual instructions on Button Configuration, what the lights mean, how to operate the device, how to use their patented TuneConn technology, and a walk around each of the inputs. You get a USB-C charge cable and an AUX cable, as well as the usual Tronsmart Warranty Card.

Build Quality


This is my second Tronsmart speaker, and both have really surprised me with how hefty they are. The Bang is a beast - but it still retains sufficient portability to take it's place as the ultimate party speaker. Whilst it is predominantly plastic, the grills are metallic, the buttons and input cover are rubberised, and there are rubbery-foam feet to add to the stability. The top handle features the Tronsmart logo and adds to the portability of the device. Despite it's durability, it is much lighter than many of it's competitors in this space, without compromising on build quality or looks.

One of the minor quibbles I had with the Studio was the buttons. Their black profile means in the dark, it can be difficult to see what each button does. It is a similar story with the Bang, but fortunately, the raised icons are much larger than the studio, and accompanied by the blue LED denoting that the speaker is powered on, as well as the colour-changing LED's to the base and sides, you get a little ambient light too, and this does help with discerning what button does what. It would have been even better to see the button array lit-up, and perhaps this is an area Tronsmart can improve further for the future.

The button bar from left to right holds the area for fast-pair via NFC (I used this with my OnePlus 8T and it worked instantly), four white LED's - they tell you how much battery is remaining, TuneConn, Mode, Volume -, Play/Pause, Volume +, SoundPulse, and finally Power On/Off - this button has a 'thumb' indent, making it easy to find - a really nice idea. 'Mode' switches between the different inputs, as well as hailing voice assistant when held down for 2+ secs.


The speaker is just over 3kg and is IPX6 rated - Tronsmart advertise it as an external speaker, and that is exactly the use-case. The grill is quite firm, meaning it will take a bit of force if your parties get out of hand and you're unfortunate enough to have guests from the UK!


At the rear, this is where all the action happens. Once you peel back the rubberised input protector, you are greeted by an array of inputs, all of which worked very well. First up is actually not an input but an output - the Bang doubles up as a power bank! So if your phone is running out of juice, you have the option of utilising the 5v 1a USB-A output - very handy. This not only allows you to charge, but it will also read the music on the USB-device too. To the left ,you have a tiny reset button, which is shrouded so you'll need a paperclip or something like that to be able to reach it. To the right is the DC-in charge socket, next is a 3.5mm jack AUX and finally a TF-card slot. There are no sharp edges - everything is really well-finished, and the arm to the rubberised door is really sturdy and in-keeping with the rest of the device, top quality workmanship.


The Bang features a beat-driven LED light display, which can be set to follow the beat or left in solid, one-colour. As well as the above pictured red, yellow, blue and pink, you also have orange, green and purple. The LED configuration can be set in the same Tronsmart app you use for your Apollo Bold/Air - really good to see this app maturing, unlike many vendors who struggle to get their range supported via one app.


TuneConn 技术.jpg

Tronsmart have a few pretty cool patented features. First up is TuneConn™. TuneConn™ is Tronsmart's 'broadcast' mode, enabling up to 100 speakers to be synchronised wirelessly in leader/follower configuration. The only drawback is you need the same model, so I wasn't able to test this with the Studio, but regardless it's a useful feature - for company giveaways at team building events you could see this working very well.

SoundPulse® is Tronsmart's sound enhancement feature. I have found this to be really useful for cleaning up bad audio inputs, so I generally leave it left on, but it does impact slightly on battery life.


NFC Fast Pair is very useful, with most smart devices now supporting it. I found this far easier than faffing around with Bluetooth. That said, when I did try separately using Bluetooth on my non-NFC device, it was very straightforward, and the app picked up the speaker straight away, allowing me to very quickly access the settings and update the firmware.


The speaker can actually be used for calls too. Play/Pause allows calls to be answered, and you can redial the last number by hitting the same button twice. Voice assistant is initiated by holding the M button down, and it works pretty well, supporting both Siri and Google Assistant natively.


App support from Tronsmart is great. Sometimes it feels like there are some wasted spaces, but you get a number of options here, including customising the LED colour, setting the input mode, setting up broadcast mode and updating firmware, as well as assigning the appropriate EQ's listed in the Sound section (and more). This is a really nice feature, because the transmission distance is quite strong (around 15m) and it means there's no need to traipse back and press the buttons on the unit - hugely helpful.

The app doesn't feel 'spyware-y' like some do, and it supports the majority of the Tronsmart portfolio, regardless of chipset - unlike some of their competitors.

Battery Life

Battery life with no LED's on came in at around 13.5 hours on first play, but is battered by the LED's and full volume, dropping to around 6.5 hours with both on. Whilst this is more than adequate for most users, it falls a little way short of the far more expensive JBL BoomBox 2 and ugly Soundcore Motion Boom. 4.5 hours for a full charge is also a little onerous, but the charging seems to be linear, meaning you can charge for a couple of hours and it will give you around 50% of the advertised full charge.


Sound on the Bang is as you would expect with Tronsmart - beefy and boosted. The 60w power is evident as the sound drives home, and using SoundPulse you get maximised boost with minimal distortion. At the furthest distance before Bluetooth started to drop, I was still able to register 98dB-A - this is the equivalent to being stood next to a French Horn! Closer up and you feel like you're in a nightclub - and that's because in audio terms, it's a very similar register on the dB meter.

Tronsmart only support the SBC codec in their speakers. This makes perfect sense, as there are no latency requirements, because there is no video like on a smartphone watching YouTube. SBC can sound a bit trashy on TWS, but on party speakers, where analytical listening is not really required, it is perfectly fine, and the Bang does a great job in this respect.

Bass response on this model is excellent. Midbass is very strong, and subbass comes through in true Tronsmart fashion when 'Deep Bass' is selected, taking full advantage of the woofers. The default sound option is more rounded, with a focus on lifting the mids whilst retaining a bright sound signature. 'Hi Fi' mode elevates the high mids, giving female vocals an extenstion, and 'Vocal' does this even further, sounding a little shrieky at times. The other modes, like with Tronsmart's TWS, aren't for me - Rock is particularly bad, Classical doesn't really suit this speaker (even though it is my preferred EQ setting on some of their other products) and 3D is probably worth avoiding too, but you have them there has options anyway, selectable via the app.

The Bang has decent imaging for an external speaker - it's fun, bouncy, well built and packs a punch.


The Bang is probably my favourite speaker release from Tronsmart so far. Whilst I haven't always understood the market for some of their releases, there is no doubt the Bang has some prime use-cases - for carting around on trips out to the beach, parties, festivals and weekends away, it comes into it's own with great sound, good portability, nice LED lights, IPX6 water resistance and a multitude of inputs, app support and presets.

The battery life could be longer, and the long charge times are a bit of a nause, but the Bang is otherwise an excellent release that beats the Soundcore equivalent for looks, and smashes the JBL for price. Nice job, Tronsmart!

Tronsmart Review Inventory:

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Tronsmart Bang
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Tronsmart Apollo Q10
Tronsmart Onyx Free
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About Tronsmart:

Tronsmart are now fully established as a mid to premium range earbud vendor, with their focus almost solely on audio products - mostly speakers and headphones. Founder Eric Cheng, a self-confessed geek, founded the company with his first paycheck (where was he working?!), building a lab to disassemble audio products with the aim to recreate them in his own vision at a cost-efficient price point.

After bringing in ear-chewing trophy-winning footballer Luis Suarez as an ambassador, the company have gone from strength to strength, building a close relationship with Qualcomm, and bringing two of their chips to market first with the Apollo Bold, and then the Apollo Air, which uses the Qualcomm QCC3046.

For speakers, the range is now almost as extensive as their earbuds, ranging from 7, 10 and 15w mini speakers through to the 60w Force Pro and Mega Pro.

Tronsmart remain one of my favourite mid-tier vendors, outrunning their budget competitors by releasing flagship products alongside the run-of-the-mill releases, and demonstrating transparency and commitment to quality and innovation with every release.
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100+ Head-Fier
Outdoor Party Banger
Pros: 60W of banging sound
Easy pairing
15 hours of playback
App support with EQ
Cons: SBC codec support
Gimmicky lights that affect battery life
2022-02-26 12.34.31.jpg

Intro: Bang is Tronsmart's latest smart Bluetooth speaker featuring 60W of power, tons of input options, and mobile app support. Tronsmart sent this review unit to me but you can find it here:


2022-02-26 12.32.52.jpg

Specs from Tronsmart:
Input5V/2A via Type-C Port
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth CompatibilityA2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
Audio DecodecSBC
Transmission Distance18m/59ft
Water ResistantIPX6
Battery Capacity10800mAh
Play TimeLED On: Up to 8 Hours(on a 50% Volume) LED Off: Up to 15 Hours(on a 50% Volume)
Charging Time4.5 Hours
Frequency Range20Hz-20KHz
Dimension361*183.4*150.3 mm/ 14.2*7.2*5.9inch
Net Weight3.08kg/108.6oz
Package Contents1 x Tronsmart Bang, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Type-C Cable, 1 x Aux Cable


2022-02-26 12.35.11.jpg

Obviously being a Bluetooth speaker, the primary source will be Bluetooth 5.0 using SBC codec. Sadly no other codecs are supported as far as I can tell. Pairing is simple using NFC if your phone supports it. Additionally, music can be put on TF card/USB drive or using an AUX cable.

Power: 10800mAh battery will play music for 15 hours or 8 hours using the LED lights. It is also possible to slow charge your phone using the USB port. The charge time is 4.5 hours.

2022-02-26 12.43.25.jpg

The row of buttons covers the basic functionality but there is also app support which handles the more advanced features starting with updating the firmware

as well as source selection, the Tuneconn linking functionality for connecting up to 100 Bang speakers, LED color theme, and remote power off.

Generally, I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality. Out of the box, it sounded a bit more neutral than party, but that is what the EQ settings are for in the mobile app. It is an outdoor party speaker that needs to deliver a large amount of sound without much distortion and I think it does that very well. The EQ settings will refine it and I did prefer the Sound Pulse setting for a bit more party than the default setting. The EQ settings are labeled quite accurately, Deep Bass = heavy bass, Vocal is just the vocal range, everything else is dipped down. I defintiely preferred a more balanced sound found in Default or Sound Pulse which is also the setting to use if you prefer your lights to flicker with the beat.


Conclusion: At $109usd, I think Tronsmart delivered a solid smart Bluetooth speaker that not only sounds great but has a few features not found in similar products. The mobile app support is actually quite nice if you have other Tronsmart smart products like their TWS as it uses the same application. Looking forward to what Tronsmart delivers next.


100+ Head-Fier
The Party Goes On! 🎉 - Tronsmart Bang 60W Review
Pros: - Powerful Sound
- SoundPulse Mode (Great Sound)
- Good Battery Life
- Packed with Useful Features
- Useful App with EQ
Cons: - Treble is slightly sibilant and harsh (even with Soundpulse on)
- With Soundpulse off, Treble is sibilant, harsh, and overall note weight thin
- SBC only support. No APTX, LDAC, or other higher quality Bluetooth codec


Tronsmart Bang is Tronsmart's latest Bluetooth speaker in their already impressive line-up of Bluetooth products. The Bang retails for $109.99usd and it is targeted mainly to party go-ers or outdoor users in general.

Upon opening the box, I am presented with a 3.5mm male-to-male jack, a USB charging cable, some manuals, and last but not least, the IEM itself. Overall, pretty decent unboxing. Since the product has a handle attached on top, I do not think that a carrying case/pouch is necessary so I won't complain much about this.

Anyways, with that out of the way, let's start the review.

*Disclaimer: This review will be done from a consumer point of view. I will focus more on tonality than technicalities as these are obviously made for parties, NOT for critical listening.



  • Build Quality: Solid. Although slightly heavy, it is very sturdy and can take some slight beating. Based on my observation, the speaker grills are made from metal and most of the body is made from plastic covered in rubber for extra grip and protection. Not to mention, there's a handle on top for easy outdoor carries.
  • Battery Life: 10800mAh battery. Can last around 15 hours with 50% volume (LED Off). With LED on, battery life is around 8 hours. Charging will take around 4.5 hours for a full charge (via Type C)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Version 5.0 with SBC support. I have not experienced any pairing issues.
  • NFC: yes. Pairing is as easy as tapping the NFC tag (Android phones only)
  • Power: 60W. Loudness/volume is not an issue here.
  • Waterproof: Yes with IPX6.
  • Weight: 3.08kg/6.79lb. It is slightly hefty, but can definitely be carried around with one hand.
  • Patented SoundPulse Audio for impactful stereo sound. (I recommend keeping this on at all times)
  • Patented TrueConn Technology (seamless pairing with other Tronsmart Bluetooth speakers for a chain of speakers)
  • Beat Driven LED lights (pretty cool during parties but I keep it off to save battery life)
  • Built-in PowerBank (to charge other devices with its 10800mAh battery)
  • Personalized App Control with 8 EQ Effects (App works pretty well. Similar to other Tronsmart devices)
  • Various Music Playing Modes (Bluetooth, TF Card, U-disk, Aux-in)
  • Voice Assistant Support (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant)



Strengths ✅ (with SoundPulse on):
  • With SoundPulse on, the sound signature here is perfect for parties. You will get a fun and engaging V-shaped sound signature with deep rumbly bass, coloured mids, and crisp highs. You also get a 20~% volume boost with SoundPulse on. I highly recommend keeping SoundPulse on at most times to get the most out of the Tronsmart Bang. The sound impression below will be made based on my experience with SoundPulse ON.
  • In terms of loudness, the Tronsmart Bang is capable of getting VERY LOUD. With 60w of power, this isn't a surprise. For indoor use (studio-sized room), 20% volume is more than enough to fill up the room.
  • For an outdoor party, around 50% volume is enough to get plenty loud.
  • In terms of bass, the bass here is full, deep, rumbly and fun. The bass here is pretty capable. Even when placed in a huge room at the far end of a corner, you could still hear the fullness and thickness of the bass. This ensures that everyone is kept engaged at all times, no matter the mood or venue. With SoundPulse off, the bass becomes thinner and weaker. As mentioned above, I recommend keeping SoundPulse ON.
  • In terms of midrange, it is warm, thick, and engaging. Upper mids are slightly boosted which makes vocals sound crisp and clear.
  • In terms of treble, the treble here is bright, crisp, and elevated. With SoundPulse off, the treble here can get pretty sibilant and shouty with a thin presentation. However, with SoundPulse on, the shoutiness and sibilance are less noticeable, probably thanks to the boosted bass balancing out the treble.


  • (with Soundpulse off) Sibilant, bright, thin sounding treble. Note weight is thin too with limp-y bass
  • Even with Soundpulse ON, treble can sometimes be a bit hot and sibilant.
  • Very steep volume jump from 10% - 20%. I find 20% to be too loud for a studio-sized room while 10% to be too soft. (Might be an issue with my phone)
  • V-shaped signature can be a bit too harsh and lethargic for long listening sessions.


Coming in at $109.99usd, I think the Tronsmart Bang is a pretty good deal. It sounds good (with SoundPulse), has good battery life, great Bluetooth connectivity, IPx6 waterproof, packed with tons of features, and most importantly, once you have the Tronsmart Bang, you can't go to a party without it.

Great job Tronsmart. Looking forward to more consumer goods with good sound quality.

Thank you Ella from Tronsmart for sending the Tronsmart Bang 60W over. I am not at all compensated by them and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Interested in getting the Tronsmart Bang? Here is the purchase link (non-affiliated):



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