1. bowei006

    Burson Audio FUN Review

    Burson Audio is one of the most recognized makers of audio amplifiers in the industry. From my humble beginnings in 2010, Burson was always a company that made great products and stood by them. They were at one point the unreachable throne that I wouldn’t be able to reach. But alas here we are...
  2. Burson Audio Bang

    Burson Audio Bang

    Burson Audio - 2x40W speakers power amplifier having a 5.25” internal computer bay size (CD/DVD-ROM unit like), working in A/B class. (courtesy of Burson Audio - Melbourne)
  3. raoultrifan

    Burson Audio Bang (29/8ohms, 40w/4ohms, PC, Class A/B Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Hello, Couldn't find a dedicated thread about this power amp, so starting a new one here where I will be posting some thoughts, pics and some in-house pictures and measurements. Meanwhile, some details about this power amp taken directly from the manufacturer. Input impedance: 100...