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Tronsmart Bang Mini Portable Party Speaker

  • Exceptional Stereo Sound.
  • SoundPulse® Audio.
  • Beat-driven Light Show.
  • IPX6 Waterproof.
  • 15 Hours of Playtime.
  • Stereo Pairing.

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100+ Head-Fier
Tronsmart's best speaker yet - they listened!
Pros: Energetic, punchy bass-rich sound with SoundPulse, NFC for fast pairing, IPX6, Improved, more subtle lighting, Good battery life, Built-In Powerbank, Great price
Cons: No app support, Detail limitations, SBC only, Very long to charge
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Model: Tronsmart Bang Mini
Price: £79.99 MSRP
Website: Tronsmart
Review Reference: RC085

Manufacturer Specification:
  • Brand: Tronsmart
  • Model: Bang Mini
  • Power: 50w
  • Frequency response: 65hz-20KHZ
  • Drivers: Dual Mid-Tweeters & Dual Woofers
  • Chipset: Actions Semi ATS2853
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3 A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Codec Support: SBC
  • Mic: Yes
  • Input: TF, NFC, USB, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack
  • Features: SoundPulse ®, Voice Assistant, Built-in Powerbank
  • App Support: No
  • Dimensions: 302 x 173 x 125mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Battery Life: Up to 13/15 hours
  • Charge Time: Up to 4 hours
  • Input: 5v 2A
  • Charge Type: USB-C
  • Water Resistance: IPX6

1 x Speaker
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x USB-C charge cable
1 x AUX jack cable


Welcome to the ReganCipher review of Tronsmart's latest speaker release, the Bang Mini.

The Bang Mini is the fourth Tronsmart speaker I've tested and reviewed this year, and the 25th speaker Tronsmart have released since their popular Element T6 hit the market a couple of years ago, with the Bang SE and Halo 100 following hot on the heels. That's some return in terms of releases!

Tronsmart's segway into focusing on speakers has been fruitful - cut-throat TWS world has it's limitations in terms of true innovation, whereas speakers have less limitations in terms of use-cases, with ultra portable beach speakers like the Trip or T7 Mini taking pride of place harmoniously in the same household as a Studio sat at a desk, a Splash 1 hanging in your shower and a Bang or Bang Mini lighting up your living room, pool or yoga studio.

The competitive landscape is also less congested - with reputable alternatives somewhat limited (Soundcore, Tribit, JBL.....and that's about it!) This means Tronsmart can be quite agile and release products 'between the categories' - Soundcore, for example, have a 30w portable speaker and an 80w, but no 50w. The Bang Mini undercuts both, sitting right in the middle and giving you a light show, NFC and a power bank included!

The Bang Mini is one of a number of Tronsmart products making use of the Actions Semi ATS chipsets. Actions are an intelligent audio SoC vendor who have taken advantage of Qualcomm's supply issues in 2019 to forge relationships with vendors such as Tronsmart, offering comparable performance at a much lower cost, and this has benefited both the speaker and earbud markets by virtue of increased competition. Where enhanced codec support is less of an issue, ATS chips become very attractive, and it is interesting to see Tronsmart capitalising on this with use in a number of their recent budget releases.

You can see the full range of Tronsmart speakers here

Design & Build


The Bang Mini has been designed to improve upon the portability of it's big sibling, the Bang, refining the shape and function ever-so-slightly, whilst retaining the essence of the original release. Both models are designed to 'grab and go' with a convenient handle on top.


The first improvement to note is the buttons - the tactile controls of the original are replaced by visual symbols, which are easy to understand and straightforward to operate. Since the original left you guessing what you were about to activate at times, this is without question a step forward, although in future a combination of tactile and visual would be the icing on the cake.



In terms of size, the Bang Mini (left of the three) is around 10-20cm shorter in length, slightly less than that in width, and even less in height. It is almost impossible to find an angle to photograph the two together that truly conveys the difference, but in the hand, it certainly feels much less bulky, and even on the desk you can clearly see which is the Mini.

Whilst the weight is considerably lighter too (around 700g), although I have to say, it doesn't really feel like it. The weight displacement means you could actually argue it feels slightly heavier, but it certainly isn't too bulky, and overall it is a decent improvement in portability without going too far and ever being in any danger of feeling lightweight and flimsy.


Otherwise the theme is very much the same - you've got a slightly thinner and arguably more carry-friendly handle with the Tronsmart logo etched on the top, and a soft fabric finish to the grills - but like the Bang, it is IPX6 moisture resistant, so whilst you don't really want to be submerging it for long, it will comfortably withstand getting soaked without any issues.

The passive radiators on the side, like the Bang, light up, although the finish is slightly more in-keeping with the rest of the design this time. The rads are naturally a little more slimline, as you would expect with the slightly trimmed down design. The LED is slightly thinner proportionally, and slightly less bright as a result.


The Bang Mini has dispensed with the front LED, and as a result probably increases the appeal to a wider market, with a much more subtle lighting profile. You've got two different settings for the LED's - one pulses, the other follows the music, even keeping up with fast build-ups!

Battery Life

The Battery life is rated up to 13 hours if you use the LED and 15 hours without. This falls a little way short of something like the Soundcore Motion Boom (24 hours) and Tribit XSound Mega (20 hours), although it should be remembered both are 30w speakers with only the latter supporting the lighting function. In my tests over the last month, I noted that realistically you are going to get around 10-11 hours with the LED working, and 14-16 hours without, played at around 50-60% volume.

There is no fast charging, and a full charge can take up to 4 hours, which is an improvement over 4.5h on the Bang. If you're used to TWS, this can feel like an eternity! However, it is fairly normal for speakers, with Tronsmart's competition taking similarly long to get up to 100% charge.


Tronsmart have shaken up the speaker arrangement, this time incorporating two mid-range front-firing 12w tweeters, two 25w rear woofers and three passive radiators. The idea is to reduce the potential for reverberation and distortion further, and for me it achieves this goal quite comfortably, delivering a much improved audio performance all-round.

With SoundPulse switched off, sound is softer and certainly more neutral than the thin-sounding original, which could border on sibilant and certainly sound too bright. Arguably Tronsmart have gone a little too far with the sound signature of the Mini, but for prolonged use you certainly aren't going to suffer any audio fatigue. There is slightly more detail to the sound signature with SoundPulse switched off, but the sound is a little warmer and the soundstage more constrained.


You could argue that party speakers by their very nature are more appealing with a v-shape profile, and with SoundPulse on, that's exactly what you're getting. SoundPulse is Tronsmart's way of reducing harmonic distortion and removing noise at the peaks, giving added brightness to vocals and richness to basslines through some sort of digital signal processing that they don't say too much about in their material! However the effect is there for all to hear - with it switched on, there is far more life to the higher frequencies and the midbass is much richer. Subbass is present without being overbearing - 'Wombat' by Oliver Heldens had great energy in my tests, and R&B and Hip Hop tracks enjoy a thickness to both vocal and orchestral elements.

The Mini, like most speakers of this ilk, suffers from the problem that all speakers do to some degree or another of limited technicalities, a slightly bloated midbass, midbass bleed and over-crispy high hats, however Tronsmart have really limited the amount that this impacts upon your audio experience - there is a little sibilance on female vocals, but it is definitely an improvement over the Bang. SoundPulse does impact slightly on battery life, but it gives the sound much greater depth, and if you are anything like me, you'll probably prefer this setting on the majority of the time you're using it.

Positioning is all-important with this type of speaker - ideally you want it on the floor, maximising the space by allowing it to bounce off the walls in order to fill the room. I tested in a room designed to fit around 10-15 people and the volume was more than adequate. Loudness is not something this speaker is likely to ever have an issue with - it gets very loud, and keeps distortion to a minimum.

It is worth noting that you can pair two of these to give you stereo sound, which is a bit of a comedown from the 100 'TuneConn' capability of the Bang, but in reality, if you can connect 100 speakers, you can probably afford a funktion-one setup and your own nightclub!


On the back, when you peel away the rubber flap you have a similar arrangement to the Bang, with a 3.5mm jack and TF providing audio inputs, and USB Type A connection, which can be used as a powerbank to charge your phone. This also houses the USB-C input, which is used to charge the device. I believe the USB-A can be used with a USB stick to play tracks from that, but I couldn't get it to play any music from my phone.

The Mini also has NFC for fast connection, and it is really nice to see this still in use. You just tap your device on the handle and the connection is almost instant. The range on the speaker is very impressive too - I couldn't get far away enough for the connection to drop!

Just like with the Bang, it is possible to make and take calls with the built-in mic, and it actually sounds pretty good! Another nice feature is the auto-shutdown, which happens after around 5-10 minutes of inactivity.

Points for Discussion

One area you're missing over the Bang is app support, and Tronsmart's app is one of the better ones - although apart from the multi-mode custom EQ, it is difficult to see what advantages this would have brought the Mini.

Whilst the speaker does admittedly only support the SBC codec, Tronsmart have reduced the bitpool to keep latency low without detracting from audio quality, and it should be remembered that the negligible improvements you get with something like Aptx-Adaptive are really focused on latency rather than audio quality. LDAC in a party speaker is pretty pointless, so for me the selection of a chipset that is centred around the use of the SBC codec is the right decision here.


One of the really nice things about Tronsmart as a brand is their ability to listen to the market and implement features and functions that their customers want. I lost count of how many other reviewers agreed about the invisible buttons on the Bang, for example, and that has been improved with this release. They have added more weight to the sound signature with SoundPulse off, dispensed with the overkill-Tuneconn feature and retained important features within their control, such as NFC.

The Mini is a great option for a party speaker that doesn't try to compete with a Tribit, Soundcore or JBL offering, but instead tells the market what they should expect from their portable party boombox and setting their own little space in the competitive landscape for others to follow. The sound is great, the features are adequate and the battery life, whilst it could be longer, doesn't compromise too much whilst retaining the LED's that were so popular with their previous models.

It's another incremental improvement from Tronsmart with my favourite of their speaker releases so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next, but it will take a fair improvement to topple the Bang Mini.

The Bang Mini is currently available at the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Sale price of £55.99 on Amazon UK - this is an absolute steal of a price (£30 reduction from the MSRP) and is very compelling at this price point in particular!

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About Tronsmart

Tronsmart are now fully established as a mid range technology vendor at a very competitive price point, with their focus almost solely on audio products - mostly speakers and headphones. Founder Eric Cheng, a self-confessed geek, founded the company with his first paycheck (where was he working?!), building a lab to disassemble audio products with the aim to recreate them in his own vision at a cost-efficient price point. After bringing in ear-chewing trophy-winning footballer Luis Suarez as an ambassador, the company have gone from strength to strength, building a close relationship with Qualcomm, and bringing two of their chips to market first with the Apollo Bold and Apollo Air. For speakers, the range is now almost as extensive as their earbuds, ranging from 7, 10 and 15w mini speakers through to the 60w Force Pro and Mega Pro.

Founded in 2013, Tronsmart is an audio brand specializing in premium Bluetooth headsets and speakers. Its parent company, Shenzhen Geekbuy E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (aka Geekbuy), employs nearly 400 employees in its branch offices in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Germany, Spain, and Slovenia. The team’s combined expertise in R&D, electronics manufacturing and supply chain, Tronsmart sales reached over $60 million USD in 2021, with products shipping to over 90 countries. The brand has received 10+ international product certifications and owns trademarks in 51 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and South America.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: loud volume , deep bass , IPX6 waterproof , 15 hrs playtime , sweet female vocal , detailed sounds , portable , stereo pairing function , LED light ,NFC function ,50W speaker driver
Cons: slightly sibilance , mid-bass slightly bleeding , sometimes feel boring while listen long time session
Hello , I'm Ah Hui aka Mr Wong. I'm a K-pop fan and audiophile from Malaysia.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to tronsmart for sending me this review unit and giving me the opportunity to review the tronsmart bang mini .
I long time work with tronsmart .I am very excited as I have a opportunity to try out their brands .

PACKAGING :the packaging is simple and sweet .include usb type c cable,aux cable,usual menu,warranty card and speaker Itself.

port :





Design : quite stylish design , sweet size , LED light .

Price of speaker :USD 89.99

loud volume , deep bass , IPX6 waterproof , 15 hrs playtime , sweet female vocal , detailed sounds , portable , stereo pairing function , LED light ,NFC function ,50W speaker driver

slightly sibilance , bass quite strong when opened soundpulse audio mid-bass slightly bleeding

BASS: bass feel strong , punchy , tight ,layered when opened soundpulse audio when i listen NMIXX - tank i feel the bass is layered , punchy
deep rumbly but mids-bass is feel slightly bleeding .

MIDS:mids feel forward , sweet especially female vocal but slightly sibilance when i listen NMIXX - tank i feel the vocal is sweet , body present .How about male vocal ? male vocal also quite nice , full body present but hmmm i feel slighty bleeding when listen Stray kids - Circus ..

HIGH :treble good extended slightly harsh when i listen CSR - 7272Hz i feel the treble well extended but slightly harsh present

SOUNDSTAGE : it is wide and deep , I can feel it's enough space .When I listen CSR - 7272Hz . I can feel it's wide soundstage ..

IMAGING : i can pinpoint the instrument and the singer on stage .It has good stereo positioning .

Details :detail retrieval here is about decent ..

Disclaimer :this review done by stock AUX cable connect with Redmi 9A
With AUX connect :
sounds more details , layering ,dynamic .
Bass more layered , mids more body , soundstage more 3D presented .
When i listen Newjeans - Hype Boy
i feel the vocal more forward present , the soundstage more 3D presented , bass more layered .But the volume feel not so loud

With AUX connect soundPulse ON :
the volume more louder , the mids more sweet bass more soft attack present ,high more extended .
When i listen Dreamcatcher - Deja Vu
i feel the female vocal more sweet present , bass more feel soft attack and tight , Mids more crisp details ,sounds more stereo imaging present feel like sounds more forward present .Bass more tight .

With USB Pendrive connect Soundpulse ON:
First impression is the sounds volume louder than AUX connect and bluetooth pairing ..
When i listen Sabia - Angel i feel the Bass more deep rumbly ,vocal more details present than AUX connect , Soundstage more 3D present than AUX and Bluetooth pairing .
i prefer Soundpulse function ON and Connect with Pendrive when you listen .
If Soundpulse function off volume is feel more down sounds dynamic details more lacking .

IPX6 waterproof :

The waterproof function is great ! when you Shower or Party on beach you can enjoy the music ! just becareful the backside cover is fully off .After Party just use a fiber cloth to clean it's easy to clean it .

Build in powerbank function also decent if you need charge your phone when emergency .

disclaimer : this reviews done by bluetooth connect with Realme c11 2021 .

**Noted :i dont have NFC function smartphone so cant try the function .

playing time : up to 15 hrs
charging time : about 2 hrs

interesting buy ? link
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: ● Ergonomically design and sturdy build quality.

● IPX6 waterproof rating.

● Deep and rich bass.

● Satisfactory clarity and detail retrieval.

● Substantial choices of LED lights options to choose from, to add more visual ambience in your listening session.

● 50 watts of power to deliver a fuller and louder sound.

● 3.5mm audio jack for analogue aux mode listening.
Cons: ● Somehow bulky and hefty to carry everywhere.

● A bit of power guzzling when the rhythm LED light ring is activated.

● No APTX/APTX-HD and LDAC support.

● Tronsmart EQ software app is currently not supported on this unit.

Oi! Welcome to my another review article and this is all about the latest product from Tronsmart. As people reading my review articles, I've done at least 2 item reviews on Tronsmart products and all of them are portable bluetooth speakers. I'm actually enjoying using them on a daily basis as it is very convenient and easy to use them in either listening to music casually or watching some shows like movies, documentaries and podcasts.

What I have here is their latest portable bluetooth speaker offering, The Tronsmart Bang Mini. This is a cheaper variant of the Tronsmart Bang without the software EQ app support.


On the physical aspect of Tronsmart Bang Mini. It has an ergonomic sausage-like shape with a handle on the top for easy to carry and it has bass transducers on both side ends. Like all Tronsmart speakers, it is very sturdy and well-built as it lives up to its moniker as a party speaker. The material of this unit is made of a solid, high quality plastic that adds rigidity and structural integrity on this portable speaker as it can take a beating on daily usage on either indoor or outdoor use. The speaker grills are somewhat coated with rubber as it has a waterproof rating like most Tronsmart portable speakers. In the handle part, you will find a NFC spot as Tronsmart Bang Mini has a built-in NFC support on which other devices with NFCs will have ease of connection by simply putting them to instant seamless pairing. Good thing that all my smartphones have NFCs support. In the front part of the speaker area, there is a pill-shaped rubberised function key panel which has button keys to push for basic commands.



Here are some infos of each button keys on that you will found there:


In the rear part of the speaker, below on it is where the type-C slot for charging situated along with micro-SD card slot and a 3.5mm jack for analogue connection which is more beneficial to me as I am an audio enthusiast and a firm believer that wired and analogue connection are still superior compare to wireless implementation when it comes to the overall sound quality. Another surprising feature on this set is that it has a USB type-A for charging to your devices like smartphones. Quite convenient isn't it. And also, that part has a rubber cap to plug it for water protection.


At the both ends of the speaker, there are rhythm LED lights at the side of bass transducers to add better visual effects while listening to your listening and it offers a variety of ambience light effects based on your whim but at a cost of added battery consumption to deplete power reserves of the Tronsmart Bang Mini. This is somehow a basic feature to all Tronsmart bluetooth speakers for having at least a LED lighting.


Furthermore, as for its connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.3 which has lesser latency and a more seamless connection on both bluetooth devices. But I wish that Tronsmart Bang Mini has more bluetooth codec support as it has only SBC as its standard and other more advanced codecs like APT-X, APTX-HD and LDAC aren't supported. Good thing is that this speaker has a 3.5mm jack for aux mode. It is even more important to me as the wired connection still offers the option to deliver the best possible sound fidelity. Tronsmart Bang Mini has a support of popular voice assistants with the likes of Google Assistant, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana.

Battery life and playtime is rated up to 15 hours if you turn off the LED lighting and in moderate volume level and 13 hours or less if the LED lighting is activated.

As for implementation of its transducers, Tronsmart Bang Mini has a 4 drivers setup, two mid tweeters to handle the midrange and treble and dual woofers for the bass part whic give a rich and deeper bass response.

Tronsmart Bang Mini have an IPX6 rating which means that it has protection and resistance level from unwanted splashes, heavy sprays and high pressure of water.

Tronsmart Bang Mini is packed in a mid-sized rectangular packaging box. The inclusions aside from the Bang Mini portable bluetooth speakers includes an Aux-in cable, a Type-C cable and some paperworks such as SoundPulse card, instruction manual and warranty card.


With a 50 watts of power output, It is definitely loud enough that its sound wave can blast and fill up a medium-size room (tested it on a condo unit with an area size of approximately 45 sq.m). Overall sound quality is quite satisfactory and it is leaning towards having a V-shaped sound signature.


Tronsmart Bang Mini lows are definitely elevated in the overall sound spectrum. It has a very rich, deep and pack a punch whenever a bass-laden track needs it. Sub bass is present as I hear clearly the reverberations and rumble every time that track has synthesizers and electronic drums that demand a buzzing and reverb tone.

Midbass has well-textured, thicker note weight that adds a more body on bass guitars, bass kicks and bass-baritone vocals. Bass guitars has more weighty and heavy sound, Bass Kicks seems more resonant and thunderous sounding and more gruff and guttural sound of bass-baritones vocals.

There are some instances of bass bleeds but it still remains controlled not to make any unnecessary smudges on the other frequency range spectrum.


The midrange of this portable speaker is indeed recessed on this one, vocals of both gender are decently presented in a neutral and clean as both of them have a sufficient texture that they don't sound lean. Male vocals have a deep and gravelly sound while female vocals are projected in a sweet and "feathery" manner.

Instruments are presented in a reasonable and organic manner. It has sufficient warmness on string instruments especially on acoustic guitars that sound "buttery", violins have these austere and solemn characteristics. Snare drums strikes sounds harder and more penetrating and lastly a more rich and warmer piano tone.

Midrange quality seems to be decent in overall presentation.


Treble quality of Tronsmart Bang Mini is somehow satisfactory as it has a smoother delivery along its curves and crevices without any lingering harsher tone nor sibilance.

It has a decent airy range that gives the shimmering of cymbals with acceptable extension. Hi-hats sounds life-like as it accurately reproduces that shortened sizzled sound.

There is a mode on Tronsmart Bang mini called SoundPulse. It's a type of DSP equalizer that impedes unnecessary harmonic distortion and lessens some strident noise by elevating some part of upper mids to presence treble to improve the qualities on vocals to sound more revealing and "cleaner" due to some upper mid boost and more defined "attack" of rhythm instruments and percussions.

For better surround stereo experience, pair it with another of Bang Mini and you will have a more atmospheric and immersive sound experience.

To end my assessment on Tronsmart Bang Mini. All I can say is that I could recommend this product without batting an eyelid. Why? Simply because it really delivers a reasonably good sound quality with more useful features to make a listening experience even more pleasant and sensible not to spend more dosh on other competitors which are more pricey and yet delivers a meagre sound quality.

Tronsmart Bang Mini is currently price around £90/US $97.

You can purchase the Tronsmart Bang Mini here.

And also you can checkout their official site here

If you are interested on other Tronsmart products, you can check out at the link below:



DIMENSIONS: 11.9 x 4.07 x 6.8 INCHES

WEIGHT: 2.37 KG.


DRIVER UNIT(S): (4) 2 Subwoofer Driver + 2 Mid Tweeter drivers








Some Tracks Tested: ( * = 16-bit FLAC, ** = 24-bit FLAC, *'* = MQA, '*' = DSD, *'= .WAV)

Alison Krauss -When You Say Nothing At All *

Jade Wiedlin - Blue Kiss**

Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks **

Mountain - Mississippi Queen *

Queen - Killer Queen **

Guns N' Roses - Patience *'*

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven '*'

Sergio Mendes- Never Gonna Let You Go '*'

Pearl Jam - Daughter **

Roselia - Hidamari Rhodonite *

Assassin - Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)*

Celtic Frost- Visual Aggression *

New Order - Blue Monday *

The Corrs- What Can I do (unplugged version) *

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child *

The Madness- Buggy Trousers *

Metallica - Motorbreath **

Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby *

Destiny's Child - Say My Name *

Malice Mizer- Au Revoir *

Mozart - Lacrimosa *

New York Philharmonic Orchestra - Dvorak- Symphony 9 " From the New World." *

Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold (Sting cover)*

Michael Jackson - Give In To Me *

Exciter - Violence and Force *

Diana Krall - Stop This World **

Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat *'*

Lucretia my Reflection – The Sisters of Mercy **

Suzanne Vega – Luka **


I am not affiliated to TRONSMART nor receive monetary incentives and financial gains as they provide me a review unit for an exchange of factual and sincere feedback from yours truly.

Once again, I would like to thank Ella Beck for providing this review unit. I truly appreciate her generosity towards me and other reviewers.

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