Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker

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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker​

  • Patented SoundPulse® technology.
  • Patented TuneConn™ technology to sync audio across 100+ speakers.
  • Lossless High Fidelity Audio.
  • Personalize audio via in-app equalizer.
  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • Intelligent Voice assistant.
  • Type-C charging port.
  • Up to 15 hours of playtime.

ModelTronsmart Studio
Power30W RMS
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth CompatibilityA2DP/SBC/AAC
Transmission DistanceUp to 10m/32.8ft (open area)
Water ResistantIPX4
Power SupplyDC 5V/2A via Type-C port
Battery Capacity3.7V/2500mAh*2
Play TimeUp to 15 hours (on a 50% volume)
StandbyAbout 24 Months
Charging TimeAbout 3 - 3.5 hours
Frequency Range20Hz – 20KHz
Dimension8.13 x 2.76 x 2.28 inches/ 206.5 x 70 x 58mm
Net Weight961g/33.9oz

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500+ Head-Fier
Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker Review
Pros: - Loud and clear Sound quality
- Superb aluminium hard enclosure
- Long battery life
- Support Major voice Assistances
-In Apps control
Cons: - More for indoor use due to the weight
Tronsmart STUDIO review

The Tronsmart Studio is their mid/ higher end bluetooth PORTABLE SPEAKER released by Tronsmart with TuneConn Technology and Soundpulse technology.



The Tronsmart Studio comes with:

- Portable speaker with Aluminium housing
- USB Type-C Charging Cable

- Stereo audio cable
- Warranty Card
- User Manual


Model: Tronsmart Studio

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth profile: HFP/HSP/AVRCP/A2DP
Audio codec: AAC, SBC
Play time: 15hours

Output: 30W

Charging time: 3.5hours

Dimension: 206.5 x 70 x58mm

Weight: 961gram

Water resistant: IPX4

Design and build quality


The Tronsmart Studio is the portable speaker that offer loseless high Fidelity Audio for indoor. The high quality hardened aluminium housing enclose the speakers gives it a premium look and feel. The Tronsmart Studio is well built and the speaker grill is made of metal mesh with the Brand logo. The Volume increase/ decreases soundpulse technology, voice assistant and play buttons are located on top of the speaker.


Back of the speaker you will have a type C port for charging, Aux input and a Micro SD slot for your own personal music collection.

Sound Quality



The Tronsmart Studio’s 30 RMS watts of power and 3 internal speakers(dual tweeters & 1 woofer) provide a well detailed sound that I am really truly impress by the good sound quality coming from such a small package. The treble and highs comes out clear and loud. The bass is surprisingly tight and goes deep enough. This will pair well with most mainstream music.


Tronsmart Studio is the higher end Bluetooth speaker that I would recommend to those who are looking for a good sounding portable speaker for home usage due to the weight. For the price of $80 this is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers in the market.
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New Head-Fier
Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Yea or Neh?
Pros: 1. Battery life
2. Stable connection
3. App with preset EQ
Cons: 1. Overly bassy OOTB
2. SBC codec
3. Slightly thin mids
First of all, I would like to give thanks to Tronsmart (@Tronsmart Official ) for giving me a chance to try out and review on this unit. This is my first time trying out and reviewing a tronsmart item. Prior to this, I have heard really great things about the brand, its quality and wonderful sound tuning, and I'm really excited to review this. I have gotten this unit for about 2 weeks now and lets take a look at my finding. I will add in the DSP function and performance on a later date in this post all the way below this coming weekend (20th Nov) as well as a quick comparison to my Creative Roar 2. Images comes in on a later date too.

*Disclaimer* This review is done without using the app for DSP functions

1. Aux cable

Main features of Tronsmart Studio Wireless as advertised :
* Advanced broadcast mode (capable of synchronizing over 100 speakers of the same model)
* 3 drivers with 4 passive radiator
* Patented SoundPulse technology .
* Support Bluetooth 5.0 version (SBC coded)
* Up to 15 hrs playtime
* 30W RMS output
* Power : 30W
* Power Supply : 5V/2A via type c port .
* Frequency range :20 Hz - 20000 Hz
* Playtime : Up to 15 hrs with 50% volume .
* Standby : about 24 months
* Charging time : 3-3.5 hrs

Water resistant rating :IPX4

As expected of a 30W speaker, it can go really loud. On a side note, it is rather surprising that it does not distort the sound until close to max volume. The bass is really strong with the radiators, bass lover would love it but not without a downside to this

Out of the box the bass is just too much, sounds muddy, making male vocals sound extraordinary thin. The bass also masked the microdetails which is typically found beyond the 8K region. SBC codec does not bring the potential of this BT speaker to its best. Playing better mastered pieces significantly improve the SQ, I could only imagine this unit in APTX (HD) or even LDAC.

Sounds :
Heavy sub-bass giving it a very energetic thump to the music. Mid-bass is pretty decent and I really enjoys it. The upper mids also roll off fast enough to not bleed into mids.

Vocals performance is very clean by itself. Unlike some other BT speakers with similarly overemphasized bass, the male vocals is not nasal sounding and I really enjoy it. Similarly for the female vocals, it is decent but not good. The notes does not hit high enough as it was supposed to be making the female sound breathless. Another thing I have realized is male vocals is a fair bit more forward than female vocals during duet performance.

Treble :
Smooth sounding along the decent volume (~70%). Turns a little harsh when it comes into the 70% mark, microdetails are lost, merely sound like screeching. Upon the 95% mark the distortion of whole spectrum is obvious.

Imaging :
Stereo imaging is fairly done. Again pretty much affected by the bass repercussion resulting in difficulties of picking up instruments that are near to instruments of bassy

Details :
Detail retrieval can only be considered decent to average due to the lack of overall clarity and loss in microdetails from bass masking.

This unit I would say is quite a disappointment in my opinion as it is restricted by many factors and did not bring out the fullest it can perform. First would be codec restriction followed by the overly-emphasized bass masking details.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Loud powerful sound , Soundpulse offer a dynamic open ''cinematic'' sound, connectivity is incredibly stable and the signal can achieve long-distance range above 10M, metal construction
Cons: quite heavy at 1KG, average resolution, a bit dry tonality, long charging time, lag occur when you connect to AUX, poor battery life, button are very hard to read

SOUND QUALITY: 8/10 (Tonality: 7.5/10 Resolution: 8/10) POWER OUTPUT: 8.5/10
OVERALL VALUE (at 65$): 8/10


-Loud, power full sound that doesn't distort or go messy
-Stable connectivity with impressive distance range
-Soundpulse deliver an exciting open stereo holographic sound
-overall sound performance isn't bad for the price, clear and dynamic enough
-construction is kinda fancy (and sturdy?) for the price
-lot of features
-lot of different sound preset
-cheap price=great value(?)

-No Ldac, Aptx, hi res bluetooth codec support
-Slow charging time (more than 3H)
-average battery life at high volume (to be noted if used for movies)
-quite heavy and bulky=not the most portable
-hard to see button controls
-strange lagging with AUX connector (problematic for hooking instruments)
-stock sound isn't very dynamic nor as clear as open as EQ sounds preset (Soundpulse mode)
-micro sd card music playing can have issues

Another impulsive review, this time for a budget Bluetooth Speaker. Sorry about the overly loud volume in the video, this BT Speakers is a Wild Beast! I do think the Tronsmart Studio offers tremendous value, even if not perfect... and indeed the Soundpulse tech is impressive. If you search a BT speaker that doesn't sound in Mono, and can fulfill a room with loud music, you can't go wrong with the Studio.

PS: I wanna thanks TRONSMART for the review sample. I contact them myself and i'm 100% independent, No affiliation or money involved.

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