Sponsor Review Program--Win the Tronsmart Hybrid Dual-Driver Wireless Earbuds Onyx Prime to review
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Hi dear friends,

In the last few weeks, we've got lots of marketing cooperation on reviewing Tronsmart TWS earbuds. Thanks to all of you for your support and attention along with us! Now it comes as anticipated! Tronsmart first Hybrid Dual-Driver Wireless Earbuds Onyx Prime has been tailored for you!

The Earbuds deliver dynamic driver and balanced armature, which presents harmonized treble and bass for jaw-dropping sound. It uses the Advanced Qualcomm® QCC3040 chip and supports aptX™ adaptive audio decoding. With 40 hours of playtime with charging case and 7 hours of playtime with a single earbud, you will never worry about running out in a month if an hour of listening per day. The advanced TrueWireless Mirroring technology balances consumption between two wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which maximumly improves connection stability. Personalize sound profiles and customize touch controls let the earbuds please your ears completely.


Whether you’re reviewers on any websites or media, audiophiles, or just enthusiastic about audio equipment, all of you are welcome to join us! Please follows us as below:

1. Leave a comment below this post and share your opinions on Hybrid Dual-Driver Wireless Earbuds. Gain more chances to win with more comprehensive & interesting stories.

2. Email us via marketing@tronsmart.com in the following format:
Title: I want to join the Tronsmart Onyx Prime earbuds review program!
Content format:

Country or Region:
Head-Fi User Name:
What wireless earbuds you have now:
Links to your reviews:
Media Channel Links(If you have):

3. We will select 7 participants and send the product to you. All selected participants will get a pair of FREE Prime earbuds sample!

4. After getting the sample, please make a review on Head-Fi and tag it with “Tronsmart”. Any other media channels, please kindly post on them as well.

5. In addition, ONE HIGH-QUALITY REVIEW will be selected to get the chance to try our secret new product!

(The high-quality one is selected mainly based on the analysis of the product, the details of the pictures and description, and the popularity of the review after the publication.)

6. No matter where you are from, you are welcome to take an active part in our activity and share with your friends to join us.

Please note that the participating date rangs from Otc. 13th to Otc. 31th. The review rank date will end on Nov. 24th.

All rights reserved to Tronsmart.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!



Dear friends,

Here we come! Today let's announce the winners of last month's Prime event! Congrats to the lucky guys!
And if you are not one of them, please don't be upset. We have more activities in the future! Stay tuned! You may be one of them in the future:)

The list of the winners:

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I owned a few pairs of TWS. Pamu 1st gen, KZ S2. They each have their own pros and cons. But the general downside is the fitting, isolation and weight due to the battery. :frowning2:
anyways, I would like to try these.
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My review is posted on HF and my blog. Thank you!

Onyx Prime

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