1. Tanchjim Hana

    Tanchjim Hana

    Description The art of stainless steel It is formed by high-precision 316 stainless steel die-casting and combined with 5-axis CNC automatic machining. The super-high-temperature coloring treatment of the surface Nano-scale pigments ensures high-strength adhesion of the paint surface, making it...
  2. shenzhenaudio

    TANCHJIM HANA comes to its corner at $159.99!

    The unique workmanship, exquisite appearance! The shell of HANA is made of a piece of high-precision 316 stainless steel and is fine-tuned with 5-axis automatic CNC machining. An ultra-high temperature painting process with Nano-class painting material is applied for every single product to...
  3. Tanchjim Blues

    Tanchjim Blues

  4. SilverEars

    *Sold* Tanchjim Oxygen

    Mint condition Tanchjim Oxygen for sale at a very good price. It's $270 brand new, and I'm selling for $150 paypaled and shipped mint CONUS. Comes with everything including the box. Image link https://imgur.com/a/7uDvkml
  5. steviewonderbread

    FS: Tanchjim Cora (Sold)

    Selling a like-new, blue Tanchjim Cora IEM with all original packaging and accessories. Recently purchased these new from Penon Audio, but the shells are not suited for my ear type. I will cover tracked standard shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. Thanks for looking, please feel free to...
  6. H

    Need help choosing Tanchjim Oxygen or other similar priced IEM (DM6, IT01s, Kanas Pro)

    Hi all! Made an account to get some experienced input. I am looking to purchase a new IEM as a long term investment. Through my research I have discovered Tanchjim Oxygen will be a great buy. My source is an LG G6 (quad dac) which I will use with Audirect Beam and I am maybe purchasing a Fiio...
  7. drag0nslayer


    Selling My New Box Open Tanchjim Oxygen It's just like a brand new and didn't even use it for like even an hour as they totally don't adjust in my ears. Box Contents: Tanchjim Oxygen x1 Cables x2 Other Accessories Like Tips As In Usual Box Price: $199 Shipped Payment Method: PayPal...
  8. Tanchjim Cora

    Tanchjim Cora

    Tanchjim Cora technical specifications: Type: single dynamic driver IEMs Driver: 9.9mm, carbon diaphragm, dual cavity Impedance:16Ω Sensitivity:103dB/mW Frequency response:10-40kHz THD:<0.2% Plug: 3.5mm, gold-plated, straight plug Cable: OFC, silver-plated copper, non-detachable Color options...
  9. Tanchjim Oxygen

    Tanchjim Oxygen

    Tanchjim Oxygen technical specifications: Type: dynamic driver IEMs Dynamic driver: High performance dual chamber / dual brake Diaphragm: carbon Frequency range: 10Hz — 40kHz Imdepance: 32Ω Sensitivity: 110dB Distortion: <0.2% Noise reduction: 37db Cable connectors: 2pin, 0.78mm Color options...