1. spaceace1014

    Electrostatic Driver + DAC. (2k budget)

    I plan on getting a pair of SR-407's    I'm thinking about getting a Metrum Octave with a Stax SRM-323s. My budget for the DAC and Driver combined is about $2,000USD Any thoughts?
  2. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SRM-323 S vs Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro

    duplicate posting
  3. glorkaglickflic

    About Setting Up The Stax SRM-323 S

    I have the Stax SR-507s and will get the Stax SRM-323 S.  I'm NEW at all this.  I have a late 2012 IMac 27 so will be using the "headphone out."   1.  Do I keep the unit on all the time or do I shut it off at the end of the day when I'm finished?   2.  Should I keep the volume low on my IMac...
  4. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SRM-323 S vs Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro

    Here's the article:   Is the Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro really superior to the Stax SRM-323 S like the article says?
  5. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SRM-323S & SRM-727II

    I have just received my Stax 507s.  I've read that the 323S is considered the best of the Stax amps.  However, I've read that a modified 727II is considered a better amp than the 323S.  I'm not very handy, so if I would have a 727II modified, I wouldn't know where to go for this.  So, if I had a...
  6. balu_613

    Difference betwen SRM-323A and SRM-323S

    I am a little confused about the SRM-323 - has the models SRM-323A and SRM-323S, but other than a small difference in price, is there anything that separates the two? I
  7. wind016

    Stax SRM323s hum on right channel.

    I'm noticing a pretty loud hum on the right channel of my amplifier. The hum is still there after if the source is off. What should I do? I'm trying to use the grounding terminal but not quite sure where to connect it. It's strange that the hum is only on the right channel and pretty much silent...
  8. gomincha

    STAX SRM-323S or SRM-717 for driving the SR-007?

    Hi all! Which one is better for the money? Which one is less coloured and with more power reserves? What about them driving the 4070?
  9. MetalElvis

    1000-1500$ amp for Stax SR-009?

    Is there a headphone amp in this price range to drive the SR-009 great?   Please give me some recommendations. I might just afford the SR-009, but definitely can´t afford a 5000$ amp.
  10. lovan

    Big difference between Stax SRM-252s and 323s?

    Hi   I'm thinking of buying myself a pair of Stax SR-009. I think I will try to build a KGSS or BHSE but in the meantime I want an amplifier.  I'm thinking of buying a 252 because it's small and portable. I'm curious if this amplifier is a bad match for the 009s? Has anybody compared the...
  11. En_R

    Voltage converter's affect on sound quality.

    Will the quality of the transformer/voltage converter used affect sound quality? I have a 240v version of the Stax SRM-323S and I need to do some critical listening with it after my O2's arrive to test for any problems. I have a 50 Watt reverse voltage converter from Brookstone (110/120v in...
  12. atarkovsky

    Choice of AMPs (for HD800)

    Greetings from the cold... :)   Need a little bit of advice. I'm considering acquiring a dedicated amp for my HD800s. Right now, the headphone is connected to my computer using a SAA Endorphin cable & an Asus XONAR Essence STX audio card.   I thought, at first, to get a WooAudio but the...
  13. darinf

    San Diego Head-Fi Meet: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

    ***Update*** Date has been changed to Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. Sorry about that.   OK, here it is, finally!   ***Update*** I have confirmed a location and time for the meeting:   The meet will be from 11:00am until 4:30pm on Saturday, November 3rd.   The meet will be held...
  14. gtiboy

    Stax SR-009 - Which Stax Energiser Amp To Pair With?

    Hi all, I am looking at my first foray into the high end headphone market. I currently have a HD650 headphone, but like every audiophile, I want the best sound obtainable.   So i'm looking at purchasing the Stax SR-009. Trouble is i'm not sure what amp to pair it with. After reading through...
  15. howlndog

    Is the Woo Audio GES a significant upgrade (Stax SRM-006t)?

    I have a Stax SRM-006t driving a pair of SR-404 Sigs and was wondering if the Woo Audio GES is considered a significant upgrade to the Stax amp?
  16. zeong

    Just imported a STAX srm 323s amplifier.

    Could someone give me advice on what step down transormer I need. Preferably a cheap one. I have no experience with this, and dont want to harm the amp. Thanks.
  17. Stax SRM-323S

    Stax SRM-323S

    The STAX SRM-323S Headphone Amp has excellent performance for not only musical reproduction but also for monitoring purpose of professional use. High Quality non-magnetic resistors of audio grade are employed for the main circuit of the new series STAX SRM-323S Headphone Amp, greatly improving...