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About Setting Up The Stax SRM-323 S

  1. glorkaglickflic
    I have the Stax SR-507s and will get the Stax SRM-323 S.  I'm NEW at all this.  I have a late 2012 IMac 27 so will be using the "headphone out."
    1.  Do I keep the unit on all the time or do I shut it off at the end of the day when I'm finished?
    2.  Should I keep the volume low on my IMac when turning on the unit or would that not make a difference?
    3.  Do I connect the RCA jacks to the left (white)  and right (red) input terminals?
    4.  Can I keep the ear speakers continually plugged into the unit?
    5.  If I have a damp head, can I be electrocuted when putting on the ear speakers connected to a live unit?
    I plan on getting a DAC at a later time.
    Please let me know if if would be more advantageous to post this in another section.
    Any help would be APPRECIATED.
  2. milkyspray

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