1. K_19

    Stax SRM-1/MKII Professional Electrostatic Amplifier - Toronto, Canada

    Hello all,   Selling the well-aged veteran Stax SRM-1/MKII Professional Electrostatic Amplifier, as I received the Stax SRM-323s today as its replacement (en route to my end of the road for the amp, which is the KGSS).  I got this originally as a temporary amping solution for my 007 MK1's...
  2. Bookbear

    Stax SRm-1/MkII driver for earspeakers

    Stax SRM-1/MkII Professional, revision B, 117 US voltage (user configurable), one each Pro and Normal bias outputs. With only one owner, this unit has been lovingly cared for and is in perfect condition, both cosmetically and electrically. Comes with original manual and vintage sales literature...
  3. jerikl

    STAX SR-404 Signature Earspeakers + SRM-1/MK-2 Rev B Driver Unit

    $500+cost of shipping/or free local pickup (Dallas). No problems whatsoever with the headphones or amplifier. The SR-404s come with their original box, the SRM-1/MK-2 does not. The case on the SRM-1/MK-2 is a bit rough, not smooth metal like you would expect (it had been refinished at one...
  4. wualta

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    In the fall of 2004 I declared my commitment to study the development, if any, of Yamaha's old line of Orthodynamic headphones, which used a driver type known generically as isodynamic, small-O orthodynamic, planar-magnetic, or magnetostatic. Why?  1) they'd been virtually extinct for 20 years...
  5. XzifT

    ESP 950 with Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro?

    I'm a happy owner of the ESP 950 electrostatic headphones, but have read around that the sound will be so much better using a Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro instead? So how can I get my hands on a converter cable from ESP 950 to Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro?
  6. JonJeffman

    Stax SRM-1 - two headphones at once?

    Sorry if this has been answered before but have been searching around and can't find an answer.  I have a Stax SRM-1 MkII, with both the normal and pro bias sockets.  I just recently purchased a set of SR-202's to go along with my Sigma normal bias.     Can I plug both sets of headphones in...
  7. Stevebobwe

    Best USB DAC to pair with SRM-1 and Lambda Pro cans

    I am looking for a USB dac to play .flac files from my PC. Around $150 would be ideal but I can spend more if the quality would really be worth it. The dac will be fed into the SRM-1 amp. A friend of mine has a SR-202 setup and he uses the Udac2, however, I have read a lot of bad things about...
  8. buencamino

    stax srm-1 and mk-2 amp?

    Hi guys, would these two be good? I mean I've heard stats are good sounding... but it's pretty cheap now so I'm guessing it doesn't sound as well as the more expensive hp's? thanks
  9. dyl1dyl

    The One Headphone you would take if you were stuck on an island (not limited to Audeze) :)

    Hey guys, pick your choice from the selections or post if I did not include your option. Remember, this is the one headphone you will have to live with for the rest of your life.
  10. SoliloCey

    Connecting SRM1 to TV

    So I'm connecting my Laptop and computer to a TV, it has 3 HDMI components, 1x 1/4" headphone jack(or is it 1/8" - i don't do imperial) 2x component set connections.   I'm looking to set the SRM-1 with the DVD player I guess, though setting it through the headphone jack might be preferable...
  11. sphinxvc

    Willing To Buy: Stax Lambda Pro

    Looking for a Stax Lambda Pro in good, perfectly functional condition.  No units with channel imbalance, thinned out, or ripped drivers please.  I can deal with cosmetic issues but the drivers and sonics should be nothing short of excellent.  Will be needing it shipped to 11372, NY so send me...
  12. DavidMahler

    A poll about headphone model differences

    Sometimes when headphone companies add a variation to their pre-existing model they don't always change the model name.  Most recently, the Audeze LCD-2 (one of my favorite headphones) which has a few variations in cosmetics and most recently in sound signature.   How do you feel about this...
  13. valtopps

    just cant beat this setup for the money

    for less the $1000 you just cant beat this setup hrt ms2 plus dac, hifiman ef5 amp and the hifiman he-4 headphones. show me a setup better than this for less then $1000. im so glad i went with this setup.
  14. terryw

    Stax SR Lambda Pro plays louder from right earspeaker

    Hi,   A few years back, I purchased a pair of SR Lambda Pros, SRM-1 / MK2 Driver Unit, and SRD-X battery powered portable adaptor.  All was fine for a year or so but now the left earspeaker plays much lower than the right earspeaker, maybe as much as 6dB less loud.  I have swapped the SRM...
  15. Etnier

    GOOD over-ear phones for jogger???

    Hi- first post from newbie.   I'm an audio engineer and have owned some very nice headphones over the years, including various Grados (225's now) and a Stax SR-Lambda Pro / SRM-1/MK-2s system. My wife is now enthusiastically jogging with a new iPod and some crummy JVC HAS 150BX headphones...
  16. oscar0laiaa

    stax SRM-1 MKii ver.C 100V->220V voltage change question

    i bought a stax srm-1 mkii form japan, and it's 100v.  when i put off the cover from  back of the amp, i saw  as follow: 1. is it can change voltage from 100v to 220v? can be done by a easy way? or need to open it and do some operation? i need help   thanks!
  17. hebrewbacon

    Resolved: HELP! STAX SRM-1/MK2 + Lambda Pro has strange hissing noises

    So I just received a STAX SRM-1/MK2 energizer along with Lambda Pros, and while they're doing a great job reproducing sound (for the most part), I'm noticing strange hissing coming from both earspeakers.   The left side has a very slight hiss that sounds like air slowly coming out of a...
  18. Knijsterbek

    Stax SRM-1/Mk2 mod and SRM 727 II mod questions

    Hello to all, I'm fairly new to this forum and untill now I have read a lot of posts to get a bit acquainted. For normal bias phones, I use a SRM-1/Mk2 which I would like to upgrade (actualy a P.P., but I fitted 1 normal bias socket). I have read about swapping out the power transistors...
  19. Barnaby

    Best stax setup around $1000

    I'm looking to get into electrostats and thought that Stax would be a good place to start. I've heard so many different things about different stax setups and was wondering what the best setup (headphone+amp) would be for around $1000.
  20. Yuceka

    Solid State Amp Suggestion

    I am on the market for a solid state amp (not portable). My cans are Grado SR225i, Beyer DT770/32, Sennheiser HD650 and possibly a Grado RS1i and a Beyer DT990/660 ohm in the near future! As for the amp,  I'd like to stick to maximum $300-$350.    I am torn between Schiit Asgard, Little Dot...
  21. AllsWell

    Another Stax Beginner here

    I'm interested in switching over to the electrostatic side of things. But I dont know too much about that area. I've been researching as much as I can but there is so much information and terminology and model variations that its throwing me off from becoming informed.   I currently own...
  22. TDL-speakers


    Hello, I'm new to this site so Hi!!!!!! I'm saving up for a nice Stax Earspeaker system, either the Stax SRS 3050 II or the Stax SRS 4040 Signature II system. I wonder how these Electrostatic headphones sound like? Please share your views. As I am very interested. I have never had a...
  23. John Buchanan

    Stax SRM Monitor Manual?

    Does anybody have available either a copy or scans of the Stax SRM Monitor manual? I was able to acquire a pdf of the Stax Sigma manual thanks to a kind head-fier, so I thought I'd try playing for the BMW LOL.
  24. autoteleology

    Stax SRM-1/MK2 (Price Drop!)

    With both a 230V Normal bias and a 580V Pro Bias output, and an output voltage of 370V, this amp will properly drive any Stax earspeaker on the planet, even notoriously difficult loads such as the Sigma, 4070, Omega I, and Omega II. Condition is very good for being vintage, only a few minor...
  25. autoteleology

    Stax SR-Lambda Pro (Rare Condition + Box) (Price = Shipped)

    My super awesome Lambda Pro (which I'm selling to buy an SRM-T1) is in wonderful condition and works as intended (no channel imbalance, squeal, etc.) Pictures tell the rest of the story better than I can without using too many words.   Buyer pays PayPal fees.