schiit audio
  1. Br777

    4 amp showdown! - Hifiman EF5, Decware Zenhead, Schiit Asgard, Cavalli CTH!!!!

    As promised I am starting a Three  Four amp showdown with the amps stated in the title of this thread   I can only afford 1 amp so 3 of these will be up for sale by the time we are finished here.  just remember folks.. I'm an amateur.  I have very little experience comparing amps, and very...
  2. Aquanote

    Tube Amp for a maximum of $300

    Hi there.   So far I´ve been using the amp out of my Asus Essence but want to try something new.   There´s just too many amp models right now which gets praised and it hard for me to differeciate   Why tube? because I like the looks.   right now I´m using my DT880 250OHm but will...
  3. jude

    Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions

    The Schiit Asgard arrived today.  It was packed well, and it seems to have arrived in perfect condition.   The Schiit Asgard's fit-and-finish seems quite good.   We're not talking Luxman P-1 luxuriousness here, but, at just a hair over one-tenth the price of the Luxman, that's hardly a fair...
  4. Roscoeiii

    Cool Looking Schiit

    Press releases went out for a new contennder in the headphone amplifier world: Schiit Audio. (   They are starting off with a high current $250 Class A SS amp (the Asgard) which is fully discrete, and a $350 SET tube amp (Valhalla).    I've ordered an Asgard to pair...