1. throzen0303

    Radius HP-TWF21

    http://www.radius.co.jp/audio/tabid/69/ctid/90/pdid/gen000000000000139/Default.aspx   Radius's New DDM IEM   New and improved version of W series by Radius.   *New front housing is angled perfectly to sit on ears. Designed for long use with maximum comfort.  *The open area in...
  2. ljokerl

    Review: Radius HP-TWF21 (aka W n°2)

    Japanese audio house Radius broke onto the portable hi-fi scene last spring with the introduction of the HP-TWF11. Nicknamed DDM (for Dual-Diaphragm Matrix), the TWF11 became the world’s first dual dynamic-driver IEM. Though extremely well-received, the original DDM placed sound quality above...
  3. 1235sam

    Is Radius HP-TWF21(DDM2) right choice for me ?

    Time for upgrade ! Currently I use Hippo VB and I am very satisfied with it. I mostly listen to trance so good bass impact,sub bass,fast pace is the most important factor me. At the same time I expect reasonable performance throughout the rest of the spectrum. Trance is such complicated genre to...
  4. paulsancheezzee

    Radius TWF21 Problem

    Hey fellow head-fi folks. I've got a bit of an issue with the left driver on my Radius TWF21's. It isn't producing any bass anymore and seem to have very low volume in comparison to the right. I've tried different audio sources (multiple pc's/iphone/mp3 players) to isolate the issue and ensure...
  5. whereas

    D5000 equivalent IEMs

    I'm looking for an IEM which is the closest thing to the Denon D5000s as possible, since I like that sound so much. Is there such a thing? These will be paired with a Cowon X9, if that helps with synergy...   It would also help if it's one that fits well and doesn't require much tweaking and...
  6. qiqibaba

    buying JVC HA-FX101 or else for EDM listening while owning philips she3590

    Hi guys,   my first post here, hope i didnt violate any rules over here. been lurking around and reading reviews, and now i feel like having some of your thoughts.   i am listening almost exclusively to EDM, amongst which are trance, house, dubstep, etc... so the punchy powerful bass is...
  7. Peculier

    After TF10s, Radius HP TWD and Westone 3...

    A little background on my audio quest. I started out with a pair of Klipsch S4i couple of years ago. Then when I got more interested in audio, I purchased the Radius HP-TWF11R Pro and I liked them, despite the lack of a good seal because of the design of the earphone. Then, they broke. I...
  8. bl42ed0

    Best IEMs for electronic music under $450USD

    Looking for a pair of IEMs that are absolutely perfect for electronic music and maybe the occasional rock track. Some examples would be: Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Purity Ring, Pink Floyd, and A Perfect Circle.
  9. onthefence

    What are the best IEMs that can be worn Straight-down and NOT Over-the-ear?

    The only high-end IEM I've owned are the Monster Coppers, which I feel pretty underwhelmed with since I was expecting a much bigger Wow-factor after reading all the hype about high-end IEMs. I want my music to wow me and I want my favorite songs to sound as if I've never truly heard them before...
  10. azel831

    Sony mdr ex1000 or Others?

    I've bee really considering new iems. I currently have non monitor imo (beats tour, old bose in ears, and some old vibe duos) but was looking to upgrade to something like sony mdr ex1000. I was interested because of the whopping 16mm drives and have herd great things about the bass. Should I...
  11. ashxcore

    Upgrading from Fischer Audio Eterna Rev 2.

    EDIT: Actually the thread is perhaps a misnomer. I'm not upgrading at all, but looking for a replacement.   I was lucky enough to own these once, but they died an untimely death. I loved the sound signature and the price point, but wondering if there is something similar on the market at a...
  12. deepanshu830

    Triplefi vs DDM1 vs EX1000

    which has the best enjoyable bass??
  13. jant71

    Got My Brookstone Dual Drive Earbuds Today!

    I got my new Brookstone earphones in the mail today. A joint venture with Joker since Brookstone had free shipping for $99+. We each bought a pair at $59.95 each and I just received mine from him today.   Brookstone, as you may know, sells most everything including electronics items. They...
  14. 1235sam

    Radius HP-TWF21 vs JVC-FX 700 : Bass Quantity and Quality

    Radius HP-TWF21 vs JVC-FX 700 : Which provides better bass(both in quantity and quality) Which is better suited for trance music ? Can anyone compare these two
  15. Inks

    My take on the Radius TWF21 *Complete*

                                                          The Prelude:   As some of you guys might now, I've been exploring the universal IEM realm for quite some time and thus have used many IEMs. Been buying IEMs based on Headfi since 2005 and have learned quite a lot in the process. Gained...
  16. DigDub

    New dual dynamic drivers IEMs - JVC FXT-90 vs Radius TWF21

    I popped into Jaben yesterday and the JVC FXT-90 and Radius TWF21 were available for demo there. I bought the JVC Limited version since they were the same price as the black version (SGD $248, yea not cheap I know, but my ears were itchy). Here's a picture of it.     I will start off...
  17. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Radius HP-RLF11 “radHeadphones LIVE” and HP-TWF21 “W n°2”

    First, I'll like to thanks Dimitri @ Musica Acoustics for the samples.   Radius is a company with a long and interesting history (see my original DDM / HP-TWF11 review for more detail). But before the original DDM, they were not really considered as a serious headphone company.  In fact...
  18. jant71

    4-Way Quick Comparison( Xears, Dunu x2, Radius)

    This is just a quick comparison among these four IEMs I have on hand. From L to R: Radius HP-TWF21, Dunu Trident, Xears CP100ip, and Dunu Hephaes   I purchased the Xears and have the Radius on loan. The Dunu are review samples.   The comparison was done with the four earphones...
  19. Austin Morrow

    (Completely Redone & Updated) Radius HP-TWF21R: Dual Dynamics (Review)

      IEM’s are known to have two driver types, balanced armature, and dynamic drivers. Recently, IEM’s like the Grado GR10 and the Ortofon series of earphones changed the IEM industry with moving armature drivers, which copy the movement of a regular dynamic driver. But, what if someone were to...
  20. Austin Morrow

    How To Get Over My Slightly Additive IEM Hobby?

    I am 15 and starting to become to much of an audio freak, so as my friends say. I am spending too much and have too much audio equipment. I currently have the Final Audio Design FI-BA-SB & FI-BA-A1, the Meelectronics CC51P, the NuForce 700X, the Apple IEM's (which I hate), the Munitio Teknines...
  21. zefa

    radius website says HP-TWF21 is ready

    just to break the news, here's google translated from radius.co.jp:   2011/01/06 We Doburube 弐号 machine for your patience "HP-TWF21" is ready and we are currently finalizing. Wait a little longer you for your thank you to market    
  22. Fhurricane

    looking for iems with nice bass-upgrade from s4

    Hey guys. I am looking for some iems with good bass. I am coming from klipsch s4's, which I have lost and need a replacement for. I figure why not upgrade at the same time. My budget is up to $200 unless there is something so amazing for a little more. I looked through some other threads here...
  23. throzen0303

    Radius HP-TWF21 (W n°2) [ Review ]

    Here comes my review of the newest offerings from Radius – The Radius Wn2 The latest generation of Dual-Diaphragm Matrix IEM   *****Thanks for Dimitri at MusicaAcoustics Japan shipping these to be asap after my payment, even with the tragic earthquake happened in Japan recently. Bless...
  24. Radius hp twf 21

    Radius hp twf 21

    New front housing is angled perfectly to sit on ears. Designed for long use with maximum comfort. The open area in the housing enables broad and detailed sound production. Carefully tuned balance. Modest lows and clearer highs (compared to HP-TWF11x). L mini jack adapter included for use with...