1. ilikepie641

    Recommend me a good pair of IEMs

    Well Headfi it's that time, my current IEMs broke Recommend me a good pair under $20 (will consider under $50) that i can find in stores Will be using them for listening to various sub genres of electronic music, some video game music, and some jpop 
  2. ZooBooBooZoo

    Decent In-Ear earphones for ~10$ ?

    Hi all, I've just upgraded my humble home studio and got myself a pair of BeyerDynamic 770.   So I'm low on cash but that didn't stop my iPhone's earphones from dying out on me. I need a new pair of in-ear earphones for on-the-road listening (I have no intention of getting the BD770...
  3. Dpgriff

    cheap iems for small ears

    I know this question probably gets asked fairly often but I have a small budget. I am desperately hoping to find a pair of in ear phones that cancel noise and sound good but will fit my ears. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I won't know if they will fit until I get them. I am...
  4. orafalcons

    Best Noise Isolating IEM's under $100

    I am going to Peru in a few weeks and am going to be doing a LOT of plane and bus traveling and am looking for the best noise isolating IEM's out there for under $100-$150. Have heard good things about Shure SE215 and Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3's. Thinksound ms01's are on my list as well as...
  5. NineEleven

    Budget IEM's (20$ Approx)

    Hi,   I recently picked up a pair of Philips SHE 3590 IEM's and put some MEElectronics Double Flanged Ear Tips but I'm loosing connection from one side of the earpiece all of a sudden.  So I'm looking for a new pair. I can pay a bit more if there is the need (20$ is my current budget).   I...
  6. flamefox850

    Cheap basshead IEM - help me choose

    Hi, i would like to buy an IEM that can give good sub-bass, not midbass hump alone. Bought Soundmagic E10 sometime ago which already faulty (damaged by my son LOL) and like the sound signature. To replace the E10, i give a shot and buy a portable (portable?? haha) headphones that is Superlux...
  7. carltonh

    Found a cheap clone of a cheap Sony that is oddly not half bad

    I thought I was buying a Sony MDR-XB21EX earphone off Ebay for $6.18 shipped free from China to USA, but it was actually a "Headroom" brand MDR-XB21EX, which just happens to look identical except for logo. So this is not a "fake" per se, it is a true "clone". The packaging no where says Sony...
  8. QuartexBlooper

    Philips 3590's vs. ifrogz earpollution crew?

    First off I'd like to make it clear that I know very little about headphones, music, or even sound in general.     But I do know that something sounds "off" about the 3590's compared to my iFrogz Earpollution Crew headphones. For example, voices sound sort of high-pitched and distant, both in...
  9. draacor

    Ear Buds for Movies

    I am looking for a pair of ear buds primarily to be used with an ipad, for movies from netflix and other streaming services.  The following are things I am looking for.   1. Primarily used to watch movies so i need a sound signature that handles movies well 2. I need something that I can...
  10. oMalakai

    Incredibly confused. IEM at 50$ - V Shaped

    Well, it´s christmas and seems like my dad is going to gift me some IEM´s, so maybe I should help him with that. But, after finding a good store here, I noticed the tons of options at that price that I have, and i´m pretty confused, I don´t know what to choose. I usually listen to DnB, Trip Hop...
  11. oMalakai

    Philips Shibuya Citiscape?

    I´m sorry if this thread doesn´t belong here, but the Recomendation sub-forum doesn´t seem too active. Well, I was looking for some new headphones, because I´m getting tired of using my cheap Energy Sistem cans, they don´t sound very good (decent bass, but ugly highs and mids) and after 1-2...
  12. mamamia88

    Best Sounding "Disposable" Earbuds?

    I'm curious about opinions on this.  The reason I ask is I want something dirt cheap that I wrap around a sansa clip and throw in my pocket.  And, if they happen to break it's not that big of a deal.   I have a pair cx200 already but, wondering if I can do better on this front.  Or maybe who has...
  13. TheChosen0ne

    Are the earbuds that came with Galaxy S5 any good or is it crappy like iPhones?

    I want to listen to my S5/music when I'm not at home.  Just curious if the Galaxy S5 earbuds that came with it are any good.  Also can you guys recommend me good earbuds that don't require portable amp/dac?
  14. anurajlight

    IEM suggestion having sound signature similar to AKG K430.

    Hi audiophiles,   Can someone suggest me an IEM having sound signature similar to AKG K 430? I have been using K430 since past 3 month and i am blown away with the kind of details and the crystal clear mids, high that this headphone provide. I am looking for something similar in-ear with the...
  15. TikPandora

    Are these a good choice for new IEMs?

    After the death of my VSonic GR04 Pros, I was left in a bit of an IEM panic.   I've tried a bunch of IEMs over the past few weeks, and my budget is quite limited. <$15   After trying a few pairs out of the JVC Xtreme Xplosives line that my friend has (and being rather unimpressed), I began...
  16. iTzKPanda

    Budget IEMs/earphones

    Hey guys. I've looked through all the budget iem threads and I can't make my mind up yet. I can't get the Meelectronics M9Ps because the right angle cable won't be able to fit my phone case. I've had the monoprice 8320s but they're not very convenient to use on-the-go I've also had the JVC...
  17. JCH-19

    IEM With Lots Of Bass

    Hey guys so i'm in the market for a new pair of IEM's. Right now I have the Philips SHE 3590/3580. I like them but I do have a few problems with them. First, I'd like some more bass. I'm definitely a bass head and i'm pretty much looking for as much bass as I can feasibly get. Next, the SHE 3590...
  18. ohcrapgorillas

    I've Made a Terrible Mistake OR My Frustrating IEMs Journey, featuring a scathing reveiw of the JVC HA-FX850

    TL;DR a good pair of balanced IEMs below $300 is very rare and that pisses me off   As much as I love my HD650 (which are probably being traded for the HD600 soon, but that's another topic altogether),  I work in an office with eight other people and because I spend most of my day in front of...
  19. okibcn

    [REVIEW] Sennheiser CX300-II vs. Philips SHE3590 (so far)

    NINE (9) years have passed since I bought the CX300 in Europe, 9 years serving almost everyday. They gave me thousands of hours (and miles) of music, movies or simply isolating the airplane noise. I've had some Sony, Samsung, Philips and all of them ended in the botton of some drawer of broken...
  20. ohcrapgorillas

    My IEM Problem...six pairs in my hands now, and feel just "eh" about all of them. Mini-reviews on each inside.

    So, I've been looking for a pair of IEMs for a while...actually a few pairs, but that's beside the point. I've gone through a few of these things and the best I've thought about any of them is "hey, this isn't bad" which is not exactly a glowing endorsement. Anyway, I thought y'all folks might...
  21. PinkFloydQ

    Looking for <20 audio solution

    I originally planned on buying a pair of soundmagic ES18 and a pair of She3590 for around 20. Before purchasing I was wondering if i could spend my money on something better I was considering the KSC75, but ill take any recommendations ddoesn't matter if it's over-ear, on-ear, iem.
  22. thatBeatsguy

    Review: Philips SHE-3590

       Hey guys, I’m here to write about a review on the Philips SHE-3590. It’s my very first universal-fit IEM that didn’t come with a phone. But before that, I’d like to add a little bit of backstory to my purchase. I’d been long searching for a cheap IEM as a first for me, and I found Dsnuts’...
  23. Philips SHE3590WT/10 In-Ear Headphones (White)

    Philips SHE3590WT/10 In-Ear Headphones (White)

    The Philips SHE3590 In-Ear Headphones are offered in distinctive colors to match for all occasions. The ultra small in-ear design conforms to ear shape for best fit, and the earphones come with soft caps for comfort and compact fit. With small efficient speakers for dynamic bass and clear sound...