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Incredibly confused. IEM at 50$ - V Shaped

  1. oMalakai
    Well, it´s christmas and seems like my dad is going to gift me some IEM´s, so maybe I should help him with that. But, after finding a good store here, I noticed the tons of options at that price that I have, and i´m pretty confused, I don´t know what to choose. I usually listen to DnB, Trip Hop, Metal, Jazz...but I like the V-Shape signature, I want something with GOOD bass (Especially sub bass) and nice treble, with good separation, mids are not a priority, but of course, something decent. I´m going to use the them eeveryday, so, durability should be important.
    Here are the brands and models that I have : http://www.mediaplayer.cl/productos.php?cat=2&todos_r=1&cat_m=3&ordenp=1&_pagi_pg=15
    (Audifonos = earphones. I need something around 20.000 - 30.000 CLP )
    If someone can help with this, I will be very grateful. I did take a look on older posts, but I´m still confused.
    P.D : I owned a pair of SHE-3590 and I currenly use a SHE-3500. Both amazingly good for the price, and I liked a lot their sound, however, the 3590 lacked definition sometimes, and the bass was a bit too much sometimes, also, the soundstage is pretty small, the same with depth. 3500 sounds nice, detailed, maybe needs more bass, but sounds pretty decent with everything, just a tad "artificial". Depth is pretty good IMO. As a note, seems like my ear channels are pretty small, because both IEM´s were a bit painful to wear after an hour, or more, even with small tips.
    P.D 2 : From what I have read, Brainwavz and Sound Magic are good options, right?
    P.D 3 : Isolation is pretty important too.
  2. oMalakai
    Halp? :c
  3. tinyman392
    Brainwavz and Soundmagic both have great headphones (I've yet to hear a Soundmagic though).  MEElectronics shouldn't be left out of the party either.  The Brainwavz M4 has a nice v-shape to it and can be had for around 30 during sales (keep your eyes peeled).  The MEE M-Duo can be had for around 40 while on sale (recently was I think).  
    I haven't heard the Shures, so no comparisons unfortunately :frowning2:
  4. oMalakai
    Well, I see that the M4 are still on a decent price (29.900 CLP), but, I see that the R1 and M5 have a pretty similar price, and all of them look great, but I don´t know which one is "better".
  5. tinyman392
    All of those are great IEMs.  The M5 didn't have a v-shape to my ears, so if you're looking for that, that would be out of question.  As for R1 vs M4, I'd say M4 all the way.  The R1 sounds a little bloated in comparison IMO.  
  6. tehsprayer
    For price conversions:
    20 000 CLP - 35 000 CLP
    (37.78 USD - 56.67 USD)
    I wish I could help but I don't know much about IEMs at that price.
  7. oMalakai
    Thanks for that, M4 looks pretty good. I would take a look on some reviews of them.
    No worries, and thanks for the conversion, I was a bit lazy to do it :p
  8. oMalakai
    Well, I have on mind now the M4, but I read somewhere that the Soundmagic E10 are "better" and cheaper, but seems like the older models had a bad building quality.
    Opinions? I´m still open to suggestions :p
  9. JoeDoe
    Idk if they're available where you are, but I highly recommend the JVC FX40. They very inexpensive but certainly offer the sound signature you're looking for. And they punch way above their price point. 
  10. oMalakai
    I haven´t seen any store that has JVC earphones yet :/ So, it´s a "no" for now, maybe i´m going to buy a pair in the future, but I´m going to need to buy them on Ebay.
    I´m a bit excited about this, this are going to be my first "good" earphones, and the good part about buying them in a local store is the warranty (1 year) that´s enough time for me.
  11. JoeDoe
    Well a good alternative would be the Brainwavz Delta - a very slightly V-shaped sig IMO, that seems to do everything pretty well.
  12. oMalakai
    Yeah, seems like the Delta are receiveing a lot of love these days, but, they are not available here, but I´m afraid that they are going to be too "neutral" too my tastes. The M4 signature looks more fun.

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