1. bigevilalien

    ALPS Potentiometer for Musical Fidelity V-CAN

    Can anybody tell me which ALPS part I need to use to upgrade the volume pot on my Musical Fidelity V-CAN?   It's mentioned on this page:   But I'm relatively inexperienced at this and I can't figure out which values or part number is the...
  2. Janomin

    Headphones for Hi-Fi/AV use

    Posted this on another forum but didn't get too much of a response.. I'm looking for some help on adding a decent pair of headphones to my system, mainly for late night TV use as I've been getting some complaints about keeping others up!    Probably best to list my current set up I guess -...
  3. R4id3n84

    Amp For Sennheiser HD600

    Hi guys I'm new here I'm really into Computers but bit of a Noob as Audiophile Headphones and Amps   I've ordered myself some Sennheiser HD600 with the Filio E17   I was then told afterwards by a friend that i don't need the E17 as i have a Soundcard   My Pc setup is as follows  ...
  4. Chris_Himself

    How Do I Buy a Modded X-Can

    I know the guys from RockGrotto build 'em and specifically that PinkFloyd guy. After dicking around with too many amps I decided that one was my favorite of the bunch.   I haven't had one in a while and I bought mine from another member but I would like the honor of it being built for me.
  5. mrAdrian

    Full sized amps with low output impedance

    Besides the O2, and all Meier Corda amps, what other amps have low output impedances?
  6. F

    LCD-3 single-ended vs balanced

    Hi, I just got the LCD-3 last week and I've been using it single-ended, with a pretty cheap DAC and AMP [Musical Fidelity's V-DAC II and V-CAN II].  I'm looking to upgrade my amp first, and don't want to spend over $2,000.  I'm finding more single-ended options than balanced in this price range...
  7. TC Johnson

    Headphone Synergy with V-Can

    Greetings!   I recently picked up a V-Can Mk I for late night listening and am curious what folks here have found to be a good match for this amp.  Because sound leakage is an issue, I need a closed back can.  My preference is for a neutral and accurate response across the audio band, but...
  8. Deadeight

    ~£400 to put between computer and headphones

    I am looking for an amp/dac solution, using my desktop PC as my music source.   I have a pair of Fischer FA-003 (Neutral, 64 Ohm, high sensitivity, closed but great sound stage), and I listen to a range of music from classical to rock to electronic. Mostly all the music has in common many...
  9. plexxx

    Musical Fidelity V-Can amp

      I just purchased some Beyer DT-990 600Ohm headphones and had intended to use them with my AV receiver.  I wasn't satisfied with the sound from the headphone jack of the receiver.  Something is causing it to emit a hiss and I found the sound quality was better out of my USB sound card at my...
  10. plexxx

    Suggestions to improve DT-990 Setup ?

      My current setup is playback from an ipod connected to a Pioneer AV receiver that has a proprietary ipod line-in connection.  I am using a Musical Fidelity V-CAN amplifier connected to the tape-out connection of the Pioneer and have Beyer DT-990 headphones connected to the VCAN.    I am...
  11. crazyeyes

    AKG K702 Impressions.

    Hey guys I have had my K702's since friday they have been on constant burn in since then. They had less than 100 hours on them when I got them. I have put 100 hours since then. They sound very good. I am really enjoying them. I am running them directly out of my Apogee Duet. I find them to...
  12. redbird

    Looking for an amp...which is better Flio E9 vs. Musical Fidelity V-Can amp?

    I narrowed my choices between the Flio E9 amp and the Musical Fidelity V-Can amp. I will be using the Beyerdynamic DT 880 250ohm. Which amp is better? Any owners out there have these combinations? Thanks, 
  13. Audiacity

    Musical Fidelity V-Can, V-DAC, V-Link Set Up Question

    Hey all,   I'm rather new to the audio game and I was hoping if some of you could help me with this:   I'm currently considering combining the V-DAC or HRT Music Streamer II  with the V-CAN as my desktop set up. Originally I thought a set up like this would suffice, but then I came...
  14. A

    musical fidelity v can

    I know there are a few scattered threads on the musical fidelity v can here but they seem to be a little all over the place and I was hoping to get some impressions and views.  The views seem pretty mixed.  The price has dropped recently to $119 which seems like a good deal.  I have the Beyer DT...
  15. Disarray

    Upgrading from a X-Can V8

    Time for an upgrade! New tubes/PSU or new Amp?   Imaging is the most important thing..   Setup: Denon LA5000's X-Can V8 Audio-gd DAC - 19 DSP   I was leaning more towards buying a new amp than an upgrade because I'd prefer an amp with two pairs of line-in outputs, but just...
  16. MatthewK

    Good Tube Amp for Denon D2000/D5000?

    I'm seriously considering a tube amp, but I'm having a difficult time finding one that can properly drive a 25 ohm headphone (D2000/D5000). Any suggestions? Thanks.
  17. Groove

    Need help deciding between SR325i and HD598, also amps

    Hey guys,   I've browsed around but it seems there is no direct comparison between the two. Basically, I need to get a second setup to listen to music to. I have my own setup of hd800 with naim headline2 with teddypardo psu and teddydac, but now I need another set of something cheaper...
  18. AVR4000

    V-Can, V-DAC and V-Link compared to the competition (amp-dac combo for Grado RS-2)?

    I am currently doing research of the area of a headphone amp + dac combo for my MacBook Pro. My previous setups has been Marantz SA 7001 KI + LittleDot I+ and Grado RS-2 or Vincent KHV-1pre with Sennheiser HD600 cans. Now I am living in a different part of the world and the requirements has been...
  19. ckunke002

    Questions regarding headphone amps for a complete noob

      Hey guy's, I just joined here about 5 minutes ago and am looking some advice. I'm sorry first of all if this is some highly established community, because I admittedly don't know a THING about any of this yet.   I just bought a pair of Sennheiser 558 headphones, and am reading about how...
  20. Gusgus

    Musical Fidelity V-Can or Pro-ject headbox II or something else

    I am looking for my first amp to pair with my AKG k 400, I also don't want to spend that much money, so would the V-can be a better choice that the headbox or is there something else I should look at? 
  21. blacknile

    Musical Fidelity V-CAN vs Matrix M-Stage

    Have you heard both? Is the second worth twice the price of the first? Thanks!
  22. jdandy

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P compared to the HeadAmp Gilmore Lite

    I have purchased a Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P headphone amplifier.  It should be here next week.  I have been listening to a HeadAmp Gilmore Lite for the past few years, and I enjoy the amp.  I wanted to try something different, and I thought that the tubes in the X-Can V8P might be a nice...
  23. kungfuchris6

    V-CAN questions/confusion

    Hey everyone, First time poster here, but definitely have been reading for a while. I had a peculiar question. My MF V-CAN, when used at low volumes, only outputs to the right ear of my Senn HD600s. But once I start to turn it up, the left ear piece starts to produce sound. From what I can...
  24. 0rangutan

    V-CANs Rock Grotto mods?

    Hi there. First time post - go easy on me! Have any Head-Fi'ers tried the Rock Grotto mods to a V-CAN? Would be good to hear any independent views on these. Thanks, John
  25. Mink

    Sound differences Spotify and iTunes

    Lately I have been listening a lot to Spotify and I must say the sound qualilty of the streaming files (320kb/ps) is mostly excellent and this brings me to this odd discovery: most of the times the music streamed by Spotify sounds superior, fuller and lusher than the same music played in iTunes...