1. intox

    Amp upgrade

    Hi. I know there's many threads about amps for HD650 but I have a Musical Fidelity V-Can with my HD650 and SR125i and I'm thinking about buying a better desktop amp but how many do I need to spend to hear a noticeable improvement ? Are the Creek OBH21SE (400€) or the Musical Fidelity X-Can V8p...
  2. baka1969

    Anyone try the new Musical Fidelity V-Can yet?

    Hi I saw the new budget V-Can from Musical Fidelity on their website. I saw one review the wasn't that flattering. Has anyone here on Head-Fi had a chance to audition it yet? Any impressions? I think the retail will be $250 here in the US and £100 in the UK (damn weak Dollar)...
  3. F

    Headphone Amp Help Badly Needed

    Hey Masters of the Audio World...   Feelingit7 here, and baby born new to this!   Here goes...I currently have an Apple Mac Desktop with a pair of Senn HD 650's. Would like to enhance my music file listening ability. Some suggested the MF V-Can since I like the boom every know and...
  4. diforce

    Different audio technica ATH-M50 amp question

    HI , Kinda new , Just subscribed to ask a question that i know have been asked 1000 times but its slightly different :) actually I read here for many years now ... so the audio technica ATH-M50 does not require an amp , I know this ... problem is I require a decent source , and my sound card ( m...
  5. underhyped

    V-CAN on SE535 with cowon s9

    Hello, this is my first post here and im a newb in the sound segment.   So with my primary combo i can hear som hissing and iv'e head that you can get rid of it by adding a normal amp, so im thinking of buying the V-CAN which is easliy availabe in my country (Sweden). I know it´s pretty...

    Musical Fidelity V can Mk II

    Anyone has any  feedback of this amp from MF? I do not find any review of the MK II. The MK I does not seem to have much positive review.
  7. Musical Fidelity V-CAN Headphone Amplifier

    Musical Fidelity V-CAN Headphone Amplifier

    The V-CAN is a genuine state-of-the-art headphone amplifier. Most high quality headphones have impedance of around 30 Ohms. Almost all headphone amps have an output impedance between 50 and 100 Ohms. Because of their high output impedance they cannot drive headphones properly. Any sound they...