1. blacknile

    Musical Fidelity V-CAN vs Matrix M-Stage

    Have you heard both? Is the second worth twice the price of the first? Thanks!
  2. Lan647

    Matrix M-stage & Music Streamer II+, anyone?

    Can anyone with experience using these two (or either one) share their impressions here? Appreciate it... And btw, how does these 2 compare with a headroom micro amp/micro dac combo?  
  3. kabforks

    Matrix M-Stage vs. Little Dot MK V

    Hi there. I might find myself buying a solid state headphone amp one of these days. I've currently narrowed it down to two candidates. The pure class A Matrix M-stage and the dual-mono-design Little Dot MK V. They are both in the same price class (roughly) and both have recieved favorable...
  4. Yuceka

    Matrix M-Stage V2 in min condition (SOLD)

    Since I upgraded my amp, I am putting this baby out for sale. It is a wonderful amp and you can just read the Matrix M-Stage thread for more information. So far, it did a good job in driving everything thrown at it.    I bought it on 10/10/10 (neat ha? :) and I am the only owner and I have...
  5. Danno

    FS: Matrix "m-stage" Headphone Amplifier

    Hi Folks,   Have for sale here theMatrix "m-stage" Headphone Amplifier V2:   - Color: Black    - Voltage: 220-240V    - Power Cord: AU   Also includes the Class A Biasing MOD for Matrix "m-stage", Resistor: 3.9K (Burr Brown OPA627AU on Browndog Adaptor).   Prefer to sell to...
  6. BournePerfect

    PRISTINE Matrix M-Stage with Class 'A' OPA627AP free Priority Mail shipping

    Selling this to fund a future tube amp (probably a Lyr). About one month old. Silver faceplate. Perfect condition, ships in original packaging. Comes with this adapter already installed: I paid $285 shipped for all of...
  7. roadcykler

    Matrix M-Stage w/ OPA627AP class A upgrade

    I bought this in mid-January and got the class A mod in early February. It all came from coolfungadget and sounds wonderful. I'm only selling it to fund a tube amp. I paid $300 total and would like to get $240.  
  8. Jbucla2005

    Biasing OPA1641 into class A? (Matrix M-stage)

    I'm using the Class A biasing adaptor (from coolfungadget) to bias my OPA1641 into class A in my Matrix M-stage. Is this a good idea? Is this safe to do? 
  9. Skooks

    Matrix M-Stage headphone amp for sale

    I have up for sale my excellent Matrix M-Stage solid state headphone amp/pre-amp... the latest 2010 version. It has the silver face plate and is wired for 110/120 volts. It is like new, about 3 months old, but has been broken in sound wise. I have the original box. $215. PayPal. I'll pay the...
  10. digiman

    Matrix M-Stage V2 - MINT

    Hi All,   I've upgraded my system so i'm selling off my Matrix M-Stage. It's 2 months old and in perfect condition. I bought it from coolfungadget in it's stock configuration.   It has a 230v plug socket, so only selling to UK and Europe.   I'm looking for £150 including shipment to...
  11. MarkyMark

    FS: Stock Matrix M-Stage, v1. (UK/EU only). Mint condition - £100 GBP ono

    Am rationalising my equipment inventory now I'm living in a small flat so have to let this go.   Bought from Coolfungadget with stock op-amp about a year ago. Lightly used and sounds great with my HD800  (no slouch with GS1000i either). No blemishes I can see on casework.   Looking for...
  12. proteinpig

    Gorgeous Black/Silver Matrix M-stage V2 with upgraded opamp LM4562

    I am selling my nice Matrix M-stage V2 with upgraded opamp LM4562. I bought the amp from a fellow head-fier about 4 months ago and ordered the opamp later. I used it to power my D2000 with great results. Fantastic amp at this price point - no doubt about that. The upgraded opamp LM4562 adds more...
  13. rawrster

    Matrix M-Stage v2

    Hi,   I would like to purchase a Matrix M-Stage v2 with the US voltage. It should be in very good condition and include the power cable and hopefully the original packaging. Either color is fine but silver is my preference. It would also be nice if there was an RCA to RCA cable but not...
  14. DaNuS

    Matrix "M-Stage" Headphone Amplifier (2nd Edition) w/ OPA627AP Mod

    For sale is a Matrix "M-Stage" Headphone Amplifier(2nd Edition) w/ OPA627AP Mod.  Amp is in very good condition with minimal use. It has a minor scratch on the back, Also, one of the screws is slightly stripped as received from the manufacturer.  The amp comes with all accessories and original...
  15. Philiiiiipe

    Fiio E7/E9 + Matrix M-Stage VS. NuForce Icon HDP VS. Other

    So I need to make a decision. Purchase the Fiio E7/E9 combo AND the Matrix M-Stage, or the NuForce HDP. I tried making a pro's and con's list, but thought that you guys could help me make a more informed decision.   I already have the E7, so if I purchase the E9 and the M-Stage, it would...
  16. aurabullet

    Heedcan amp vs Matrix m-Stage for AKG k702?

    I've been looking around quite a lot, I can't find any answers x.x or opinions any headsup?   dac = HRT Music Streamer II   budget is 400.00
  17. dogwan

    Matrix m-stage vs. DIY (ck^2III or M^3) for K701's

    Ok, first off, sorry for yet another K701 amp thread.   That being said, I have done my due diligence and made a reasonable effort to comb through the old posts for an answer to this question. I was unable to find any direct comparisons specific to the AKG's. However, the 701's will not be...
  18. dogwan

    Any Matrix M-stage owners in the Portland, Oregon area?

    I want to try the M-stage with my k701's.     I once let a potential Bottlehead purchaser audition my gear with his speakers before he pulled the trigger. Thought I would see if I could arrange a similar scenario.   Now that I think of it maybe I'll post an IC thread in the groups forum...
  19. clarinetman

    Sold: Matrix M-Stage w/ Audio-gd SUN/EARTH/MOON/Class-A biasing mod

  20. Mrscbw

    Matrix M-Stage V.2

    Just had a quick question, maybe somebody can enlighten me. If this matrix M-stage is a pure class A amp, what is the purpose of the Class A Biasing mod?
  21. Roly1650

    Matrix M-Stage in black with OPA627 Class A Bias Mod

    Great condition Matrix M-Stage in black. Has the OPA627 class A biasing mod and I'll also include an unmodified dual OPA627 op amp for play! Includes original box and power cord. Free shipping in the lower 48 at my asking price.
  22. Mikesin

    FiiO E7 / E9 vs Matrix M-Stage?

    Hello :) I have a pair of AKG K702's and powering them using my FiiO E7 & E9, im now thinking about upgrading the amp, wanting more!  How's the FiiO E9 Vs Matrix M-Stage, would you say there is a huge difference between the two? I've also heard about the 'Lovely Cube' and 'Matrix Cube'...
  23. henree

    Matrix M-Stage Want To Buy

    Anyone looking to upgrade pass their Matrix M-Stage contact me. Paypal is preferable.
  24. Trist

    Matrix m-stage or Schiit Asgard?

    I've been looking for a headphone amp to pair with my Audinst HUD-MX1 DAC and Senn HD600s. From what I've read the m-stage and Asgard both have great reviews and are both at the same price point. Which one should I go for?
  25. jiminy

    Matrix m-stage or Ibsso D12 to drive Denons

    I started this headphone story with my Ah-d2000 which sounded good but they were bloated in the bass department so i modded them and now they are a lot better but there is a lack of attack and they could do with more depth for me to really enjoy them   Ive been looking at different amps and...