1. caracara08

    Matrix M-Stage v2 with Class A biasing chip

    Prefer black.  if you have one to sell, please let me know thanks.
  2. WaveRider69

    E9 vs Matrix M-Stage?

    Anybody compared these two?    I had the E9 and found it transparent and strong.  I ditched it because of the static on the Volume pot.  I now have a AUNE which I like better (after a few EQ adjustments), but am ready to upgrade to an M-Stage.  I was told there isn't much sound difference...
  3. Iamwhereimat

    Wanted: Matrix M-stage (AUS/EU voltage)

    Im looking for a good condition Matrix M-stage preferably located in australia (for shipping and voltage reasons) including all cables.   Thanks
  4. Greeni

    How much has to be spend to better the Matrix M-stage ?

    I see that the Matrix M-stage has been well received by fellow members, and was given the impression that the M-Stage is very good at transient response, which is one reason I believe it has been claimed as one of the best amps at any price for the much more expensive HD800.   I just wonder...
  5. Jonasklam

    Matrix M-Stage, Silver V2 [EU]

      This has the silver front plate and is in like new condition. Voltage: 220-240V Power Cord: EU   — Photos are taken from a random website —   Feel free to send me an PM    
  6. avexdevil

    Matrix M-stage (AU)

    Matrix m-stage v2 (silver face), bought directly from tam audio December last year. I'm not too sure what's the warranty status is on the amp, but its in excellent physical and functional condition. No box, just the amp. Due to size of the items and the lack of proper packaging, this sale...
  7. supertron421

    Heed Canamp Vs. Matrix Quattro Full Balanced Amplifier Vs. Matrix M-Stage w/ Class A Biasing Mod Vs. Other?

  8. Jibbie

    Matrix M-Stage V2 with LME49860 opamp

    Up for sale is my Matrix M-Stage headphone amplifier.  I've had this baby for over a year and it has been an awesome amp.  Its in excellent condition with no scratches or blemishes and was kept in a pet free/smoke free environment; I am its original owner. I upgraded the original opamp to a...
  9. davidk9205

    Matrix M-Stage plus Audinst MX-1

      Hello All,   I currently have a pair of AD900's and a pair of Shure 840"s running through Foodbar to an Audinist MX-1. I am pondering purchasing a Matrix M-Stage amp to pair the MX-1 (as a DAC). The M-Stage will cost me approx $270 AUD. I listen to all genres of music, all mp3 320...
  10. diegoeffio

    Matrix m-stage+HRT Music Streamer II or Yulong D100?

    Hi, I've been reading a lot trying to decide on a desktop system to use with my laptop in the 450-500USD range and finally came up with these two options: a separate DAC + amp system, the matrix m-stage + HRT music streamer II, both very well regarded, seeming good options for the price. Would...
  11. aknuds1

    Matrix M-Stage a good match for HD 650?

    I'm considering matching Sennheiser HD 650 with Matrix M-Stage. Would this be a good combo compared to f.ex. Fiio E9?
  12. Louis Kool

    Q701 AMP Recommend, LD MK III or Matrix M-Stage

    I recently brought a pair Q701, I was thinking hook it up with an Amp. Now I am stuck on this two choice 1. Little Dot MK III 2. Matrix M-Stage   Any one been using this two combination here can help me to decide, or any other recommend will be very much appreciate. My budget is...
  13. Jbucla2005

    FS: Matrix M-stage version 2 with OPA1641 + various opamps and power cord

    Matrix M-stage version 2 in silver purchased new less than a year ago. In excellent condition. Upgraded to the opamp OPA1641. Also includes stock op-amp, dual OPA627AP opamp, class A bias adaptor, and various other opamps. Includes hospital grade power cord.
  14. Fearless1

    Schiit Asgard or Matrix M-stage?

    Just recently got a friend into this hobby we share. He is on a limited budget. He loves the sound of my DT 990's (I like the open bass but hate the highs but can't seem to part ways with them). We picked him up a pair of refurbished ones  from E-bay that arrived in good shape. Now we are...
  15. violineb

    Matrix M-Stage w/ Class A upgrade.

    My CAAD9 was stolen (the next morning after I ordered another lock from Amazon). Now I need to sell everything and buy a new one.   Like the title suggests, I am selling my v1. Matrix M-stage with class A opamp upgrade and biasing.   $200 including shipping within the USA. I will ship...
  16. Hughkk

    HD598 + matrix m-stage? wise coice of amp?

    I am planning to get a new headphone and a more powerful amp.   I am currently using SRH840 with HUD MX-1. It serves me well and I really enjoy it. However, I think it is time to 'upgrade'.   I am planning to get HD598 in a few days and i wonder if using matrix m-stage will fit the...
  17. Yikuso

    FS: Matrix M-Stage v2 with dual OPA627 upgrades

    For sale is a Matrix M-stage v2 headphone amplifier, 110V version with US plug. It's in total mint condition, I bought it just over a month ago. It's the new v2 version, with upgraded input transformer and new circuit design. It comes with dual OPA627AP class A biasing mod installed ($30...
  18. Doppz

    Matrix M-Stage questions

    I recently purchased the AKG k702s and am really enjoying them. I previously had the Audio Technica AD700s and was playing them right off my uDAC (first generation). I'm playing the 702s off of the uDAC for now, and they sound great (as in, much better than the AD700s -- I haven't tried many...
  19. Rayzee

    Comparing CEntrance DACport and the Matrix M-stage with USB upgrade

    I currently have a CEntrance DACport and I'm considering the Matrix M-stage with the USB upgrade. There will be no loss if I sell my DACport then buying the M-stage, so I wonder if it's worth changing, though the price of both new is $399 vs $300. I know both products are both highly rated...
  20. Saturn

    Wanted: Matrix M-Stage v2 [CANADA]

    Looking for a Matrix M-Stage v2 amp. If you have one leave me a pm and we can work something out.
  21. tonyjin

    Matrix M-Stage V2

    Great affordable headphone amp, selling only because I got a HA-160D. The faceplate is silver, and it is in great condition.   I'm the second owner, bought it from Yuceka. It has not been modified. Image is from Yuceka's original thread.   Price is $SOLD shipped + paypal fees.
  22. fishbulb95

    Matrix M-Stage to replace Hifiman EF2A?

    So about 3 months ago I took the plunge and bought the Hifiman Ef2A to power my new AKG Q701.  I've been really really happy with the EF2A, and the headphones for that matter.  Before my go to headphones were the Sony MDR-7506.  The AKG was a significant step up, and the EF2A made the headphones...
  23. ZenErik

    Matrix M-Stage latest version with USB DAC and OPA627AP opamp upgrade - OFFERS WELCOME!

    This M-Stage is from Tam Audio, and the opamp upgrade was done by Tam Audio. The standard OPA2134 opamp is also included if you'd rather switch it back to that one. The original price was $310, but it's yours for $260 or best offer. This is a great amp and is in great shape. Has seen about 100...
  24. FOXY

    iQube VS Matrix m-stage

      As part of my search for amplifer for my AKG K240MK2.   I listened to iQube for few hours, the result was excellent! Sound completely smooth and very very musical. In level of a lot more expensive headphone systems.   The downside is that the iQube quite expensive and requires...
  25. morfologus

    [FS] Matrix M-Stage [EU]

    I have a matrix m-stage amplifier for sale. It is in perfect condition without any scratches and functional problems. Comes with OPA627 but I append the original op. amp. 110V version