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new in the game, colplete set-up.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sijaka, Oct 23, 2012.
  1. sijaka
    Saturday 19.10.2012 i bought a pair of bowers and wilkins IEM's, today i found this forum and have realised that for me to satisfy myself i need to upgrade from these IEM's to a more stationary setup with full-size earphones, amp and DAC.
    i'm a student for the time beeing so i dont have a lot of money, but my budget will be around 1000USD (can stretch a little).
    i'll use my PC (aser aspire 7745G) as source (audio output's: optical, 3,5mm minijack and HDMI).
    i listen to lots of different music, but punk/metall, classic rock, and some dubstep is the most common.
    as the opening states i'm completly new in this game, if i've understood this correctly all i need is a pair of headphones, amp and a DAC?
    what will be a good set-up to start with?
    my thougths were; phones: Sennheiser 650 HD, Amp: little dot MK III, DAC: Little Dot DAC II
    is this a good set-up?
    sugestions on changing any of these components?
    the most anoying thing si that where i live (Tromsoe in norther Norway) is that there aint somewhere to test or listen to the different components, it's a smal town[​IMG]
    P.S. because of where i live i can only shop in the internet stores with international shipping.
    P.P.S. i dont know if the thread is plased in the wrong sub-forum, but i'll take my chanses in posting it here[​IMG]
  2. jonny564
       I am somewhat new to headfi and have not had a ton of experience with different setups so take this with a grain of salt. But from a few years of creeping forums and trying to find ideas for my own setup i have some knowledge.Running Pc-uDac2-Asgard-Hd600's so just as a disclaimer :)
       For the budget i would look into a Schiit amp/dac combo. In my experience and from most of the reviews i have read its one of the better mid-fi price to performance setups. Also do check out some reviews of the hifiman he400s they might be something your interested in not sure exactly what type of bass your looking for (Thumping beats vs Clean and detailed) but if its the latter its one of the top choices at the mid level range. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in but from what i have read if i could go back this is the setup i would go with.
    Lot of Little dot fans out there although im not sure as to how they pair with the 650's
  3. sijaka
    i think i'll be going for the DENON AH-D600 canns, these have recived good reviews so i think  i'll take my chanse's[​IMG]
    i've also realised that i can raise my total budget to aprox. 1500USD
  4. William007
    So you're looking for a computer setup? I'd say:
    HRT musicstreamer II--> Schiit Asgard--> and a can, what genres do you listen to? For most genres i think it's safe to say that a HD600/650 will please you!
  5. William007
    Or as a dac, look in to the Schiit Bifrost :)
  6. temporaryname
    An O2/ODAC combo from JDS Labs will run you $285 and are a great match with the HD650's. The guy who designed both the amp and DAC section owns a pair of HD650's. In terms of performance, both are thoroughly and scientifically documented to perform to professional standards, with all distortion measured to be inaudible and frequency response and output impedance measured to be optimal.
  7. sijaka
    yes William007, i'm looking for a computer setup. as i said in the opening post i mostly listen to punk/metal, classic rock, rock, and some dubstep.
    the HRT musicstreamer II sure loks tempting, as i can take it with me on the go, so how does this compare to the bifrost?
    i were planning to go for the Denon AH-D600 cans and the Schiit asgard, any other sugesitons on amp's that can drive the low impedance headphone?
  8. William007
    [I've got the Asgard, and the most sensitive cans i own are the SR80i's, the asgard works wonderful with them, but i generaly use the Asgard with my extreamly power hungry Wharfedale Isodynamic's. I've listened to both, and i'd have to say that the HRT is good enough. And for cans i see you listen to a lot of rock, maybe look in to some grado's? I think that a well driven HD600/650 will be amazing for rock. For your genres the hd650 will be better, or look in to the HifiMan HE-400 good bass, really a very good all rounder
  9. William007
    The Objective 2 will be very good, heard a lot of good things about them, they are also portable so a win. And if you're looking at a more mobile setup, look at the Fiio E17 maybe? Denon's are easy to drive.
  10. sijaka
    i've taken a chance and ordered the O2/ODAC combo from JDS Labs, now the waiting begins[​IMG]
    this is a SS amp, yes? if so, there should be no burn in periode?
    now the hunt for the right cann's start's, i'm going to post on a norwegian forum to se if there is anybody in my town with some cann's that i can test an hopefully i'll feel like: [​IMG] with at least one of them.
    OT: do you have problems with understanding what i'm writing? i'm not so confident in my own english skills..xp
  11. temporaryname
    Once you get them, report in and let us know if you're happy with them. And yes, no real burn in period for SS amps. Good from the get go.
    Your english skills are better than some native english speakers I know. I understand you completely.
  12. William007
    First cans you must buy are the Grado SR80i for rock, these are the best <$150 ($100) (rock) cans you can get! And maybe buy something like the ATH-M50 for dupstep :) you'll love it!
  13. ostewart
    Soundmagic HP100/HP200
  14. sijaka
    i could not find the soundmagic HP200 anywhere, link?
    i think i'll go for the soundmagic HP100 if i cant get a review and place to buy the HP200 as a start on my audioadventure^^,
    can i burn in the headphones on my regular stereo (power amp: Rotel RB-971, pre. amp: Yamaha CX-2) if the cans arive before the amp/DAC unit?
  15. ostewart
    Sounds good, you can try and contact soundmagic via email.

    If your interested in the HP100, mine are up for sale for a great price, $150 shipped worldwide.

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