1. steinle

    Headphones for work with no amp

    Hi,   So I see a bunch of these posts but nothing exactly specific to what I'm looking for.  I will be using these for work 5+ hours a day for sure.  Comfort is key!!  I know this is the portable headphones forum but that's not totally key, just need to be able to throw them in my bag when I...
  2. Angular Mo


    Hello, I made the mistake of inadvertently going to to full-size headphone forum.   I want something that is easy to travel with for daily commuting on the train; they need not be perfect in the isolation, I don't like the pressure I feel from noise cancelers,   Desires: 1...
  3. codefusionx

    Budget Headphones between $60-100

    Hi, folks! I'm fairly new to this forum so this is my first post. I'm currently looking for some headphones for my iPod classic. This is my first pair of headphones (since my earbuds broke) so I'm fairly new to all these. Initially I wanted to get a pair of Razer Electra's since they were $60...
  4. mrtheking

    Headphones Newspaper Article (ATH-M50 vs. Beats Studio)

    Here is a story I wrote for my school newspaper Del. Aware. In the article I compare the headphones Beats Studio and Audio Technica ATH-M50 after conducting several blind tests on musicians and audiophiles. Note that due to spacing issues, the article's length is limited, and therefore I could...
  5. footballplayerc

    Looking for really specific (maybe unrealistic) headphones?

    So I've been lurking for a while and I decided to make a thread to get a couple questions I have answered.    I'm looking for a new pair of headphones with the following specifications:   A) Can be used for studio/casual learning   B) Closed back   C) Have pretty good bass   ...
  6. Siva108

    Just got the KRK KNS 8400s!

    First of all, thank you guys for all the help when I asked for suggestions on headphones.   I just got the KRK KNS 8400s after literally hours spent looking at Innerfidelity graphs, and they are AMAZING. The detail. OH MY GOD THE DETAIL. Just wow. They're insanely clear as well.   My...
  7. GnomeKid

    New Sound Design Grad Student - Need good all purpose studio headphones

    Hello!   I recently started in an a sound design MFA, and I'm here to ask some advice about headphone options.  I've been working with a pair of 40 dollars skullcandys [don't recall the specific name, and i couldn't find them on their website anymore. Regardless, they're consumer quality]...
  8. jordan85

    Help Picking Out New DJ Cans (~$150)

    Hey all-   I am looking to get a new set of cans for DJing. I DJ old school hip hop, funk and soul, and a tiny bit of electronica. For background: I previously had HD-25-II's. I had no complaints, but I wouldn't have minded slightly more bass on the low-end, I thought highs could be a...
  9. xiaoyuanxp

    Are there any comfortable Over-ear Headphones under $150???

    I am a newbie and searching for a pair of over-ear headphones.   Where: 95% Home 5% Elsewhere   Genre: RNB, Rap 45%  Pop 40% Other 15%   Use: 40% Music 20% Movies 40% Games   Price: <$150, but would go for more   Key: Comfort is the biggest issue here. I...
  10. Hiccups

    Quality Headphones for 200$ or Under.

    Hello Head-Fi-er's, I am on the hunt for a new pair of cans, and have researched and researched for days to discover my audio needs based on where I am and what I listen to. I travel to and from school a lot, so home and school almost all the time, with extended listening periods for hours.  ...
  11. IsaacRCCL

    Looking for Help on Headphones

    I'm going portable with my new love for making music (Dubstep/Electro House/ Hip Hop)   So I got a New Macbook Pro/Tools and soon will have everything setup. Now I need a good pair of audio headphones to go with my portable studio. Since I do a lot of traveling I find myself in weird...
  12. FunkBlaster

    Shure SRH440 vs philips Uptown

    I am thinking about getting some actually decent headphones and have narrowed it down to the Shure SRH440's, the Phillips uptowns and the ATH-M50's.  All three around $100,  All three have gotten excellent reviews but I just can't decide which one is right for me.  I listen to a huge selection...
  13. mixoman

    Best monitor/mixing/music headphones for under $150

    Before anyone says "there are lots of post just like this" i want to say the reason i am asking is because no one comes up with a final answer people are pretty much just listing off headphones. And with my limited knowledge of such things its hard for me to make a decision because i dont know...
  14. JorgenMeathooks

    Stepping up and need some help!

    Hello, Head-Fi folks! So, the last post I made, I was considering stepping things up, but life happened, money was gone and everything sucked. Since then, though, I've toyed around with demo headphones in Best Buy and other stores to find that my love of heavy bass was fading. I found myself...
  15. F

    Advice: Upgrading from ATH-M50

    Hello everyone,   So, I am looking to purchase a new set of headphones, and I was hoping I could get some advice from the knowledgeable members of   Here are the details: I have had the ATH-M50s for ~ 2 years, and I love them. They are great. A need another pair of...
  16. popandlockit

    Best Sub-$100 Headphone?

    Ok all you head-fi'ers, I have a challenge for you. I want the BEST headphones for under $100, though I'm not really an "audiophile". Right now I have a pair of Sony XB-500s ($70), but they feel cheap, aren't good at keeping in sound, and are pretty bulky. Also I have found that the bass and...
  17. Hyudryu

    Need help finding good headphones under 100$ Clarity Matters

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for listening to music at home. I found a Pioneer HDJ500 headphone that looks good, but some people say the quality isn't that good. What I want is crystal clear mids and highs, and decent amount of bass and under 100$ if possible. It's hard...
  18. vinnievidi

    K550 or D600: Looking for New Closed Headphones for Classical

    After reading countless posts, I bit the bullet and I got the K550 this weekend.  For the most part I like them. Though, there are some issues that I have with them and now I don't know if I should return the K550 and get the D600 (or something completely different).     I got the K550...
  19. boy1234

    Philip Citiscapes for $40

    I missed out on the deal by 3 days. Why does life have to be so cruel...?   I may have to postpone the search for a pair of headphones under $130. </3
  20. atrika

    Need help choosing Full-sized headphones.

    Hi head-fi, I've been lurking here for some months already, but I now need your help to choose my next headphones. I'm looking for big, comfortable, full-sized headphones to plug into my laptop and desktop (onboard audio). I mostly listen to rock (radiohead, the doors, pink floyd) and electronic...
  21. ak21

    Studio Headphones Recommendation for Digital Audio course

    Hi, I have emailed my professor about buying studio headphones for digital audio course since its required, and he told me the first that comes to mind is The Seinheiser 280, but he will try to find his full list and email me it soon, however its been a week or so and I still haven't received...
  22. AbsoluteZero

    Upgrade from M-50 and Introduction of New Member Here!

    Greetings Headfi-ers!   I'm a newbie here after sticking around looking at reviews and comments in the forum and also relatively new to the world of high end equipments (about three months). I've always been itching to ask questions here but due to the lack of experience in the audio field...
  23. ksz210

    I am looking to buy a new set of headphones but i don't know what to buy

    Hi Head-Fi Community,   Ive used in-ear buds my entire life and last year i bought a pair of klipsh s4i and now i am looking to buy a pair of full sized headphones.   1. I'm a college student who spends the majority of the week in my room studying, I need a set of headphones that do a...
  24. Taephan

    Beyerdynamics with a balanced sound.

    Are there any that have a balanced sound under $200? I'm considering the KRK KNS8400 right now but the Beyerdynamic series intrigue me as well.
  25. tate907

    looking for a great pair of headphones in the 100 dollar range that sound good but like decent

    like the title said im looking for a good pair of headphones that sound great but look decent i wanna start a collection of headphones(excluding beats,soul and sms) but im a little short on cash not too much just some i already  have a pair of decent headphones and i  want another pair and good...