1. Rock N Roll 93

    First Amplifier

    Hello everyone   I got a Klipsch RB 81 MKii and i want a new integrated stero amplifier. I Listen only Rock,Hard Rock,Metal, i see: Marantz pm 8003 Denon pma 720 ae Nad c356 bee What is the best ??
  2. zwitt

    first amp

    howdy ive been an audiophile for a couple years now i own a couple untrasone headphones the hfi 580s and the dj 1 i use one at home mostly for my mixing table and the other to travel and ect. i think its time that i invest in something better ive been looking at the denon ah 5000 and the 2000 im...
  3. Shini44

    OPA627AP or 8610 or 209 for j-pop?

    Found the answer
  4. davidsh

    Advice for new head-fiers?

    Just got some thoughts i want to share about audio sources. I have got my computer, iphone, and finally heard a couple of amps.   First off the computer is an awful source with its built in headphone amplifier/dac. Very little bass, and the bass that might exist seem to be unaccurate and...
  5. Punchy71

    Noob question on entry level tube amplifier

      I'm a complete Audiophile noob. I was wanting to know what the lowest prices might be for an entry level tube amplifier for headphones? Also, what differentiates one tube amp from another? What should I look for and what should I avoid? Which ones sound the best and which ones sound the worst...
  6. Punchy71

    Noob needs information about Japanese and Chinese headphone tube amplifiers

      I am a noob audiophile. I was wanting to know what brands of tube headphone amplifiers are Japanese designed/engineered/made (if there are any at all) either modern or vintage commonly available here in the United States? And also what is the consensus about any of these Japanese brands?   ...
  7. Jodet

    Elekit TU-882AS vs Ming Da MC84C07 MK II for HD800's?

    Any comments on this?     I'd probably update the Elekit with better tubes and caps, so the price difference would be small.    Anyone heard either (or both) with HD800's?    All comments welcome. 
  8. SoupWizard

    What amp is this?

    I have been looking for several months and know nothing about amps. can anyone tell me what this is?
  9. cactus_farmer

    Which headphone amps have recessed mids or a v-shaped curve?

    I have seen headphone amps described as bright, dark, or mid-centric - never seen one described with the last type of sound signature - the v-shaped curve...?   Can you think of any headphone amps with this sound signature?
  10. yepimonfire

    Has anybody here heard a tube amp and not liked the sound?

  11. LAmitchell

    Caution for new head-fi peeps....

    I'm really LOVING listening to headphones.              I mean absolutely LOVE it.... and I'm surprised, because just 2 years ago, I swore I would never do the headphone thing again.           2 YEARS AGO:        I got on head-fi (like many people do when they...
  12. astrostar59

    New Headphone amp for the HIFIMAN Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Hi All   I have built some Audio Note kits, and run a DAC kit which is really great sound for the money.   I note Audio Note kits (Canada) have brought out a kit Headphone ampl It has got to be the cheapest way to get top quality into those headphones, and the kits are fun to make!  ...
  13. Alias Gu

    It seems Ipod Classic really can't handle my EX1000.

    Hi all It seems my Ipod Classic really can't handle my EX1000.  I heard about PHA-1 and HP-P1 can supply my Ipod Classic with much more power. Which one will be better?   Thanks
  14. malky

    MAD HD SUPER II Best tubes and Phones

    After 18 months with the Mad Ear plus HD II I am aiming to try some new tubes. Below are all on Ebay at the moment. Matched Pair Golds Label SYLVANIA 5751 Black Plates 3 Mica $170 Matched Pair GE 5751 Black Plates 3 Mica Square Getter $71 Matched Pair RCA 5751 Black Plates 3 Mica Square...
  15. goforthepod

    any news on the ODA? anyone knows?

    Hi,   I am anxiously waiting (I have been) for the Objective Desktop Amp (ODA) from the NW AV Guy for a while, but his blog hasn't been updated since May.   Anyone who knows him could tell us about the progress or ETA?   Thanks
  16. teddytejero

    Receivers with seperate headphone amp & high end dac + networking , USB , Toslink ...

    In Audio Utopia I would like to be able to buy a full amp with a seperate headphone amp circuit and dac like the ONKYO 9070 integrated with a network streamer like a CAMBRIDGE AUDIO AZUR STREAM MAGIC and ample power and inputs like the NAD - C356DAC Is such an apparatus available on the...
  17. ValentinHogea

    Speaker terminals to 1/4" TRS/4-pin XLR out AND Speaker terminals out. What to buy?

    I've been lurking and searching around like a nut for a product that sits my needs...   I want to be able to hook up my power amp into a box (with banana plugs), have a 1/4" TRS and/or 4-pin XLR out + passive speaker terminals out to connect to my full-size speakers...   So far I've only...
  18. FlatListener

    Please help: quiet headphones for travel by bike and train

    Hello to all,   This is my first post on this forum and as my name says, I'm listening to flat portable music gear: an iPod classic 120 with standard white earphones from the box. I want to do something about it, but first I need some expert advice. Let me explain:   I'm an audiophile...
  19. Leonarfd

    AKG K550 AMP or Soundcard

    Hey. I got the AKG K550s, I have used em mostly with my laptop at uni but decided to get some iems for that instead. So now im plugging them into my gaming computer at home instead, the only problem now is low sound and lack of elements in the sound. I understand this is due to the bad onboard...
  20. Lalamauchi

    Does this fit me?

    I'm new to headphones and was looking for a pair with punchy bass, good highs, and good depth for around 200 or less dollars. I don't mind if the set up involves getting equipment that will exceed 200 (I'm expecting it to). I just want the headphones to be $200 or so. I was thinking of getting...
  21. stimmi

    Audio technica ATH M50 (Integrated soundcard or Dedicated sound card)

    Hi.   I just ordered the Audio technica ATH M50 headphones and i plan on using them for listening to music,watching HD (and 3d) movies and playing games.I will basicly use them for everything sound related. I know they arent the best headset but i dont have the cash to get the high end ATM...
  22. Elgreco

    Ok new to the forum ! Totally noob audiophile :)

    Hello everyone .   I am totally new to the forum and the audiophile section. I ve been listening to a lot of rock music , classic rock .   Recently a friend of mine bought me the Beyerdynamics DT880 250ohm edition . i like the headphones very much and the music is very crisp and clear ...
  23. Mtyndall

    Best Portable Headphones for under 300?

    Hey guys I'm new to this site and have little experience in quality headphones but am wanting to change that. I listen to a broad range of music but I'd say the majority of what I listen to is alternative. My favorite band is Radiohead followed by Muse. I'm looking for headphones that I can wear...
  24. iim7V7IM7

    Tube amp for Sennheiser HD800s: deciding between some SE & balanced options

    Gear: DAC: Grace Design m903 Tube Amp: ? Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 Single Ended Candidates: DNA Sonett 2 Eddie Current Zana Deux SE Woo Audio WA2 Other? Balanced Candidates: DNA Stratus Eddie Current Super 7 Woo Audio WA22 Other? Amp Criteria: maximize bass performance, sonic...
  25. Sahara

    Electrostatic & Dynamic amplifier

    Hello: I would like to ask if you know any other amplifier currently on the market -I know Malvalve Amp Three can do it - which can work with electrostatic and dynamic headphones?   If possible maybe I would raise the idea of selling my Woo Audio 2 OTL and have only an amplifier  ...