1. PeterK53

    Dumb receiver as headphone amp question--

    Did some searching here but my crazy idea was not found.   Have a Pioneer Elite VSX49TX receiver rated 130 watts and cost $4200 back in 2002. Headphone jack works fine with my super old Pioneer headphones from the 70s!! Thinking of purchasing the Audeze LCD-2 headphone. As I read, they like...
  2. Rogare

    Need headphone amp capable of driving 50 Ω earbuds at up to 5 V rms / 20 V peak (1% duty cycle)

    I'm looking for a headphone amp capable of driving 50 Ω earbuds at up to 5 V rms / 20 V peak (1% duty cycle).  Any recommendations would be terrific.  It doesn't need to incredibly high fidelity—I'm aiming for the low hundreds of $, if possible.   Thanks for reading!
  3. Couch Potato

    Asus Essence One or O2/ODAC Combo for HD650

    ive heard alot of great reviews on asus essence one,cheap and offers great audio quality, has lots of inputs for different sources (PC,DVD,PS3,XBOX etc.) i can link the asus essence one with my Z5500 Logitech Speakers too. Waiting for the Muses Edition   ive heard o2/odac sounded very boring...
  4. joetjie2000

    "Cheap" Tube amp recommendations

    Hi everyone!   I'd really like to try out a tube amp - just to get a feel for it. I dont want to spend loads of money. I cant seem to find new forums on "affordable" tube amps. I'm looking at the LD 1+... but it has been on the market for quite some time. Any other recommendations? I'll...
  5. Hirsch

    EAR HP4 Tube Rolling Thread

    You knew this was only a matter of time, didn't you? The stock tubes are Sovtek 6SL7GT's. Tim de Paravicini says that the EAR was designed for these tubes, and that the sound cannot be improved by changing them. What does he know? He just designed the thing. The EAR does sound pretty good...
  6. J

    Amps for HD 600: Bottlehead Crack vs. Audio-GD NFB 15.32

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so please bear with me.   I just got my HD600 recently and now I am looking for a suitable amp to make them really shine. I listen mostly to pop, country, jazz, rock music (with lots of vocals), but currently I don't have any source/file higher than CD...
  7. Melvins

    Headphone amp, can I use it to power vinyl player

    Hey guys,   Buying a turn table shortly and am trying to figure out the set up I'm going to get with it. Was wondering if I could use my tube amp (little dot 1+) as an amp for my turn table. I saw a guy use his woo headphone amp as an amp on youtube and was wondering if i could possibly do...
  8. stingers96

    please help me decide on new amp (and maybe dac) for my new LCD3's

    I recently purchased a pair of Audez'e LCD3 phones, and wow, they are really that good. I need to upgrade my hardware to let these phones give me their full potential.  Right now I am considering the following equipment, but am open to suggestions from those with experience with their suggestion...
  9. FX99

    Budget Tube amp for Low-impedance cans?

    Hi,   I have used solid-state amps (Lovely Cube, Audio-gd Roc, etc) with low-impedance cans like K701, and now, I'm trying to go into the tube amp world. Crack OTL looks good and budget but it doesn't seems to be for me because most cans I have are low-impedance.   Could you head-fiers...
  10. Hooster

    Bob Carver Black Magic 20

    This might interest you guys:   http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/bob-carver-black-magic-20-stereo-power-amplifier/   "On a lark, I decided to make up a 1/4″ stereo jack to banana plug adapter and drove my Etymonic ER-4S in-ear headphones from the speaker terminals. The Etymonic ER-4S...
  11. goforthepod

    Has anyone been experienced with ebay store LITTLE BEAR AUDIO? They have a cheap tube amp...

    The amp I (a noob) am referring to is this:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Compatible-6xxx-12xxx-6N11-12AU7-ECC88-Tube-valve-DIY-Headphone-Amplifier-AMP-U-/120990700325   but there are auctions of the same amp going on every day that you can get it for just over 30 dollars.  The question is...
  12. insphere

    SWIM installed a 6SN7 and a 6AS7 in the opposite way on a 336SE. Then turned the amp on and listened to music. Could this cause any damage?

    Remember, SWIM!    On another note, they're in the right place now and it sounds fine. However, could there be any problems from doing so? I would assume if they are different voltages, worse case scenario the tubes would die. But I'm not too sure? 
  13. hamperstamper

    Advice needed to get the most out of my Sennheiser HD600s

    I have tried to work this out for myself by searching the forums and reading extensively, but there is so much conflicting opinion out there, even about the equipment I already own.   Please could some experienced members advise me - what ONE upgrade would they make to my current setup, in...
  14. barzman

    westone 3 amp

    hi, iv seen on ebay and other places selling westone 3's that they now provide a free amp along with the iem's themselves. i may sound really dumb here but what is the purpose of a headphone amp and is it worth getting?? 
  15. JCDaya

    Do I need an Amp for the AKG K550?

    Planning to buy the AKG K550 very soon, and I'm wondering if it is needed to drive the headphone. I am planning to use the headphone on my desktop computer. If so, what amp do you guys suggest on buying?   Thanks Guys, ~Newbie
  16. avrosse

    Best Headphones/Amp Combo for Classical Music (especially Opera); Budget: $2000-2500

    Hi folks, I'd love to expand my stereo speaker system to include headphones. My current system looks like this: Densen B-410 cd player / Oppo BDP-95 blu-ray player -> Densen B-110 integrated amplifier -> Verity Rienzi loudspeakers As mentioned in the title, I'm looking for a...
  17. charliex

    Advice needed on a 'final' TOTL Electrostatic amp within $2k price range.

    Alright, it’s time for an electrostatic amplifier upgrade, enough with issues from aging tube electrostatics or DIY’s done by others.  I’m thinking of finally purchasing something brand new from a reputable dealer that will not only have some kind of warranty, but longevity in the long run...
  18. arnaud

    Just announced: Luxman P-700u balanced headphone amp

    Just announced today, Luxman's p-1u successor, the p-700u. Both balanced and unbalanced output: http://www.luxman.co.jp/presspro/p700u.html
  19. britneedadvice

    12AU7 Tube alternatives for Ray Samuels B-52-in position V1/V2

    The purpose of this new thread. I've recently bought a Ray Samuels B-52, 2nd hand from a previous owner in the UK. There are no accompanying manuals/notes. Like many before me,obtaining different tubes becomes a personal quest in order to achieve the ultimate sound possible? I don't use...
  20. DefQon

    HE-6 > Dark Star or equiv....or integrated amp?

    Having read from a few that a properly driven HE-6 reaches close to the 009 sound, to those that have heard or own the HE-6, would going with an expensive headamp such as the Dark Star output better sound quality then a integrated amp > dummy load combination?
  21. ValentinHogea

    Transportable/battery-driven high-end amplifiers

    After meticulous searches I don't seem to find a specific thread for this subject...   Background:   Most can agree that battery-powered electronics removes a lot of problems related PSU's in amplifiers. Some of us still want to be able to move our rig. I know the majority doesn't...
  22. Altair49

    Upgrading myheadphones and amp, need help getting the cleanest sound to them.

    HI,   I am new to hi fi and posted in the other summit-fi forum but was told my question would be better answered here. I would really apreciate any help please.   My current set up is a pair of Shure earphones and a Fiio E17 and E9k, I just bought a pair oh Sennheiser HD700s and about...
  23. OlivierVDK

    Receiver or headphone amp

    Hello People,   I have a Yamaha home theater receiver (RX-V430RDS) and I am planning on buying the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohm. I've been using the receiver for over a year now (mainly for watching movies). I can drive headphones up to 560 ohm. Will it be good enough for my...
  24. A

    ODAC+O2 or Dacport LX+E11/cMoy for HE-400?

    Hello folks,   I've narrowed down my search for a DAC+amplifier for my brand new HE-400s to the following options: (JDS Labs) ODAC+O2 DACport LX + [(Fiio) E11 OR JDS Labs cMoy]   I can get either combination for just less than $300.   Which option would you recommend? I'm...
  25. BaileyAblaze

    Best Amp/DAC Combo with HD800

    So I am considering getting the Sennheiser HD800, and I was wondering which amps/DAC's go best with it for under $1500 total. I've heard that the Burson Audio HA-160D is a very good combo, but I'm also wondering about amps like the Woo-Audio WA2 and Apex Arete. What are your thoughts on the...