1. CountChoculaBot

    Can my SET tube speaker amp power HE6/Stax?

    I've got a pretty nice speaker setup, but I'd like to integrate headphones into the chain without buying dedicated components.   As such, I'd like to use headphones that can use speaker amps, such as the HE6 or the Stax.   My speaker amp is a 845 tube based SET tube amp, the Cary 805C...
  2. iim7V7IM7

    HD800 + $1,000-$2,500 Amp = Sonic Bliss?

    Hi,   I had an earlier post last week where I was asking about tube amps for an HD800.  But I have been thinking a bit more broadly about it and considering also solid state or hybrid amplifiers as well. The thought for a tube amp was because so many experienced HD800 users preferred them, and...
  3. jstevanus

    Does anyone know anything about this tube amp?

    My mom was cleaning out her dad's old stuff, and found this old tube amplifier.  Can anyone tell me anything about it?  Brand, model, price?  Any help is greatly appreciated.       http://i.imgur.com/EjBtU.jpg
  4. supern00b

    Preamp question

    I searched and didn't find a clear answer, only alot of jargon...   If a speaker has hi impedance, does that mean it'll have weak volume when not preamped? I have a tube guitar amp, and as far as I know, "driving" the amp does bring out the true characteristics of the amp, along with wicked...
  5. D-Cone

    Would a cheap headphone amplifier improve sound quality at all?

    I just got a pair of Shure SE215's and I'm in love.  Now i'm looking for anything that will help out the sound quality. I was wondering if I bought a cheap headphone amplifier, like the FiiO E6, would it change the sound quality at all? Here's my current setup: Ipod Classic>(FiiO E6 would go...
  6. SilverS

    I need a perfectly flat headphone amp

    I've been looking around for information on this matter, and nothing has turned up, probably because its an odd or obvious question: is it normal for headphone amps to have a totally flat frequency response, or do most tend to add some flavor to certain frequency ranges. Anyway, I need an...
  7. AsadA203

    Headphone Amp or sound card?

    Hi Guys,   Well I posted a while back about my X-Fi Forte analog outs dying on me so I have been forced to use the DAC on my Z5500 (from the digital out of the X-Fi Forte) to power my HD 555s.  I have personally found the Logitech's headphone out to be awful compared to the Forte's headphone...
  8. Shini44

    asus Xonar Phoebus & amplifier

    So i have asus Xonar Phoebus sound card and i am planing to buy senhisier HD 595 and IE80 would i need to use an amplifier for a higher quality?
  9. Brando

    TPA6120A2 based amp for Denon AH-D7000?

    I've been talking with harman kardon about their hk 990 integrated amplifier to make sure the headphone out will be an upgrade from the one in my hk 3490 and they told me it uses the TPA6120A2.  I looked up the specs on google and it looks really high end but I saw some posts about it not being...
  10. novasound

    headamp for beyer T1

    Hello, I gonna buy the beyerdynamic T1, but I don't realy know what headamp should i buy. My budget is something like 800 $ (500--600 euros).   I have now a CD player marantz which works very nice, and a stereo amplifier NAD.   I know nothing in headamps, that's why I request your...
  11. midflder92

    Grado vs Sennheiser vs AudioTechnica

    I've been into hi-fi stereo for the last ten years (half my life) and now that I'm satisfied with my setup i'd like to get into headphones too.  I'm leaning towards the new Rega Ear as it shares technology with the Brio-R I love so much.  What I'm looking for is a pair of headphones that is full...

    Denon AVE 5805 headphone amp

    Hello all great site so much to read and learn Anyone here have any input on quality of useing it to drive hd800 headphones It's what I have for now and would like some input on sound quality. Thank you
  13. Sanotter

    Need an amp for Under 100GBP! To drive Hd598's.

    So, I will be getting the HD 598's in a couple of weeks, but having used my noisy inbuilt audio on my computer, i need something to stop it. Max 100GBP, although less is better, I was thinking a nuforce uDac-2 or xonar dx, but would prefer something <100. i don't need portability, just a pretty...
  14. Swaggursaurus

    I have no clue what amp or dac, or whatever, to get

    So I am planning on getting the Beyer DT770 Pro 250 for listening to music on my iPhone, since that's all I have, but I'm pretty sure I need an amp or dac or whatever. Anyways, I was asking if you guys could help me figure this out and recommend anything to me.   Thanks!
  15. TomodachiF

    Which tube amp under $200 for Q701 and SR325is

    Hi guys   I'm thinking about buying an tube amp for under $200. Which tube amp  is better for driving the Q701 and SR325is? I listen to all kinds of genre from classical to rock to electronica. I want a warm musical tube sound.   If you have any tubes amps under $200 please recommend...
  16. B

    WA3 as a preamp

    How does the WA3 do as a preamp?  I've decided to buy one for my DT880s, but I'm stuck on the preamp option.  I have a pair of B&Ws that barely get used as they're currently the mains in my basement home theater.  When they do get used, its mostly for gaming or movies and I feel like they're...
  17. 2Erly

    D7000, decision...

    After doing a bunch of searching and basically frying my brain, I decided to just ask. Im going to purchase some Denon D7000 headphones next week and I need an amp/dac as I will be running it from my macbook pro. Im not coming from a long audio history, so Im a bit Novice. After searching the...
  18. Bjorkfan

    Tube amps tube amps help me find one...

    Hi, I'm new here, from Sweden. I've been looking both here and allover the web, searching a tube amp for me. I would prefer a tube only amp, but I've been glancing on some hybrids too. I'm prepared to spend about $1000 on a good amp. (And a big plus would be multiple inputs and the...
  19. 1


  20. tappeddarkman

    headphone amp help

    im not really sure where to put this, because im not really sure what i need. i have a pair of koss pro dj100's. which im sure arent the best. but they suit my needs. they stay at my computer 90% of the time. and for a long time i was just using the on board sound card on my motherboard. which...
  21. Junsa

    Please help me pick an AMP !

    Dear members of Head-fi.org, I am sorry to do this to you but after trawling through 7-8 pages on the search function I started to get quite bored and confused and now I need your help!   I am a computer guy but I don't know that much about audio, for some reason the information doesn't seem...
  22. jlaseter

    Can anyone recommend a good multi-headphone amp? (Little Dot Upgrade?)

    My current rig is the Little Dot Mk III+ paired with Grado RS-2i cans. Yet recently I have read that output impedance will matter to the headphones being driven, so I'm already wondering if the Little Dot is what I need for these. I like the sound of the tubes I installed (Mullard CV4010), but I...
  23. SupaZang

    Headphone amp for my pc (with AKG 701's)

    I'm ordering myself some AKG 701's in the morning and was going to buy the Fiio E17 as a amp/DAC in one, but I have just been suggested the iBasso D7 which is of similar price. I'm   really tempted to go for the E17 because I can get very fast delivery as I tend to be very impatient but I...
  24. Eric23

    Schiit Asgard amp safe?

    Hi guys,   Sorry. Just being paranoid here. lol....   Just to explain my recent paranoia. Recently I bought a cheap, USB external soundcard for my laptop. I plugged in my m50's and instantly when trying to play a song I heard some crackling sounds and both drivers died on me right away...
  25. Zasteba

    DT880 - Best Soundcard + Amp combo?

    [Edit] Dang I just realized this should have went to the amp subsection. My bad guys.   Hey guys, I know some of you may say that this has been discussed already, but there are a few finer points that I want to hammer out which I haven't found an answer to.   I have already decided on...