1. Tony1110

    USB DACs

    I recently paired my Grado 325i's with a Graham Slee Solo and they sound terrific together. But I'm getting into this now and I'll not be satisfied until I've extracted the very best sound possible from these brilliant 'phones. I'm now debating whether to buy a Music Streamer II+ in order to...
  2. timothylihk

    Graham Slee Solo update?

    Hi everyone,    As I purchased a new headphone just a couple of days (W1000x), every time I plug it to my Graham Slee solo, it produce some kind of background noise, which makes it annoying when listening to song specially the more quieter bits. I had a browse in Graham slee website and seen...
  3. Greg24

    DAC + Amp for HD650 (budget 800$ for each)

    Hi Guys,   First post on this forum I'm reading for a few months now... I've read a lot of interesting posts, but I'm a bit confused now with the choices I have to make. I listen to folk, blues, jazz, a bit of rock and classical. I will own a Sennheiser HD650 and have at the moment a RME...
  4. Avangelion

    Did i made a mistake? Need clarafication on Graham slee solo models.

    Hi, i decided to get my first heaphone amp. I ordered this one - graham slee solo intro srg green mk 2. Site mentioned that it is new updated model. But later i discovered that there are two another models. Graham...
  5. tom-in-hk

    Best Headphones to pair with Graham Slee Solo Amp

    Hi,   I have about $250USD budgeted for a pair of full size headphones for home use.   I have the Graham Slee Amp Solo SRGII with the Power Supply    I currently use an old pair of Sennheiser 580 Precison cans, however the headband pad foam are reduced to nothing, and  they are...
  6. Quest88

    Pre-amp and Headphone amplifier separates?

    Hi there, This may be a funny question but coming from speaker setups where we often advocate the use of separates - as in splitting up USB, DAC, Pre-amp and going monoblocks - I've noticed many headphone amps are sold as an integrated (with pre-amp built in), even top of the line products...
  7. autumnholy

    Graham Slee Solo (Green VS PSU1)

    Hey, guys.   Sorry for me asking, if you have ever compared both Solo Green and Solo PSU1. What's the difference anyway? I just wanna know if the price can be justified, and if it's better to upgrade directly to Solo Ultra linear or any other amps around the price range.   Btw, my...
  8. tekdz

    Poor sound quality on pc setup

    Hi all   The setup I am running is:   Headphones: Sennheiser HD650 Amp: Graham Slee Solo DAC: V-Dac Wires: lindy usb wire, and a qed one (not very expensive ones)   Basically the sound on the pc sounds flat and harsh on the ears, so I tried the headphones out on my iphone and...
  9. mandawebs

    Advise on Consonance Cyber 20 suitable tubes.

    Hello,        I have just bought an Opera Cyber 20 headphone amp. I will use it with a Grado RS-2 headphones to listen, mainly, to Rock and Jazz music. Love the full and round bass sound and the extended soundstage.        With all the previous information, I would like to leverage a bit...
  10. ro9ue

    Headphone amp upgrade for HD 650 and Xonar Essence STX

    Hello!   I'm opting to get a decent amp for HD 650s. I'm currently using Essence STX sound card which is surprisingly good as an amp but I'm looking for an upgrade. Budget is $700ish and current prospects are Burson Audio HA-160, Musical Fidelity M1 and Graham Slee Solo Ultra-Linear. This...
  11. Xanthos

    Best solid-state headphone amplifier for around $800 or less

    I've been doing a lot of research on solid-state headphone amplifiers in this price range and my head is spinning on which to choose. From the Blue Circle HPT, Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear, SPL Auditor, Burson Audio HA-160, and even less expensive options like the Matrix M-Stage, there are just...
  12. Mr.P

    Which Headphones

    I'm looking for a pair of Headphones to partner my Graham Slee Ultra Linier Amp ,Anyone know what  Beyer Dynamic DT 880 , Audio Technica ATH AD700  would be like.I have Sennheiser HD 650. Thanks.
  13. thinkpol

    Separate volume for L and R ear

    I've got ~70% hearing loss in my right ear. My outer ear drum was removed (mastoidectomy) when I was young due to a severe ear infection that was caught too late. Is it possible to have separate volume controls for the left and right ear? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  14. bassophile

    Why is the HD650 'boring'?

    With it's big thumping bass on the club beats and lush midrange these should be headphones that make you get your groove on, no?   You may not personally find them boring, but why do other people often say they are boring? What does 'laid back' even mean when referring to audio?
  15. aegean

    SPL Phonitor or Violectric V200 for Sennheiser HD 800

    I am new to the club but have been reading all the reviews in regards to different amplifiers for quite a few months. Finally, shortlisted the two -  Phonitor or V200. Seeking help and advice on which way to go. I would appreciate any help in making this decision. Phonitor is more expensive but...
  16. mrinspire

    REVIEW : Soundaware D100 Pro Deluxe Edition : The Ultimate Source

      Soundaware D100Pro Deluxe Edition (1400USD and depends on region) arrived in! There is some phenomenon happened in audiophile world throughout this few years. I listed out two here, first, the audiophile crowd seems to be younger than it was. I remembered when I started my...
  17. Marco2

    My impressions of my new Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear amp

    I got the upgrade kit for my 2004 Solo MC approx 1 month ago. If anyone is considering going for the DIY kit but worried about fitting then don't be, it really is simple.   Since then it has been plugged in 24/7 and have clocked up a fair few hours listening now.   I was happy with my...
  18. mdg900

    Using a headphone amp with an electric guitar

    Is it possible to use a headphone amp with an electric guitar? What would the sound be like? Is any other equipment necessary?   I have a Graham Slee Solo and HD650s.     Cheers!
  19. MikeCD2020

    Concerto or GS Ultra linear ?

    I am quite new to head-fi, been using an iPod with B&O phones until about 5 months ago, when I bought a set of ATH M-50s & a Graham Slee Voyager... a match made in head-fi heaven.... for me at least. I have decided to Go the whole hog, and put together a system for home use. I Will be using...
  20. davidvanderbilt

    Portable Amp Recommendation for Audio Technica ATH-M50

    I just got the Audio Technica ATH-M50's and im not sure if I am fully satisfied with them yet (especially out of my ipod) so I was thinking of adding an amp. I am not really concerned about a DAC - having one would be nice, but I want an amp that I can put in my pocket with my ipod. I was...
  21. superjohny

    GS-1 or Graham Slee Solo SRGII w/ PSU1?

    Hi guys, I am deciding to get one of the two. after reading lots and lots of threads I have a kind of a feeling that ppl do prefer solo to GS-1 or at least I've read more appreciation of Solo than GS-1. however, i've seen several for sale threads for solo but never saw any FS thread for the...
  22. azncookiecutter

    SS Amp that plays nice with HF2, K701?

    Just got the K701s in, and using it with the Little Dot MKV right now, and they're too bright for me right now, so on a lookout for a new amp. Looking around the $400 - $500 USD price range, and used is fine for me. Been eyeing the KICAS Caliente, which seems to be a good fit for the K701s and...
  23. iamjacksears

    Heed CanAmp, Graham Slee Solo SRG II, or X-Can V8P?

    These have both been around long enough to move past FOTM so I was hoping to get some opinions from owners or previous owners of these amps. This will be for a desktop rig using either an iTouch as a source or my work PC through a v-dac. The main headphones I will be using will be the D5000...
  24. Zoldar

    REVIEW: Graham Slee Solo Ultra-Linear headphone amp

    This morning I received my Solo (2007, pre SRG model) back from Graham Slee. It has been upgraded to Solo Ultra-Linear. Since I have been only recently initiated in the dark art of head-fi some background follows:   I was perfectly content with the K701 and Solo combo. However 2 things...
  25. tkimages

    Novo or Solo for MS1s?

    I've recently bought a pair of Alessandro MS1s for use with my Ipod, they are just great.  So I've decided to use them with the main system (Meridian DSP) but it has no headphone out.  I've decided to add a headphone amp to the analogue out of the CD player (Meridian G08) as the digital out is...