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Apr 25, 2005
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azncookiecutter Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, Male

  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Current: Sennheiser HD 600, Hifiman HE-500
    Previously Owned: Alessandro MS-1, Alessandro MS-2i, Sony D66SL Eggos, Shure E4, Audiotechnica ES7, AKG K240 Sextetts, Crossroads MylarOne xB, Sony MDR-V6, Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 pro, Etymotic ER-6i, Shure E2c, Koss KSC-75, Beyerdynamic DT770/80, Monster Turbine, AKG K518 LE, Phiaton MS 300, Shure SRH840, Apple Premium In-Ears, Westone UM2, Monster Jamz, Beyerdynamic DT880/32, Beyerdynamic DT770/600, Yuin PK3, Audio Technica ATH-AD700, Shure SE215, Grado HF-2, Monster Turbine Pro Copper, UE TripleFi 10 Pro, Sennheiser PX100
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Current: Meier Audio Corda Concerto, AMB mini3
    Previously Owned: Purity Audio KICAS Caliente, Millet Hybrid, HPDAC, PA2V2, Go-Vibe Petite, CMOY, iBasso D2 Boa, Little Dot MK V, Meier Audio Corda HeadFive, Rockhopper M3, Bravo Audio V2
    Source Inventory:
    Current: Gumby
    Previously Owned: Go-Vibe Petite, iBasso D2 Boa, Tianyun Zero, Creative Zen V, Creative Zen Micro, iPod Nano 3G, Sony NetMD MZ-N510, Sony NetMD MZ-N410, Samsung YP-MT6Z, iRiver iFP-190, iPod Shuffle 1G, iPod Touch 2G, Cambridge Audio DACMagic, Asus Xonar D1, Apple iPhone 4, Saumsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S III (i747M)
    Cable Inventory:
    Monoprice, Tartan Cables
    Other Audio Equipment:
    JMoney Leather Headband for Grados
    Logitech Z-2300
    Music lovin' Canuck.


    Nexus 5X > Unique Melody TF10x4

    Wyrd > Gumby > Concerto > Sennheiser HD 600, Hifiman HE-500

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