1. SilverEars

    *Sold* Massdrop Fostex TH-X00 EB (Ebony)

    For Sale is Massdrop Fostext TH-X00 EB or Ebony. This is the most balanced turning of the TH-X00 series. Shipped CONUS $350 Image
  2. bharat2580

    FOSTEX THX X-00 Mahogany almost new

    Rarely used FOSTEX THX X-00 Mahogany for sale pics if required, is brand new 3 times used 350 Euro + shipping(20) , PayPal fee free
  3. buntwo

    FS: Massdrop/Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany

    About 25-30 hours of use. Like new condition, no blemishes whatsoever. Comes with original carrying bag and cables.
  4. C

    WTB Fostex TR-X00 Ebony

    WTB MD Fostex Ebony headphones. PM with details. Gently used or better condition ideally.
  5. S

    FS: Massdrop Fostex TR-X00 Ebony

    Excellent condition TR-X00 Ebony. I took extra good care not to scratch the cups. Pet and smoke free home. Fantastic headphone that's going to be hard for me to let go. Does not include the stand but does come with the detachable cable, bag, box. PM me if you are interested. Lower 48 US only...
  6. Ruinedforfun


    Th900mk1 with 610 pads, (new),case . in gr8 condition. Comes with headphones, case and stand Looking for SOLD. Will trade for elex. Price includes paypal fee. Plesse message for shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD
  7. thefitz

    Earpad EXTRAVAGANZA! Kinda?

    Hello friends, I have some earpads that I want to sell. I believe the prices are fair, firm, and including shipping/PayPal to North America. Dekoni HD800 Sheepskin ($OLD) Dekoni HD800 Hybrid ($OLD) Dekoni T-50RP Sheepskin ($35 USD) Dekoni TH-X00 Sheepskin with tuning ring ($45 USD) Black...
  8. kevingzw

    Vibro Labs MkII Headphones (Wood-cupped T50rps')

    Hey fellow audiophiles! I recently discovered that Vibro Labs is back after receiving an email from their subscription list. Instead of releasing IEM's' like the Sera or Maya, they are now manufacturing and machining different types of wood-chambers for the Fostex T50rp! You can choose to...
  9. [No title]

    [No title]

  10. dewy22

    Fostex T20rp mk2 - SOLD

    Fostex T20RP mkII MK2 in really good condition. There are a bit of glue residues on the left side cup from pad rolling (trying different ear pads). Comes with original pads and cable. Asking for $old shipped. CONUS.
  11. plakat

    Fostex HP-P1 incl. rare Leather case -- SOLD

    On offer is my good old Fostex HP-P1. After owning it for several years, still loving its sound especially with the Beyerdynamic DT1350, I decided to let it go (together with most items from my collection, just ask). It's still in mint condition, includes a now very rare original Fostex leather...

    Fostex TE100 mint, Europe

    Hi, Im selling my Fostex TE100 in mint condition. There is no sign of use, they were always well treated and kept in case. Not much use as I got them for work and traveling, and at the end most of the week I work from home and I prefer on ear headphones. Earphones can be collected in Dublin...
  13. louderup

    FS: Fostex TH-X00 Ebony w/ ZMF pads & extras [SOLD]

    I'm selling a Fostex TH-X00 Ebony with brand new ZMF Eikon pads (lambskin), a brand new ZMF Pilot Pad (lambskin), the stock pads, plus the Lawton tune-up mod applied to the driver + the materials for Lawton's cup tune-up. Also includes the carrying pouch and original box. Sold for $365 Pics...
  14. alucard177

    My take and mini review of the Fostex TH-X00 purpleheart vs the Denon D5000

    Two childs from the same mother, but different father. These are like twins... very similar but yet different at the same time. I remember the first time I saw the Denon AH-D series, fell in love instantly… those round cups, simple design and the elegant and luxurious wooden cups of the D5000...
  15. azeral

    [WTS] Fostex/Massdrop TH-X00 with Dekoni Elite Hybrid TH-900 & J$ Pads

    [Will not separate J$ pads!!!] Hello! For sale is my like-new TH-X00 with two sets of aftermarket pads: the now well-known Dekoni brand Elite Hybrids for the TH-900 (which shares the same pad attachment mechanism as this headphone), as well as the fat J$ (J-Money) pads that were popular for...
  16. lfsszd

    [Sold]Fostex TH900 mki (preferred version!)

    I bought my Fostex TH900 mki one year ago new. Some little signs of use on the frame but the cup remains beautiful. Only use it when I am traveling, but recently I bought a Sony WH-1000X M3 and used it more than my Fostex because it's noise canceling, so I decided to let it go (also because I...
  17. cageman

    [WTB] 3~5' cable for Fostex TH-X00

    Looking for a headphone cable for Fostex TH-X00, preferably 3 ~ 5 ft or so with a 1/4" plug. The original cable comes with the headphone is kinda too long for me. My Fostex is a detachable version. Looking to spend around $50. Thanks! ********** edited following Benjamin6264's comments.
  18. bunbut

    WTS: CLOSED. Fostex, Mrspeakers, Beyerdynamics, Grado, Sennheiser, AKG

    Hello friends, I want to consolidate my headphones. Only have 2 ears and not enough time. These had been sitting around. $100: 3 months old Fostex T40RP. First ownwer. Modded follow Mayflower instructions with include all original parts, 6 weeks old pads: NVX XRE100S ComfortMax Standard...
  19. bogginhead

    (WTT) (US-AL) Hifiman Focus Pads, Fostex TX-00 Pads, AKG Velour Round pads for Dekoni Pads or ZMF Pads for Hifiman

    I'll consider any pads as long as they'll fit the HE-560 or HE-500. Prefer Hybrids, Lambskin, or Sheepskin. Will tade all four pair of my pads (I have two of the AKG) for one of these.
  20. mrscotchguy

    mrscotchguy's mega sale HEADPHONES|CABLES | AMPS

    Greetings yall! I've been away from the community for some time and realized that some of my gear is not receiving the love it deserves. Please check out the gear below. There is some fun gear from the time I got into this hobby. At at a recent HeadFi meet here in Chicago, was surprised and...
  21. Mcarter3

    Audeze sound in a closed headphone

    I am wondering if anyone can help me out. I have recently picked up a bunch of headphones on a renewed search for audio bliss. I grabbed an Audeze lcd x, a th-900, beyer dt1990 and some massdrop cans for signatures I have never heard, the he 4xx and sen 6xx. I am coming from denon d7000 and the...
  22. Jim22

    Help me pick Fostex TH610 and Denon AH-D7200

    So I can get a 2years mint condition Fostex for 350€ vs brand new 24month warranty Denon for 500€ which I find both to be good prices. I want a headphone to satisfy my bass needs basically. Subbass is my focus when judging bass along with impact/slam. IF bass is really close I would pick the...
  23. Snitte77

    WTS: Fostex T60 RP // 1540 Pads

    Selling a pair of Fostex T60 RP in mint condition. Cans come with the Original cable and pads as well as a pair of Shure 1540 pads. Invoice available. Located in Koblenz, Germany. Pickup or PayPal / shipping are no problem.
  24. Lewis Li

    FS: fostex th900 mk2 with dekoni elite pads 「sold」

    I am selling my th900 to let my money back. This one doesn't contain any boxes and stands, but including original cable and 2 pair of pads, one for dekoni elite, one for leather pads There are some very tiny flaws on headband, but all in good condition
  25. natto lover

    *SOLD*: Argon Mk3 w/ ZMF protein pads

    First owner, selling because their sound signature isn't for me. Probably used for <10 hours since I haven't had much free time. Been sitting on the pictured cloth towel so pads have zero sign of break in. Comes with the headphones, ZMF protein pads, alcantara strap, and the 2 stock cables in...