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Fostex HP-A4

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by findthomas, Oct 1, 2013.
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  1. findthomas
    Does anyone have more info about this new DAC/amp from Fostex?
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    Only what Fostex put on their news page :-

    - takes optical, RCA, USB (self powered)
    - supports DSD up to 5.6MHz & PCM up to 24/192
  3. findthomas
    Thanks Anakchan,

    Sure looks like the baby brother of the HP-A8. :)
  4. seeteeyou
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Looks like it. Afterall the HP-A8 had a SD Card slot. But surprising that the HP-A4 opted for microSD instead.
  6. Clemmaster
    That's some great news!
    I always wanted an update to the HP-A3 (a more "up-to-date" USB input, not that the original Tenor was bad, it was very well implemented).
    This one ticks all the boxes, except maybe the lack of an external power input.
    This one has a gain switch, which is much welcomed! I could not go past 12:00 with the HE-500 on the HP-A3. The preamp has a very low range of action with my Airmotiv 4s, too.
    Hope this one can lower the gain a bit.
  7. daerron
    Looks like a very nice unit! The HP-A3 was high on my shortlist, but didn't like the industrial look and limited USB input. The HP-A4 is definitely asking for a spot under my x-mas tree this year! Was wondering what to do with my 32GB Class 10 micro SD card thats not really getting much use in my cellphone!
  8. formula1
    While i'm not a fan of Usb powered stuff, this one seems interesting. Feature wise, it's like having a M&M stack along with the loki. 
  9. the-kraken
    I listened to this at CanJam yesterday with the th600 & th900 and was pleasantly surprised. I could easily see this on your desk at work. The Fostex vacuum tube amplifier prototype was pretty solid as well. 
  10. AJHeadfi
    This gives me hope the HP-V1 is competitive with the other portable top line micro valve amps out there. The A4 is basically how I would use the P1 and V1 combo.
  11. daerron
    Anyone have an idea when the HP-A4 will be launched?
  12. audionewbi
    24 of next month to Japan, I am guessing mid feb for the rest of the world. But fostex is good on international releases. 
  13. designbykai
    Subbed.. Very interested in this as new desktop DAC/amp for my th600 down the track, when moving o/s. I wanted to get a WA7 but bit chunky and like twice the price of this. Or maybe as mentioned above this would be a nice work solution. Wait and see what reviews are like of the hp-a4 sound I guess.

    It's a pity the hp-v1 doesn't seem like it will have a DAC in it like the hp-p1. If you're not an iPhone user the p1 doesn't seem all that attractive.
  14. Matvei
    I'll have one in a week or two and will make a YouTube video about it...
  15. daerron
    Cool stuff! How about some early sneak peek impressions? [​IMG]
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