1. SephX


    Hi guys, new here on Head-Fi, but I have read around here before, and found that the advice given is quite useful, so today I was hoping you guys could help me with a question.   I've been thinking about getting a better set of cans but I can't decide between these headphones; Focal Spirit...
  2. 10DeeQ

    Headphone for a big head that sounded similar to Dynaudio ?

    hi, im new here and i'm ready to "burn my wallet" well, not so much as i'm still new :) anyway i've got some question and need some recommendations, so please guide me here.   i have few audio source , it's not high end just normal audio source, i still don't know which one will give me...
  3. Chrontius

    $300 Gift Certificate

    I just got $300 to spend at the Apple store.  I think I want headphones, and they sell what have been my Holy Grail, the B&W P5.  But I'm going to open this up to anything the Apple store sells in the same price range.  Audio source is an iPhone 4, and I have no interest in keeping an amp...
  4. foolsgold1986

    Focal Spirit One Review 2013

    Focal Spirit One   Packaging   The packaging is very good in my opinion.   Sound Quality   Bass: It has a little bass but not enough for bass heads or anyone that just wants a good response.   Mids:  This is where the headphones show their worth.  These headphones are mostly...
  5. Funambulistic

    HiFiMan on sale at Touch of Modern

    I am certainly not promoting nor am affiliated in any way with Touch of Modern, but I bought my Focal Spirit Ones there at a discount. Right now they have the HiFiMan HE-400 selling for $360 and the RE-400 for $90. In the listing, it says delivery time is "3-5 weeks" and this is true (I have no...
  6. Rolen_it_Up

    The 2013 Closed Headphone Shootout in the $300 Class

    I had the opportunity to acquire several pairs of high quality headphones through my job, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into the headphone game in a big way. As you can see, I've been a member here for a long time, but I haven't had the itch for the last couple of years...
  7. sdcii00

    Good headphones for movies in a noisy environment

    Hey guys! I'm a new user here and before I begin I'd like to mention that I know there's a Recommendation Page here already, but a quick look shows me there's a LOT of information and I know over enough time I could go over it all but in the meantime I'd just like to get some simple...
  8. L

    College Students, Post Your Library Rig

    I know it's a common thing for students to listen to music in library or in their dorm and I'm just wondering what your set-up is?    I started with the M50's then switched to the Focal Spirit One (turned out to be the bad driver version) and then the Gr07BE. I have since decided I don't like...
  9. L

    DIY Mods for Focal Spirit One

    I have a Focal Spirit One, and I love the headphone but I also like to tinker and play with things. I am currently using a SAD-25 DAC plus amp and amp thinking of upgrading, but am also thinking of trying to do a mod or two. Does anyone own these and have some ideas for ways to improve sound or...
  10. chaza01

    AKG 545 vs Focal Spirit Classic

    AKG 545 vs Focal Spirit Classic   Leaning towards the AKGs at the moment as i'm concerned about the Focal's comfort - what do you guys think?   Thanks,   Charlie 
  11. Valinum


    Hi all, first post here. I was wondering if any of you guys might be able to recommend me a great pair of over the ear headphones, looking for noise isolation and great sound quality, i listen to a variety of music but mainly hip hop and trance. I'd like something around the 150-200 price range...
  12. aural addict

    Impedance questions

    Hi all, I'm new to headphones and have a question about impedance.  I have strong knowledge about good audio equipment, but only speakers/amps where impedance is very simple.   So far my headphones are Focal Spirit Ones, Polk Audio Ultrafocus 8000, Polk Ultrafocus 6000 (which will really...
  13. holbech

    Any thoughts on the Focal Spirit One

    So i just ordered the Focal Spirit One, and i was wondering what people are thinking about this pair of headphones. As i've read it, it's great for a basshead?
  14. nhullheart

    Should i get the Focal Spirit One or the Sennheiser Momentums

    I listen to every type of music except screamo (its SOOO BAD) I will most likely have these walking around I have a Fiio E11 Portable AMP Which one overall sounds better, i do like it more on the for a lack of a better word bassier side of things   Price is no problem
  15. sjolander21

    Best IEMs around 100-200$ ?

    Hi, owner of the Focal Spirit One and I appreciate it's sound signature - flat and highly detailed but still with some punch and richness. Now I'm looking for an IEM with a somewhat similar sound in the price range around 100-200$. It is to be used together with an iPod Classic 2009 paired with...
  16. Makiah S

    Warm Transparent Closed Backs

    I tired the Mad Dogs, but they where TOO warm   I'm thinking of ATH w5000 or w1000x woodies as my next attempt for clean warm cans [I use a tube for extra warmth a a little more bass]   I love my byer dt 880 pro 250s and I want a closed version of them :O [and not the dt 770] Sound stage...
  17. dan.gheorghe

    Focal Spirit One Appreciation Thread

    Hello guys, I have recently found a very nice headphone which really took me by surprise: the Focal Spirit One. As I said in one of my posts on my blog, I really connected with the guys from Jack-fi as they are one of the most passionate people I know in audio. Sometimes I go to their...
  18. Hi-Fi Guy

    Focal Spirit One S

    Earlier this year Focal released a new headphone into its Spirit line–the Spirit One S–and it hasn't been talked about a lot on head-fi. Focal's page for the one s I have only found one review in English...
  19. oldson

    closed cans with good isolation suggestions please?

    am looking for a set of cans that fit the above. new or 2nd hand, but must be really good naturally isolating. my current number one set is my d7000, which are great for late night listening but due to their poor isolation not so good earlier on! have ordered some ML angle pads to see if...
  20. JulesK

    Place to Listen to High-End Headphones in NYC?

    The searches I've run in the Forums identify J&R and B&H as places to see a lot of the higher-end headphone on display.  I'm interested in finding a place in NYC (Manhattan, ideally) that will allow me to listen to different models under proper conditions (i.e., a proper headphone amp).  Any...
  21. Quanta

    Help- so many headphones- so little knowledge.

    Hi to all, been looking around for a new set of on or over ear headphones for ages. Decided to join Head fi and see what's what. I'm not exactly an audiophile but I'm real picky about the new products I get, not got the cash to waste on poor products. With that in mind, I'm hoping for some...
  22. hiphopjunkie

    Best headphones for hip hop

    I've bought two other headphones the Beats for $300 and the Sennheiser RS 160. The beats were heavy and had too much bass and this is coming from someone who listens predominantly to hip hop/ rap. The RS 160 was great and i loved the wireless capability(even though I couldn't switch to wired to...
  23. pers0n

    Looking for durable headphones for ~150$

    Hi, For a long time I've tried to get used to the in-ear headphones but I never did, they were never 100% firm on my ear and they tend to move a lot which drove me nuts. So I need good headphones for 100$-120$.. They are always gonna stay in my backpack since I'll use them in the bus to hear...
  24. soccerdu25

    $200 dollar budget!

    Hey guys,   I need a new pair of headphones for under $200 ( it can go a little over if needed ) I certainly would like to spend as little as possible, but don't get me wrong here I want quality! I would like them to look pretty cool, but that is all personal to me, so just send me what...
  25. jaybar

    Low impedance headphone for iPhone 5 that can handle phone calls?

    Hi   I am looking for low impedance headphone that can also handle phone calls on my iPhone 5, in addition to music. Type of prones in order of preference:   over-ear on-ear in-ear   Over ear would be most preferred. I have never had in-ear. Lighter is better. I am looking for...