Focal Spirit One S
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Dec 17, 2013
Earlier this year Focal released a new headphone into its Spirit line–the Spirit One S–and it hasn't been talked about a lot on head-fi.

Focal's page for the one s

I have only found one review in English.
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Wow these look awesome. Same cup size as the Professionals with a less analytic sound and without the Classic's ugly (to me) brown color or ridiculously long cable.
But... how much do they cost? The reviewer forgot to mention this. If they're no more than 200$ (which they should be, based on who they are targeted at) I might buy them soon.
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They're $250 on Amazon
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They are not the same size as the One but larger. Something like the pro series. I read a test where they said when the ONE was a kind of supra, the ONE S is circum.

The Spirit Pro/Classic were supra (On-ear) despite what they state. Much like the Momentum over-ear they are simply far too small to fit the average ear inside.
I was wondering whether they had increased the size of the cavity for the ear relative to the Pro/Classic.
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Here is the link to the official product desciption from FOCAL that the ear cups are cirum_aural.
" Spirit One S is the natural evolution of Spirit One, our first portable headphones launched in 2012 which have been widely acclaimed for their sound
rendering (EISA award 2012-2013) and thanks to which we have been able to learn a great deal. Spirit One S are portable headphones providing
tonal balance adapted for noisy environments requiring reinforced bass. These closed back headphones offer unrivalled insulation, thanks to the ear
cups which are 7mm larger, and provide significantly increased levels of comfort. The quality of the midrange-treble register has also been greatly
improved. Indeed, the lessons learnt with Spirit Classic and Spirit Professional headphones have been applied to the transducer, which features
an ultra-light hybrid Mylar/Titanium cone. Finally, the mechanical properties of the headphones have also been greatly improved, the finish is even
more elegant and the price is even more competitive. "

The above description is provided in the specification sheet on the link. I have ordered one minutes ago :) Excited!

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