1. Ultimate Audio

    Philips Fidelio X2 vs Bowers&Wilkins p7 vs Focal Spirit Professional ??

    i'm between this 3 cans i have hard time to choose one :(    1. I'm excited to buy my first open back HP , but i never heard one i'm little bit worried 2. the p7 seems to be a great HP but it cost almost twice the price of the x2 ( here in Italy) it is really worth the extra money ?? p7 sound...
  2. Jazzman347

    Studio Reference Headphones—Recommendations?

    Hi folks......... I'm looking for a pair of headphones to serve as an alternate reference monitor option while mixing in my project studio. I don't need these for tracking, so don't necessarily need a closed design. FYI, my monitor speakers are Genelec 1032As (with and without a 1092 sub) and...
  3. M-13

    Focal SPIRIT PROFESSIONAL Impressions thread

    So I got these today and WOW...   These are the most neutral / balanced headphones I've heard, surpassing the MDR-7520, HD600, and HE-500.   Surprisingly resolving of micro-details. Very transparent.   There is an amazing sense of coherence and sweet balance from top to botton with...
  4. Sinocelt

    Best Studio Headphones

    All-purpose studio headphones are closed (for monitoring) and must translate well to near-field monitors (for mixing/mastering). Ideally, they should also be comfortable and durable. I thought it could be interesting to make a list of the top contenders, regardless of price. I try to list only...
  5. Mat5t

    Focal Spirit Professional

    I got these last Saturday, 12.28.13 and have some issues. I have had them on almost the entire weekend and so far, this is what I have found. I am a Mix/Mastering Engineer and bought these to use as a reference. I use an RME Fireface 400 as my interface.  I use Foobar2000 to listen to my music...
  6. SO74

    beyerdynamic dt1350 vs focal spirit classic

    which one do you think has a better soundstage and overall sq? I listen to ALL genres so perhaps i would want something that is relatively flat but has a low extension (not overly emphasized) bass.  These headphones should have a SLIGHTLY (not bass head sounding) bass boost.  I am looking for...
  7. Julian H

    Easy to drive closed cans

    Hi Please can I have some recommendations for good closed headphones, over ear type that can run well without a dedicated headphone amp. My mate just wants to plug them into the headphone socket on his new Naim SuperNait2 which apparently has a class A headphone amp built -in. He likes lively...
  8. Royalorgans

    Focal Spirit Classic vs Focal Spirit Professional Vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    HI all, I listen to many different genere of music (mostly classical). I play keyboard and organ also. which pair of phones do you think would give you the most detail mid range clearness and highs.
  9. L

    DIY Mods for Focal Spirit One

    I have a Focal Spirit One, and I love the headphone but I also like to tinker and play with things. I am currently using a SAD-25 DAC plus amp and amp thinking of upgrading, but am also thinking of trying to do a mod or two. Does anyone own these and have some ideas for ways to improve sound or...
  10. Markdude

    Has anybody purchased from Chinese sellers on Ebay?

    Hi everyone,   I'm interested in getting a pair of Focal Spirit Professional headphones in the near future and I've come across a store from China selling them on Ebay but with no box/case for MUCH cheaper than the retail price in America. They put the word "Genuine" in the title too...which...
  11. chaza01

    AKG 545 vs Focal Spirit Classic

    AKG 545 vs Focal Spirit Classic   Leaning towards the AKGs at the moment as i'm concerned about the Focal's comfort - what do you guys think?   Thanks,   Charlie 
  12. Hi-Fi Guy

    Focal Spirit One S

    Earlier this year Focal released a new headphone into its Spirit line–the Spirit One S–and it hasn't been talked about a lot on head-fi. Focal's page for the one s I have only found one review in English...
  13. silence2-38554

    Impressions of Focal Spirit Professional?

    So it seems that these cans have been out long enough now that there should be some good comparison / impression threads, but I'm not finding anything.  I use & love my Focal CMS50 studio monitors & would love a similarly voiced set of cans.  Right now my primary set of closed back cans are the...
  14. RAFA

    Focal Spirit One Headphones

    There are sure a lot of head-fiers who know the Focal for its speakers. I think this is the first time Focal brings out a headphone, the Spirit One. They will cost 199€ and I think they will be available in the end of the year.   Here is a pic:     More pictures can be found at the...
  15. HiFiGuy528

    New! Focal Spirit Pro?

    Did you guys see this? Aside from the coiled cable and a more durable finish, I wonder what else is different from the original. Unboxing/First Look:
  16. Focal Spirit Professional

    Focal Spirit Professional

    Upgrade your studio with Focal Spirit Professional headphones. With over 30 years of experience creating loudspeakers and studio monitors, Focal brings their first set of audiophile-quality headphones to the market with Spirit Professional. Designed for musicians, sound engineers, and producers...