DIY Mods for Focal Spirit One
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Jan 28, 2011
I have a Focal Spirit One, and I love the headphone but I also like to tinker and play with things. I am currently using a SAD-25 DAC plus amp and amp thinking of upgrading, but am also thinking of trying to do a mod or two. Does anyone own these and have some ideas for ways to improve sound or comfort?
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Why don't you open it up and take some photos of it for us? :)
I think nearly every headphone I've ever had I've recabled, so I may be biased, but you could try building yourself a nice cable at your ideal length to install. You can also try installing damping material inside the cups or on top of the driver to tweak the sound, this can help tighten up flabby bass by adding mass. I remember modding some Panasonic headphones that were lacking in bass, installing a small value Koa Speers carbon film resistor (10ohms if I recall correctly) in line with the positive signal in each cup resulted in a more balanced sound. You can also play with the pads, try adding or removing internal padding to move the driver closer or further from your ears. Typically, the closer the driver is to your ears, the more bass seems present. 
Just a few tweaks I know of :wink:  

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