1. Eletech Sonnet of Adam

    Eletech Sonnet of Adam

    As the newest co-flagship of the series, "Sonnet Of Adam" epitomizes audio opulence. Meticulously crafted from a stellar mix of Gold Plated Silver, Gold Plated Copper, and Gold Silver Alloy, it delivers an unparalleled audio journey, where every note gleams with golden brilliance. Crafted with...
  2. NGaudio Erebus

    NGaudio Erebus

    Brand new flagship In 2018, NG Eurus shocked everyone with its technology. It uses a structure of four micro-electrostatic cells + eight moving iron units, sounding the clarion call for the era of hybrid cooperation of various types of sound-generating units, led by electrostatics. In 2020, NG...
  3. NGaudio Khoas

    NGaudio Khoas

    The perfect integration of NGaudio's flagship product "Quan Tiejing" has excellent dynamic and transient performance. It took two years to develop a newly developed low-frequency moving coil, just to maximize the low frequency. Self-developed masking material makes the sound cleaner and more...
  4. MusicTeck

    VISION EARS x Astell&Kern Aura Is Now In Stock

    VISION EARS x Astell&Kern Aura Is Now In Stock We are so excited that the long-awaited VExAK Aura is finally here! Here is a brief introduction to the Aura: Technology Highlights 2 Dynamic Drivers, 8+1 Balanced Armatures, 5-Way Crossover Hybrid Flagship 2 x 8 mm Al-Mg Low Dynamic Drivers...
  5. TangZu Audio Xuan Wu Gate

    TangZu Audio Xuan Wu Gate

  6. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling M9 Plus - Updated Flagship Portable Player

    Original Shanling M9 player was launched in 2021, significantly modernizing our Android platform and representing the last chapter for the classic AKM AK4499 flagship DAC. That M9 was available only as a limited run of 500 units, but we made a promise of the future M9, releasing with a different...
  7. LETSHUOER Cadenza 12

    LETSHUOER Cadenza 12

    ◆True Virtuoso ◆Cadenza 12 ◆12-Driver Flagship Hi-Fi Earphones The result of years of experience by LETSHUOER team With the years of acoustic engineering know-how and multiple patents under its belt, LETSHUOER Acoustic Technologies is pleased to present the first entry of a series of...
  8. Shanling

    Shanling ME900 - Flagship 8-Driver Hybrid IEMs with Titanium Construction

    Introducing Shanling ME900 Hybrid IEMs New top model of ME line, packing 8 drivers and featuring a brand-new Titanium shell with a special interlaced faceplate. 4-Way design with six custom balanced armature drivers and two 6mm dynamic drivers with crystal-plated bio-diaphragms. Two switches...
  9. HIFIMAN Svanar

    HIFIMAN Svanar

  10. Noble Viking Ragnar

    Noble Viking Ragnar

  11. Simgot EN1000

    Simgot EN1000

    SIMGOT EN1000: HIGH QUALITY SIMGOT EN1000 is made of CNC aluminum alloy cavity, the metal parts of the middle frame using stainless steel powder molding process, while equipped with crystal glass art panel. The headset features a single dynamic design, using a 0.78mm interchangeable cable...
  12. Eletech Ode To Laura

    Eletech Ode To Laura

    Drawing experience from “Aeneid” and “Socrates” as well as special configurations like the “Tyrian”, Eletech took the accumulation of R&D and expertise to develop an all new "𝐎𝐝𝐞 𝐓𝐨 𝐋𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐚", building it afresh from ground up, introducing new geometry and shielding method that has yet to be...
  13. TRI iOne

    TRI iOne

    TRI Audio is a premium subsidiary branch of KBEAR, which produces their high-end in-ear monitors at an attractive price range. Thus, here we have the brand new iOne as their latest flagship addition in their i-Series line-up, which has a configuration of a single-dynamic driver and retails for...
  14. PWAudio First Times Shielding

    PWAudio First Times Shielding

    •New flagship of flagship series. •Base on Orpheus cable structure as the cable design. •Use a new type of copper Jacket Material : soft pvc and Morandi dark blue nylon jacket Conductor Material : Copper Conductor Gauge: 26.5AWG Number of Conductors : 4
  15. TaronL

    Focal Utopia 2022 - Available on Headphones.com

    Focal's newest flagship announced today, the Focal Utopia 2022, is in stock at Headphones.com with free overnight shipping and 365-day returns. If you order today, we'll add free Saturday shipping as well so they'll be in your hands tomorrow! Buy your new Focal Utopia 2022 with free overnight...
  16. TGXEar Serratus

    TGXEar Serratus

    Driver Setup: Single Dynamic Driver (300ohm Blue PET Polymer Resin Crystal Diaphragm) Sensitivity: 102dB SPL at 1mW Purchase link and contact info: https://www.instagram.com/tgxear/ Serratus is the first flagship produced by @tgx78 under his own TGXEAR brand.
  17. audionewbi

    Dita Audio Perpetua: the new Emperor

    Product detail: As it approaches its tenth year, DITA has persevered in delivering musical enjoyment to audio enthusiasts. Especially key during this period of change and upheaval. Where taking pleasure in the littlest details is an important affair. In this vein, Perpetua is DITA’s 2021...
  18. Shanling M9

    Shanling M9

    M9 Introduction by Shanling With M9, we are taking a big step forward in the Android platform. Moving to a newer and more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to Android 10, which will assure better performance and app compatibility for the foreseeable future. RAM was increased to...
  19. ZMFheadphones Atrium

    ZMFheadphones Atrium

    New co Flagship from ZMF Open Back Handcrafted Wood Proprietary Patent Pending Dampening/Air Flow System
  20. STAX SR-X9000

    STAX SR-X9000

    "SR-X9000 is the new flagship Earspeaker that marks the pinnacle of Stax electrostatic headphones production. A major technology advancement is the “MILER-3” (Multi-Layer-Elect-Rords) - a four-layer fixed electrode combining mesh electrodes and conventional etching electrodes that are crimped by...
  21. Kagerou

    Flagship IEMs feedback and recommendations

    Hi everyone I’m looking to buy a new TOTL, Flagship grade IEM. I’ve been looking at primarily: Nobleaudio Sultan, Empire Ears Odin, 64 U18T, 64 Tia Fourté, Thieaudio Monarch 2. I wanted to know if there’s any I should be looking into, if not, is there any in the list that is clear cut above the...
  22. Yulong Audio DA1

    Yulong Audio DA1

  23. TSAVWayne

    ELITE - The New Flagship From Meze Is Now Available To Demo

    From TSAV. The New Flagship Headphone From Meze, The "ELITE" Is Now Available To Demo In Our Headphone Bar. For more details, go here. https://thesourceav.com/product-detail.php?p=1201&b=19&os=1
  24. TaronL

    Dan Clark Audio Stealth - Available for Pre-Order

    The new flagship closed-back from Dan Clark Audio is available for pre-order from Headphones.com. Get free overnight shipping and 365-Day returns as soon as the Stealth is in stock and ready to ship! Pre-order now to secure your Stealth launch unit...
  25. Aune Jasper

    Aune Jasper

    AUNE Jasper In-Ear Monitors Multi Gradation Diaphragm Ultra-Linear Magnet System Ultra-Low Distortion Best Materials precise Tuning Pure-Fidelity IEMs PRODUCT FEATURES Present to You With Honor Our Philosophy of Acoustics The strictly selected diaphragm, the ultra-low distortion core, the...